March Energies: Patient Heart


Patience is a powerful state of openness that allows your human self to attune to your Higher Self. It is a slowing of your movement so that you can tap into a deeper flow of potential that is not as obvious.

When you are patient, you are not just waiting, you are in an active meditative state of knowing you are a creative force that Life flows through.

In this class you will open to the duality engine of movement and rest so that you are imbued with inspiration and fortitude to create. You will support a deeper renewal process that connects you into greater allowance rather than just effort. You will discover the power of patience to entrain your mind to your infinite heart.


  • 30-45 minute AUDIO teaching from Jamye
  • 2 healing transmissions LL & CSH
  • Replay available for one month
  • Listen via phone or web

You will receive access details on March 15, 2021. Replay is available until April 14.

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