Blessed beings, as always, it is a special moment when we meet in your awareness.

For it is your awareness that enlivens life and brings it into the focus and the experience that you are creating.

Your awareness has a shaping power to it that creates.

You hear much about your thoughts shaping your world. Yet as you begin to think and focus, you recognize that you do not have the immediate experience of shaping your world.

It can become frustrating or confusing, but in your heart it feels right, for it is.

There are aspects of it that are out of your control, but they are not in your experience. They are out of your control, but they are not in your experience.

This means then that whatever is in your experience must be in your control, yes?

Not completely.


At this moment in time you do not have complete control of creating your reality.

If you want to levitate now, you recognize that it is not within your capability—that you are responding to rules and experiences that are in your life, but not necessarily in your control.

But there is a tipping point for control, and that is what you are moving yourself toward, that tipping point.

It is a process.

It takes time, and it takes working the steps to get to where you are experiencing things in your life that are completely within your control.

Yet, at that time, control will be a different experience for you.

Control will not be shaping the outside world, it will be shaping the inside world.

It will feel less like a need, as is often the case with controlling the outer world, and more like a choice of internal balance.

It will be shaping your inner experience and understanding clearly how life is responding to you.

Your first step in getting to that point is beginning to work your internal experiences; your thoughts and your emotions. This shapes your inner world with great clarity, peace and ease.

Control will have a different feeling to you as you become astute at shaping your inner world.

It will have less fear and frustration, and more focus and fulfillment.

It will feel like a deep connection with the self and an easier flow with Life.

Your first step is learning what is pushing you, what is pulling you, what is keeping you in an inner state of not feeling your balance.

Right now, you are doing the important work of discovering yourself.

You are doing the important work of learning to love the self so fully that all that surfaces is loved into strength.

Loved into strength.

Because Love, in this experience now, is not all bliss.

Sometimes it is understanding, sometimes it is letting go. Sometimes it is a loss that in that moment may feel like pain, but it is actually an opening or a transformation from your current perspective.

Love does not always feel positive yet.

What you are learning is to discover your inner strength so that all aspects of love have a positive flow to them, even if it is just a moment of understanding, learning or letting go.

What Drives Your Movement

Now, we want to speak to you of what drives you.

What is it that compels you? What is it that shapes the you that you are now and creates the experiences that you are having?

We speak often about your bio-mechanism having a perfection in this reality and being able to expand within the conditions of the physical realm, being able to change and shift and create a new you within these conditions.

You can shift your internal world and nurture yourself into the strength of love that creates an even flow.

In this way you will move without so much of a feeling of push or pull, but movement.

An easier flow with Life.

That is one of your first drives: movement. You are within a realm of movement.

Time is an obvious part of this reality construct; it marks your movement and it drives you constantly.

You wake, you sleep. You fuel, you rest. Movement is very natural to you.

You do not stay still.

Even in your moment of complete stillness, your no-thought moments, when you hold your breath, you are still moving.

You are still emanating and receiving. Movement drives you.

Even in stagnation, movement pushes and pulls you.

You see this quite obviously as the growth or decay process.

You are continually in a transformation process. Movement is constant to you.

Just as love has many aspects, so, too, does movement.

Creativity is movement.

You are creative and you desire new experiences. You observe and you want to change things.

Movement is not just something that happens to you or that you choose to do, it is something that you are. Your bio-mechanism here in this plane responds to and is part of all aspects of the Earth experience.

You do not just move or choose not to move.

You are movement, you are creative, you are changing or you are feeling the effects of change.

Movement drives you.

Your bio-mechanism is set up to respond and work with movement.

Moving Emotions

Your emotions, this is an obvious one for you, you have heard that energy and motion is emotion. This is correct.

Emotions are meant to flow.

They are information of experience and you are meant to flow through them, to move with them, or feel the effects of the emotional movement.

Either you move along with them, or you feel pushed and pulled.

You feel the friction response.

You feel the change happening to you rather than moving along with that flow.

Emotions are an interesting flow of energy. At times they are understood; you recognize and allow their flow. You also may recognize that you’re choosing not to flow in a healthy way in a moment.

You may withhold emotional flow, or you may notice emotions flowing that don’t seem to be congruent with your desires.

Other times emotions feel almost inaccessible. You know there’s something, but you can’t quite get a flow that feels like good movement.

