Blessed Being, the physical experience of separation is your individuality interacting with the whole.

To observe and experience beyond separation requires a connection within that supports your empowered individuality – the in-divi-duality.

You are indivisible, invisibly divine, infinite divinity, and individual duality.

You are not either or, which is only duality. You are all, indivisible divinity divided.

Duality Connected

To transcend, you include, it is the nature of change. The clues of your divinity are within, and within all life.

But it is connected first in the silence within.

This is silence from the external influence so that honoring your sacred choice, your sacred wisdom and your sacred divinity is able to connect dots that appear separate to the physical senses.

Paradox is where 2 opposites become 1 new truth


Your inner senses are your subtle bridge of communication with that which is outside of your physical senses.

As you seek your connection within, you are changing life at its core, the invisible core that is within the form.

Transcending Separation

Your dual nature is the opposites that seem separate.

As you meet the paradox of connecting division, your vision of two creates one with a depth that can only be found in the infinite within.

Connect the self to the unyielding and unending Love that you are, and you discover, you reveal, what has always been within.

Life receives that in(ner)formation.

As we sit to Blast Transcending Duality, we are weaving the fine threads of Love that have unraveled our power.

We are focusing within first, so the division is not dividing and conquering our powerful Love.

We are connecting what our senses separate so that Love’s connection is won within, too.

Blast on!

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