Blessed Being, when the world is clamoring for your attention in negative ways, it is hard to remember that you are seeing God in human form.

When traumatic events are unfolding, it is hard to remember that you are seeing God in action.


When you observe actions and words that you would never do or say, it is hard to remember that the Sacred is before you.

And yet it is easy when things feel good. 

To look at a joyful child, an innocent animal or a sweet flower, you may easily see the beauty of Life.

There is perfection in the opposites which are merely two parts of the Whole. As humanity is learning to stretch into new levels of empowerment and compassion, you are a forerunner of this.

Empowering the Sacred

In order to find empowerment, you must look within the Self and then interact with the outside world from what is empowering within you.

It is the same with compassion. True compassion is an empowering act for all. It is an empathy that requires the strength of knowing when to say yes, when to say no and when to say nothing.

It is a strength of vision that sees another as capable, yet learning – viewing another as Sacred.

Your awareness is a catalyst.

You have been learning this as, ‘your thoughts create,’ but take that deeper into Awareness (thoughts, words, actions, inactions, words unsaid, collective agreements, etc.) as you recognize that your electromagnetic awareness is rippling the formless electromagnetic field into form.

You direct your focus to magnetize form. Your awareness is shaping your experience, bringing form from formless.

Your unconscious mind is part of this awareness, as it maintains your beliefs that silently structure your intent.

The electromagnetic field is within you and around you, pulsing constantly with the waves of your conscious and unconscious awareness; or thoughts, words and actions.

An action is an awareness because it is a focused choice. 

To move the foot forward one step is a conscious choice. Your inaction is a conscious choice in this same way. Your internal choice is your free will.

Living Sacred

When the boss says your work is inadequate, your have the free will to respond any way you choose. There are consequences to any choice. Some call this karma (what you give you receive), some call this physics (for every action/force, there is an equal and opposite reaction/force).

You have the free will to calmly agree, calmly disagree, scream, lie, blame, physically fight – you are free to choose.

Your non-response is a choice, too. 

While it may seem as if nothing was transmitted from you, indeed it has been. It speaks information into the electromagnetic field that is in constant communication, and forming your world.

Your non-response speaks your safety, your confidence, self-worth or the lack thereof.

There is no right or wrong answer to dealing with the example of the boss, only the answer of what is empowering you in the moment and what is not.

If the response is disempowering, you are still going to be called to your empowerment in the next moment and the next and the next.

You are Life, and thus Loved. 

You are being called to evolution because Love is always calling you to your greatest potential. Love already views you as that, so that awareness magnetizes you into new form.

To Life, you are Sacred.

Your free will is Sacred. Your choices are Sacred.

You are viewed as Sacred and you are the Sacred View through which Life renews on Earth.

As we sit to Blast Sacred View, we are forming Life through the power of our Love, offering change a vehicle to express with the ease of Knowing All is Well.

We are planting new seeds to nurture in the garden of the heart as we lovingly water the soil that sustains with the flow of our prayers.

We are blessing each challenge and each triumph with the gaze of our Knowing that Love is within All experience.

We are viewing All Life in the core of its perfection and simultaneously calling it to its evolution.

We are recognizing the beauty in each step of learning and choosing our thoughts, words and deeds in accordance with our Love of Self, and Love of others.

These two seeming opposites are both Sacred in separate form.

It is our Sacred View that unites them in Love.

Blast on!

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