Weekly LightBlast – Exceptions

Are there exceptions or are there not?  It seems that there must be an incongruency somewhere as the world seems to function with exceptions.  Why does this greedy one have that when we’re told that Love is powerful?  Why does war, abuse and greed continue?  It can seem sometimes as if Love is the exception, yet truly it is what makes Life exceptional.  Exceptions are of the root of delineation.  It is a separative function, even in its positive sense of being exceptional.  How then do you, Lightworker, find the unity in that separation?  It is your work, to Light the lost to shore, to Light the darkness to Life, to Light Love’s connective grace into all experience.  Expect miracles.  Where do you make Exceptions in your life? Do you find mental Exceptions, a behavioral Exception for one but not another?Find Love to be the exception and you will be amazed at the flow of creation through you.

Your logical left brain delineates, categorizes, analyzes, and separates.  With proper use it is exceptional in its ability to understand earthly life.  It is a function of form.  Your right brain unites, connects, and creates.  It is a connection to the formless that requires delineation to create form.  Thus the two halves of the same whole are a reflection of earthly expression and allow you to experience with a totality that is only available to those that utilize both.  There are those with a dominant usage of one or the other.  It can be so separative that those of other dominance are vilified.  Within the middle road is a perspective that understands the value of both and utilizes that to exceptionality. Grounded and capable with time, form and growth.  Weightless and unbound in an ability to gather new energy into form.  As you seek to utilize the opposite, you become atomically [sic] correct in your ability to extract the nebulous wave into particular form.  Your magnetic mastery is found within the compelling force of Love.  As you maintain the nucleus of Love within, the foundations that greed, war and abuse have built begin to pull apart.  Expect miracles.  Your Love is magnificently powerful.

As we sit to blast Exceptions, we are becoming whole within, able to understand separation and unity as the One expression it truly is.  We are diligent in our seeking of the invisible solution creating from Love’s attraction.  We are Love in form, delineating for greater refinement and connecting to greater expanses.  We are the exceptional, Lighting the spark of Divinity within All, not just the few.  Blast on!

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