Blessed Being, as you evolve into a being that is consciously connected with the subtle realms, it is important to embody that within your human experience.

You are working to establish a strong inner connection, your inner stillness.

From that strong inner connection, you interact with the world around you in a different way—through empowered Love.

Discovering your inner stillness creates a connection point.

With practice, you notice an increase in your intuition, your understanding, and your creative flow with life.

Listening Connects

While this inner connection increases your ability to interact with the subtle realms, most importantly, it changes your human interactions.

That is how you create change in your physical realm.

As you interact with others, the way to practice that stillness with interaction is to listen.


Listening is the still point between human connections.

It is where you genuinely receive the energy of another.

For some, the energy of listening has become confused with obedience, or lack of choice. Unconscious patterns of disconnection in communication have been created in order to maintain a sense of power.

Listening is for those that feel safe enough to expand.

Sometimes expansion means giving up something that felt familiar and safe. Listening is for your personal, internal expansion.

It is not a mechanism of agreement, it is a mechanism of connection.

How often do you speak and yet not feel heard?

Many times in conversation, one may not be speaking in the moment, yet they are not truly listening either.

They are preparing a rebuttal, relating information to the self, or thinking about something different altogether.

When you listen deeply, you will hear much more than the words that are said or even the body language.

You will begin to hear the Love—the essence of another being wanting to come forth into the world.

Currently, many people interact from fear or wanting fulfillment that they do not know how to fulfill within.

Consequently, there is a push and a pull from them that can become painful, tiring, annoying or frustrating.

It tests your inner strength not to be pushed or pulled by the outside world.

But for one that listens, that Love is expressed.

It is silent.

It may or may not look pleasant in the moment, but it is Love expressing.

It is Love calling forth to be strengthened within.

Your inner connection is a connection into the infinite self.

That is the infinite well-spring of Love that creates, and it is within you.

As you nurture your inner strength through stillness, the push and pull of another does not push or pull you off balance.

It meets the soft flow of your emotion.

It is the difference between putting your hand into a wall, or putting your hand into water.

As you listen and interact with an inner strength of stillness, you are flexible like the water and not shocked by the force, the push/pull, of another.

When another human meets your inner strength of Love, they are interacting with a being who feels nurturing and replenishing.

You are just flowing along like water—responsive to Life, but not imbalanced by others.

That is the difference of empowered Love.

Inner Stillness Shapes the Outer World

You will discover that as you observe things going on around you, you will be hearing into the fears that push and pull humanity.

You will be holding your safe shores. That responsive sand that allows the flow to occur.

You will recognize that your awareness has more of a stabilizing energy flow to it.

Things will begin to shape around you in ways that may not be obvious to another, but because of that internal strength and that connection that you now have with your infinite self, you will see the patterns forming.

You are listening to Life.

You will recognize that though you have not tried to control someone into a pleasing behavior, they begin to become it.

You will begin to see clues of your focus coming to fruition.

As you observe the biggest challenges that humanity is experiencing now, you will also, if you look and listen closely, be able to find its opposite, its solution.

Your inner strength is beginning to affect the world more directly, though this is invisible at first.

It is not all on your shoulders; it is for each to create.

Yet it is natural to humanity, for you are truly connected.

Listening Creates Love

This time right now is offering you such support as you change.

That is what these times are, wonderful exercise as you work your inner stillness into more strength.

Listening connects your inner strength of Love to the outside world.

As you strengthen within and control your inner realm, it will not feel as if it is controlled, it will feel as if your Love is unleashed.

That is how you recognize your inner strength. Not because everything is perfect, but because everything feels invigorating, even in challenge.

That is your creative movement at play.


That helps you enjoy this process and keep your movement flowing.

As you play with these waves of Life, you find the flow of these waves moving you along.

Instead of feeling pushed or pulled, you feel incredible movement, knowing the soft sands of safe shores are available to you.

It is just a little beneath the wave that you are riding at the moment.

These are exciting times, and your drive of creativity and connection is part of what is helping you to begin to shape your inner world more.

Life is eager to respond to your creativity.

Connect with it.

Listen to it.

Find your still point of connection within.

Life will meet you there.

Eeshah, ehmah, ehtah.

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