Weekly LightBlast

The Weekly LightBlast is a topic of self-healing channeled by Areon. Jamye focuses on the healing Saturday at 9am MST if you choose to participate at the same time. It is like offering and receiving a prayer or blessing. A special thanks to Kryon and Lee Carroll for spreading the message that our Love is POWERFUL.

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    Opening to Light Language is an in-depth study of the Language of Light. Learn how Light Language indicates and enhances your multidimensional communication. Discover how science is beginning to confirm the power of your subtle nature, and how you can begin to open your own ability to channel the Language of Light.

    Jamye’s connection and courage that grew from Light Language has changed her life in magical ways. Will it change your life, too?

    “Finally – a demystification of channeling! Jamye Price has pegged it!” —Lee Carroll Ph.D, original Channel for KRYON

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