Sometimes it may seem your emotions are not ripe.

Have you felt those tears that are inside, but you cannot get them to flow out of your eyes? You know that emotion is there, there’s a pressure building up, but it hasn’t quite flowed easily yet.

Even those times of feeling numb emotionally cause a desire for movement.

Many seek drama, whether consciously or unconsciously, because emotional flow is a natural part of the human process.

It is a communication of your bio-mechanism that is innate to your expression.

It is a profound inner connection with the outer world.

So even with your emotions, you are recognizing that at this point in time, there are parts of your inner experience that are not within your control yet.

You are learning to access the flow that you need, because movement is natural to you. You seek it.

If you resist it too much, your body begins to respond to the friction that is around you.

Moving Thoughts

Your thoughts, these are energy in motion as well.

They are energy forming, refining, defining and emanating with a clarity.

Your emotions emanate with a force. Your thoughts emanate with a clarity.

You are refining energy with your thoughts. Your mind is created to work with movement and non-movement very naturally.

Your mind will constantly flow unless you make the choice to direct its flow.

Your mind will constantly flow unless you make the choice to direct its flow. That is an important step that you are learning at this point in time.

Your bio-mechanism is created to work toward this strength with you. It is created to call you to this strength of clarity and refinement with your thoughts.

your mind will constantly flow unless you choose to direct it
Let us give you an example. Your mind will flow unless you choose to direct its flow.

Have you noticed that you can hear a song, and part of it may stay in your mind and keep repeating uncontrollably until something else replaces it?

Have you also noticed that once something else replaces it, if you soon return to the circumstances where that song was repeating, it will start to repeat again?

Your mind is constantly receiving information, and unless you choose to direct its flow, you will have whatever information is flowing into it.

When you are young, your mind is in a very receptive state.

You are receiving vast amounts of emotional information because your mind is still developing in this realm to piece together your words and your refined clear thoughts.

Broad information, the emotions of those around you, is coming in to your mind. It is stored there as you begin directing your mental flow.

As you age, your system is available to shape into what you are choosing rather than only receiving what is around you. However, most are not taught to shape their inner world.

And so as adults, you are now working through much information that has accumulated and is now at a time of releasing because you are intending to shape your world.

Your mind will naturally begin to form patterns and habits.

This is another part of your natural movement.

The habits that your mind forms will cause you to repeat behaviors somewhat unconsciously, and this can be a great strength.

It calls you to more focus and strength as you choose the patterns you want to keep, create or release.

The reason your mind forms habits is so that it can continue to be creative, so that it can continue to expand and focus elsewhere.

Information becomes a pattern or easily repeatable to you so that you can then focus in other areas.

You are adding on to your experiences.

Inner Shaping

On the path of ascension, you are surfacing your unconscious patterning habits that are not resonant with what you are intending to shape in your world.

Your emotions and your thoughts are naturally working with your movement.

It is part of who you are and what drives you. You can enhance the process of shaping your inner realm by self-observance and listening to your desires.

We often recommend observing your initial emotional response without judgment so that you can recognize what is unconscious and coming to the surface.

If you have a supportive or positive reaction, enhance and celebrate it.

If you notice a negative reaction, celebrate that you have recognized it and spend some thoughts and emotions reshaping it into a flow that feels supportive and sustaining.

You may ask yourself, what would I like to create, experience, or feel?

Then use your mind to imagine that occurring.

Imagining is part of your exercise of the mind.

It creates a strong inner dialogue with the self, rather than a monologue of uncontrollable thoughts.

You are at an exciting time of change that is calling you to more inner focus so that the subtle realm interaction is more conscious.

Your thoughts and emotions are your subtle bridge.

As you remain balanced and maintain a clearer intent, you will begin to notice the synchronicities occurring, your indicator of alignment.

Synchronicity is your first response from the subtle realm that things are lining up just by you showing up, rather than just action creating.

You’re adding a great momentum to action as you work within your subtle bridge first.

It is as easy as listening to yourself more, and allowing your thoughts and emotions to speak to you to bring the unconscious into conscious choice.

It is as challenging as maintaining your focus beyond the circumstances around you.

Choose your inner focus first, then the outer world connection will follow.

Eeshah, ehmah, ehtah.

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