Your brain, mind and personality construct is designed to process information into the dimensional awareness that is prevalent within its experience.  Your mind expansion allows access to new information, which in turn allows access to expanded dimensional experience.  You can get mind-boggled into details of what is ‘new’ or you can enjoy your expansion and allow the flow of Life through you.  Within that flow comes an alignment with new information that anchors an expanded awareness.  Without judgment of better or worse, you would then anchor a dimensional ‘upgrade’ or access into an expanded dimensional awareness.  As a creative being, you are constantly being pulled toward your creative expansion.  As your mind becomes aware of new information, your focus and densification of it actually allows enlightenment.  The paradox of allowing, newness and information is born within you.

Allowing is opposite to what so many are taught, thus your creative capabilities are tempered.  Temperament is taught as valueless, except that control becomes inherent in the system.  With such cunning control, one sees control as freedom and the brain system overtakes the nature of the heart, which is to Allow connection, flow and unity.  All Life is served by unity as one gives to Life for the connection as Life continues.  The creative flow is a connection into all other life, as the currents of time and space converge into the form you focus upon.  Allowing is a courageous Knowing that the Self is a vital, cherished part of the whole, there is no ‘giving up’ in Allowing, only giving Life. As the mental construct accepts this, the imbalanced ego is appeased into more balance.

Newness seems to be an oxymoron of fractal expression, yet it is within every thing.  Your brain awareness is unique to the totality of your time/space interaction and as you allow your focus to be fully open to flow, the new is swept into the focus of being.  All is new within your gaze as your perception informs your Life emanation.  New form is built upon your focus and the heart is connected through the subtle life line of Love – the ultimate allower of grace.

Information is the formation of life IN you.  You are the form, ever forming.  You are the I Am that I Am becoming ever more.  Expansion of Life is through YOU.  It is within the focus of your awareness that life is informed.  Do you observe and feel hopeless?  Do you observe and create desecrating energy within you as you judge as wrong that which has already formed?  Or do you find the thread of Love in every interaction and focus upon its growth as the seed of hope and connection that each separation offers?  Allowing New Information is your choice, and your choice is the vehicle of new life.  You are the conduit of creative change.  Do not become overwhelmed by the game.  You are a fractal of a Loving Whole that has the supernova at its stead.  Call upon your own quantum creative current and allow the flow of life forming anew its deluge through you.

As we sit to Blast Allowing New Information, we are becoming the conduit of Love’s power that our biomechanism cultivates through focus.  We are remembering our connection to All Life as nature points to interdependent interaction for life’s continuance.  We are graceful in our ability to see Hope dawning, brighter than the neon fluorescence, as the darkest night promises the deepest renewal.  We are that Light of Hope, gently beckoning the hopeful to their greatest strength.  We are allowing the flow of Life through the heart of Love, because that is who we are.  Blast on!

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