Following your heart is a road traveled by the courageous.  Listening to your heart begins the process.  First you must clear through the din of fear, insecurity and misinformation until you find the purity of the God Being you are.  Then you apply your Divinity into the dimensional expression you are currently in and the one you are moving into.  To work with the 3rd dimension, you have to honor the rules of its structure.  These include linear time and space, all else is merely the details of the story.  You apply your creative abilities within the construct of time and space.  Your life is lived with a starting point that builds to a sustaining point that builds to a culminating point and the cycle continues through many seasons of change.  To move beyond the wonderful 3rd dimension, you integrate the unseen, the timeless and the spaceless.  Within the next dimensional experience you will still see some rules, yet they are different and inclusive of all the dimensions that come before it.

Time is a vehicle of manifestation and choice.  It marks direction, but it does not influence direction.  It is your vehicle of manifestation and choice, for time is subtle energy that is born within you and permeates all of your Earth experience.  When you understand your vast nature, you recognize that you have been holding the tiny dot of Time in your hand all along.  Until you recognize that power, Time is a phenomenon of the outside world, visible in the cycles and physicality, but elusive by nature.  Time is God in point (form), God in movement (cycle) and God in evolution (you).  Time is for your creation, it responds to your will with a silent agreement that only your intentions whisper.  Words and will are only as effectual as the focus of intent.  Here then, we come to Accepting The Future.  It sounds passive, weak and the opposite of the creative force.  Yet see the unseen intent within it.  How does an empowered creator Accept?  By Knowing so deeply that there is a Universal Force of Love that reveres Free Will, so much so that the fabric of form is built with surrender.  That which has been vilified on Earth as a weakness that results in death of freedom is the secret to expansion.  If you do not surrender to Life, you do not receive the Love return.  If you do not shine your Light out, you do not receive the answer to your call.  Have you smelled the fragrance of a flower beckoning your eyes, your touch, your heart?  It surrenders to you, offering all it has to give for a moment in the sun of your gaze.

Accepting Your Future is open arms to the Truth of your intent.  Are you clear about what you want to inform the 3rd dimension and offer to the 5th?  It requires the gateway of the 4th dimension, Time.  Time becomes the dot in the hand of the master, and the expanse of the freedom of a Creator.  Time is a mental concept and it requires your understanding.  As you Accept Your Future, you are relaxing into the Knowing that All is Well, for your intent is building form.  When you understand that linearity is a Truth within a Truth, you see beyond what has been, what is and what has yet to be and you understand the connection of them all.  The past, present and future are here now; supporting you, teaching you and beckoning you.  You hold within your hand All of Time.  Past, present and future become wisdom, clarity and Knowing.  The 5th dimension, the currency of Love awaits your Knowing that it exists.

As we sit to Blast Accepting The Future, we are spiraling deeper into the clarity that Love provides, a freedom of Being that seeks surrender for release into the next level.  We are incessantly focused on the nurturance of Love, as greed gives way to peace in a world that begins to see the intent of war.  We are magnetizing a future that is Known in fabric of Life, that Love is the Truth of All existence, for it is the binding force of the universe.  We are Time walkers, culling the experience of the past for the understanding of the present with the Knowing that the future is here now, only invisible to the eye.  We are the workers of Light, vascilating between wave and particle as we shine our Love through time and space.  Hearts wide open.  Blast on!

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