May Energies: Heart Expression


To express your heart, you must calm the mind to “hear” the quiet whisper of Love. Love doesn’t overpower, it opens to empower, allowing your inner power to express into (in two) the world.

Your heart is your engine of connection, when it expresses into this world, the current of Love ripples into all that is separate, seaming connection. When you express your heart, you are rippling the Love that you are into your life and this world.

In this class you will cultivate your courage to release what is within so that life may receive. You will deepen your understanding of your sacred being, life in human form. You will discover the power of taking and giving, opening your sacred love to all that Life is, and all that Life can be.


  • 30-45 minute AUDIO teaching from Jamye
  • 2 healing transmissions LL & CSH
  • Replay available for one month
  • Listen via phone or web

You will receive access details on May 15, 2021. Replay is available until June 14.

Note: This class can be purchased singularly below, but it is also included in The Journey subscription program. Please do not purchase both.

Refund Policy: A 95% refund is available until May 13 at noon Mountain Standard Time (AZ time). After that, no refunds will be given.

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