Blessed Beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. It is Awareness that brings great force and focus to life.

It is so subtle that its power is often overlooked.

However, that subtlety serves your continued strengthening of your awareness.

It is your awareness that connects you with the external world and allows you to interact with it from within. You then begin to shift how the external world is affecting you and how you are affecting the external world.

Your awareness creates change within. You then begin to emanate out new information that has been shaped by you.

You are at an exciting point in your evolution where you are increasingly evolving into more conscious interaction with the subtle realm.

Prayer is an important part of this interaction.

Creative Prayer

Prayer is a dialogue with the subtle realm. Your awareness begins to connect you with what you are wanting to shape into your life.

You utilize prayer as a powerful step to converse your desires into the future, using your present moment as what is causing your desire to come forth.

You do this with your heart in a way that is unique to you. 

This may be done by praying to God, or it may be conversing with yourself.

Prayer is beginning to shift because you are shifting.

It is shifting from a powerless or faithful request to its next step of conscious co-creating.

You are beginning to co-create more consciously and leading the way as humanity discovers a deep connection with Life that is natural to you.

You will always be supported by life, you always have been.

You are Life.

Life is flowing through you and therefore with you.

What you are beginning to recognize on a deeper level is that there is perfection within every moment and that each moment is awaiting your awareness to shape the future.

You are given the direct power to co-create with life.

It is the conscious knowing that you deserve to command the life flow through you that is changing profoundly. At times, that may feel uncomfortable, confusing or require faith. You will begin to see a shift in those minute differences of feelings as you become more empowered through experience.

Awareness Amplifies Prayer

As you are communicating through prayer, be attentive to what you are feeling within.

Prayer is a co-creation with life.

Become very attentive to what you are sensing within as you begin a dialogue with life, with God, with yourself, with the universe and with the future.

All prayer, all connection is beautiful and accepted. However, you amplify the power of your prayer as you feel a comfortable connection with Life.

Be attentive to what you are feeling.

Does prayer feel like it is an equal conversation with life?

That is what is shifting in this time.

You begin to discover more of the clarity of who you are, what you want, and the life that you want to live as you recognize your inherent value. Life cherishes you.

Dealing with Disappointment

There are times you have life experiences that may not align with what you want or what feels good. However, they do align with what you are capable of understanding, transforming or co-creating into improvement.

In those moments, allow yourself to receive nurturance.

Allow yourself to receive how powerful it is that you are feeling exactly what you are feeling in the moment.

Breathe it in, let it transform within you.

In this moment, you are enhancing your strength to transform life.

angel ascending

As you honor your present moment, your authentic feelings and perceptions; you are strengthening your ability to transform life. It is inherent to your desire for improvement, and equal to your courage to Love yourself in a moment of challenge.

This is the subtle power of your awareness. It begins a change, invisible in the moment, which shapes a new future.

This is also the gift of empowered prayer.

You may not feel bliss in every moment, but you can discover what is calling you to co-create a new future within.

A subtle shift in your inner dialogue has become more available to you in this current energy.

You are refining and understanding yourself to a new degree of creative empowerment.

You are beginning to understand at an experiential level that you have more access to peace, which is a grounding force during chaos.

You are experiencing access to new information through the feeling of peace and the connection that creates.

Empowered prayer is part of that connection.

Empowered Prayer

As you take the internal action of empowered prayer, you are beginning to transform on a subtle level – which is building the future.

You will notice more of a shift and begin to be aware of how you feel in your inner dialogue.

Does your prayer have the feeling of victim or lack?

If it has that nuance, nurture it. That is just information.

Does it have the nuance of, “I don’t know but I have faith?” That is an improved experience from victim, but there is still not the equality of knowing.

If you notice that nuance, nurture it. It is just information.

Seek to move from the beautiful level of faith to a level of knowing.

You may not know how or when a manifestation will occur, but Know that you are a cherished by Life. You are a creative aspect of Life, and Life is desiring to flow through you into manifestation.

Nurture yourself into a more co-creative empowerment with life.

Do not let feelings of lack block you from seeking a peaceful connection with Life.

In those moments breathe in deeply and let the life force in.

Life is Responding to Your Prayer

Know that all is well and that Life will call you toward your creation.

Life is wanting to flow through you. Let the emotions flow, let them release from you.

Breathe in the transformation of positive and negative emotions into peace. Know that all is well.

As you move from faith to knowing, notice the emotional freedom of understanding, “I don’t need to know how, why or when – I just Know.” I will interact and respond as necessary. I do not even need to have a perfect experience to get there.

These times are teaching you to recognize that All is Well, even though there is still much trauma and drama that is resolving on Earth.

You are Prayer in Powerful Human Form

You are embarking on an exciting time, even though it is not always easy.

There will continue to be challenges on this Earth. There will continue to be resolution on this Earth.

There will continue to be ease on this Earth.

As you become an Empowered Sovereign, you anchor that ease with Life.

Life Transforms through your empowered prayer, your willingness to flow Life from all its facets into the innate beauty it is.

Within you there is a sacred Love of Life that sees beauty in all aspects of life.

Within you the power to transform Life is growing.

You will find that even something that seems painful begins to transform into possibility more easily.

It resides within you, in the invisible realm. Nurture yourself to help it grow.

You shape and create it, often with a form of prayer.

You then emanate it out through your beingness and your experiences.

Life on Earth changes.

Your prayer is a powerful catalyst of change.

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah

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