Blessed Being, as you are beginning to choose more of what you are creating, quite often you begin noticing how much is out of your control.

You observe all that you and humanity are experiencing and recognize the lack of control.

This creates confusion of what is actually controllable to you.

We want to give you some areas of focus with this basic drive of seeking control, so that you can begin to shape your inner world and feel more of the progress of creativity and empowerment growing within.

We speak of this often because it is important. It is what this time is about—beginning to discover more of your divine self.

This shifts the human experience into a connective experience that connects you as a species, connects you with the Earth and all of her inhabitants, and connects you with the subtle realms—even beyond the Earth.

Creating and Control

As you observe your emotional flow, one of your drives of control becomes very prevalent—your drive to feel good, to feel positive, and to feel fulfilled.

This drive is very natural.

It is inbuilt into who you are because you are a loving being, a loving species, in a loving world and a loving universe.

Love is the binding force of Life.

It is the creative force. Wanting to feel good is very natural to you. When you are feeling badly, your lack of feeling good creates a feeling of lack of control.

It is the opposite of the satisfaction that you are wanting to create in your life.

This drive to feel good is a positive aspect of you, but right now you are learning to adjust into feeling strong, no matter what the experience.

Life, this loving universe within which you reside, is also wanting you to feel good.

Life is wanting your movement, your creativity.

Your creativity expands you and expands Life.

When you are not feeling good, your drive to feel good is a movement aspect of Life; it creates movement.

Life expands and continues.

Do you see the engine of movement? It is benevolent, even though it doesn’t always feel good.

This creates a strength within you to feel good or feel better because of your internal control, not because of the world around you.

Life wants you to create. That is Life continuing.

You are Life continuing.

Stillness is Movement

We begin with the dichotomy of stillness to create movement.

As you begin to become more comfortable in stillness, you will begin to feel more strength no matter what is going on around you.

This creates change.

Stillness is a connection point.

It is where two energies of movement meet and create a connection.

Stillness is where two opposites meet and become one, the midpoint of a spectrum where two waves merge into one.

Whether a harmonious merging or not, the connection happens.

For a “moment” in time, two opposites create a stillness, a neutral point, then reaction happens.

Inner Stillness

Stillness is not just meditation, but that is an obvious and wonderful aspect of it.

It is very important to be able to focus your beingness and discover your inner connection, your inner stillness.

Can you find that stillness while you are in movement? Can you find that stillness while you are in interaction with others?

Can you find that strength to remain loving no matter what experience you are having within you or within your life, or even within your world?

That which you observe on your television, you are experiencing within your bio-mechanism.

All of it is important.

You do not have to meditate for hours and hours. Meditate in a timeframe that feels appropriate to you, but practice finding stillness in mediation first, then in action or movement, and then in interaction.

You may begin with meditating while you’re sitting with your eyes closed, focusing on your breathing, on a light within you, or on a mantra, for example.

And then, you may want to focus with your eyes open while still sitting quietly focusing on your breath, light or mantra.

Then, you would begin meditating as you are walking quietly and gently in nature.

You are recognizing the focus and the stillness within you even while you are in movement.

You are creating a connection with Life around you while maintaining a deep connection within the self.

Observe and interact with your inner self with great focus and compassion.

Allow the experiences that you are having within to surface into your awareness.

This is a powerful practice that will begin shaping your internal world and surfacing much Love in the form of strength within you.

A Connected Being

Stillness creates a reference of deep connection within, even while you are aware and silently interacting with Life. It creates a strength of inner connection and a deep connection with the present moment.

It strengthens your inner realm, creating an inner “control” that is powerful beyond what is occurring outside of the self.

It begins to change your interaction with the world around you.

You will begin to strengthen the most valuable relationship that you have in singular, physical form—the relationship with yourself.

This foundation will bring you much transformation.

It will begin to move you in ways that cannot be accomplished as easily when you are just interacting from the outside in.

That is important also, but it is this inner experience that will shape your strength.

From this inner strength, all that is going on around you is meeting such great Love within you as you observe life, that it is transformed as it comes into your awareness.

This is the powerful step that changes how people interact with each other.

As you find that still point within and love and nurture the beautiful and the “ugly” parts of you, you will be transforming into a strength that will recognize that any “ugliness” was beauty under a rock.

You will begin to discover the powerful flow of love emanating from you, rather than just being fulfilled around you.

And yet, as you do that, you will begin to find everything around you fulfilling.

That is when you have changed the definition of control.

You have discovered the ultimate control is your connection with your infinite nature of Love.

It is boundless. It is infinite.

As this inner well-spring of Love flows into your world, it changes, it cleanses and it replenishes all that you’re experiencing.

You can access a grand stillness within, even as you are interacting with others.

Stillness amplifies your power, it connects you with your infinite self.

Infinite creative power.

Eeshah, ehmah, ehtah.

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