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Monthly Energies Teleclass


After over a decade of doing this teleclass, Jamye is taking a break from offering this service. Please visit the Light Language Audio page for downloadable topics of healing and learning.

In this healing class Jamye uses Crystalline Soul Healing and Light Language to help you transform.

More information in the description below. 

Currently unavailable.


You are constantly receiving and emitting information with Life. As the loving ones are consciously owning their power, the information flows less victimhood and more empowered love.

The Collective Self brings understanding of the layers of invisible connection that are influencing the flow of time and form (space). The empowerment that requires grows with self love and clarity.

In this class we will embrace the spiraling flow of life to you and through you. We will uncover how the collective of life is meeting you and calling you to instigate change.

We will honor your sacred value and support the divinity within to become more direct and interactive in your life. We will blend the unique and valuable you with your powerful subtle self, the Collective Self that is Life and you.


  • 30-45 minute AUDIO teaching from Jamye
  • 2 healing transmissions LL & CSH
  • Replay available for one month
  • Listen via phone or web

You will receive access details on the 15th of the month. Replay is available for 30 days.

Refund Policy

A 95% refund is available until the 13th of the month (48 hours before the call is available) at noon Mountain Standard Time (AZ time). After that, no refunds will be given.

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