You are a relay system of information.  Your physical body is a manifestation of the environment in which it resides, and that extends beyond the visible.  You are constantly interacting with your environment, from the obvious survival aspects like breathing and eating, to the invisible emotional aspects.  Your emotional interaction is within the self and then extends out beyond the self to the people and information you interact with.  When you interact with a news story, you have an internal emotional experience then an external emotional interaction that flows from you, whether you put voice to it or not.  All interaction is information flowing.  You do not stop receiving and emitting signals during your life.  Your choice, your mastery, is within the scope of your Feelings, your emotional and mental reaction to life.  It is the peace that passes all understanding that shows you when your Feelings are dominated by your internal choice rather than the external stimulation you receive.

Vibrational communication is a constant.  In the physical world you experience it as a chemical communication or interaction.  In the emotional and mental world, it is merely subtle prior to chemical expression.  Your thoughts and emotions cause a chemical reaction in your body.  They emit a vibrational signal that is interpreted within.  You are aware that a thought of hatred from long ago can cause fight or flight reactions of increased heart rate and lack of digestive support, to name a few.  Your emotional state of stress keeps the body on alert status.  This is the reason for the efficacy of manifestational distraction with the information that you are constantly receiving.  You, Lightworker, must choose your emotional and mental state.  Do not wait for the world to please you or support you.  Generate your peace from within.  Your physical body will respond better, your ability to focus your thoughts will respond better and your manifestations will respond better as you are allowing supportive flow within your physical and subtle apparatus.

When you are interacting with challenge, it is natural and in-built into your system that you react to the dangerous situation.  So many have come to interpret emotional pain as danger and the cycle of shut down begins.  In physical danger your vision and hearing become more acute, your senses are attuned to the environment, you have a trigger response to noise and movement, your brain is highly focused.  As you maintain this state when there is not danger, even on a minor level such as stress, you are less able to override your natural system of survival.  You begin to try to control the environment, you begin to react with anger, you flood your system with hormones that signal no relaxation.  It often requires additional chemical stimulation to overcome the stress.  Stress, worry, anger, resentment or reaction to the behavior of others is inhibiting your manifestation. Become responsible for your reactions and you will find that your actions, be it in thought, word or deed, are aligned with peace and Love flow toward new manifestation of joy.

As we sit to Blast Feelings, we are responding to the world around us with an attitude of grace as we honor the right of all beings to experience as they choose.  We are holding our boundaries that serve our peace and strengthening our ability to interact with challenge from a renewed, compassionate perspective.  We are clearing our emotional debris that clouds our vision of safety and the beauty of Love around us.  We are free within, where experience is simmered into a fine perception.  That perception creates your truth.  Blast on!

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