Blessed Being, your Ascension path through separation is to find connection. This is the evolution that is before you.

It is a gradual progression in the physical realm, for the flow of time supports deeper understanding through experience.

In the conditional realm of separation, you are experiencing the blessing of duality.

This mirror offers you choice to connect, and choosing connection is your work.

Blessed Interaction

In this blessing of polarity, you are choosing your yes and your no, yet connecting consciously with your in-formation of Love.

As you observe the external, you are receiving it internally.

You are perceiving; connecting your unique perspective with the information now within your awareness.

Your innocence is your willingness to observe it with a fresh perspective—to sense what is deep within the unspoken, the invisible, the intent. And choose.

First, choose how this information will impact you.

This determines how you will shape this information and flow it into your world.

Your inner actions create beneficial interactions areon through jamye price

This inner action of choosing is your first action. Your first conscious choice.

It changes you, and you change the information.

The blessing of polarity.

Then you change your world as you emanate new solution invisibly into your world.

The blessing of you.

Your inner action becomes your Interaction.

Conscious Interaction

This is the benefit of connection as you reside in separation.

You are consciously focusing on the invisible connection, understanding more deeply the impact of your inner realm into the physical realm.

You are building a crystalline structure within that supports great power to change.

You are honoring the sacred within, your blessed vehicle of uniqueness in physical.

You are viewing life with the connection that is invisible in the midst of fear—that as all life thrives, all life thrives.

It is your work of Ascension to sustain Love amidst the fear that humanity has fed.

This is your Interaction.

As we sit to blast Interaction, we are opening our hearts to the duality that shows us the connection that Love brings to opposites.

We are honoring our sacred separation that offers a unique perspective to Life.

We are choosing to hold the space of Love within and watch that flow out into the world, whether through a yes or a no, we let Love flow.

We are choosing our inner action of Love, and letting that Interact with the world.

Blast on!

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