Blessed Being, you are presented with an opportunity of supporting the freedom within the self, or the surrender of the self to the freedom of others.

It is a point of choice in your moment that calls you to work with your inner realm directly, or offer your focus to another.

As with all in your duality experience, it is both.

One point gets “chosen” and becomes obvious to the senses. The other silently and invisibly surrenders to the flow.

This is the passive and active forces of creation in action, inner action.

Love is the binding force of Life. It is the passive, invisible magnetic connection.

It does not dominate, it resonates.

That which is resonant is compelled.

Where then is choice if the compelling creates?

You are the Thread of Love by Jamye Price

Choosing Love

Choice is the stillpoint of creation, the moment of awareness, or lack thereof, which life receives and responds. It is your inner awareness of the opportunity and action of decision.

To Feel the Love when the active force strongly shows its opposite is the opportunity.

How one tunes into that opposite [opportunit-ing?] in the midst of an active force is the work of stillness.

Love is the quieter force in those moments, yet it is there.

As you become a highly sensitive instrument into the opportunity of Love, you amplify the availability of the passive force of Love on Earth.

Like a bountiful harvest, there is greater opportunity for the consumption and fulfillment, though temporary; it currently is in the physical realm.

When you are feeling Love’s opposite, tune the self into any flow of Love through the energy of surrender.

Not to give up the power of the self, but to surrender the unhealthy control of fear.

This opens you to the power of the infinite Self.

In essence, you meet the energy of the opposite of Love with your passive force of Love.

This is the internal choice, the internal stillpoint of connection of opposites within resonance.

As we sit to Blast Feeling the Love, we are finding our power of mercy to sustain a powerful Love within.

We are freeing our heart from the constriction of fear into the opening of divine grace, discovering our infinite wellspring of potential.

We are leading humanity to more Love by the simplicity of honoring our sacred space within, merely by offering the opportunity for Love to propagate within.

Blast on!

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