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Foregoing Options

If you knew, really deeply knew that you were thecreator of your reality, life would be a joyful, exciting, creative journey.  There would an ease to patience, for there would be no worry.  There would be an ease to relationships for there would be no fear.  There would be a welcoming of the future, an appreciation of the past and an understanding of what is present in all things. Everyone around you would be a valuable, cherished co-creator. 
You are that creator, Co-Creating With Others with an interaction that is simple in its complexity, fascinating in its possibility and exciting in its timeless now.  When you look past the moment into the future without fear, you have the patience of the master that understands All Is Well – the peace that passes all understanding.  The strife and trauma that you see around you is part of learning, wisdom growing, life forming from subtle to material – glorious in its arrival.  Do you see past the moment of challenge into the future of life improved?  Wisdom manifested?  Seed blossomed?  If you knewyou were the creator of this reality, your reality, you would look carefully at the possibilities of the future and nurture the seed you choose to grow.  That is mastery, the garden of the collective manifest in One interacting with All – all time, all people, all life improved. 
What would it mean to be Foregoing Options with Mastery?  All life is choice – the choice to love, the choice to hate; action is only a result of the internal choice.  If you choose to observe another in their powerful moment of opportunity rather than victimhood – what will you nourish within them?  You are choosing to Forego the Option of assisting your own or another’s stagnation, fear or resentment.  You have options in your life at each moment.  You weigh them in comparison to one another, sometimes feeling as if there is no option or even just bad options.  Choosing to take the high road to find forgiveness, or foster a positive possibility against the clamor of a confused world is not the most popular option.  It most often doesn’t have a guarantee of ease, reward or acceptance.  Yet for the One that Knows, deeply Knows, that their subtle and profound emotional and mental energy makes a difference in future materialization, Foregoing Options is easy.  It’s letting go of expectation while simultaneously Knowing (an empowered form of expectation) that All is Well.  The circumstances of the moment are merely the journey through an exciting peaceful life.  The dichotomy is the beauty of polarity integrating. 
As you speak to the future with your creative e(energy)motion, you are building the new world.  You Forego the Option of remaining resentful, stagnant or not having an active, powerful voice in creating a future of life improved.  Foregoing an Option is a release point, an opening for something new.  Patience is key to allowing form to build.  As you welcome your future into form with an ease of Knowing, you have the option for a peace that passes all understanding in your now moments.  You are permeating your presence into the world around you.  Others will feel your mastery and respond through their own free will choice.  We are an interactive collective.  You decide if you will lead your moment and others will decide to respond. 

As we sit to Blast Foregoing Options, we are letting go of control and choosing empowerment in a moment of fostering Love.  We are calibrating a vibrational setpoint of peace to saturate the timeline for access from All.  We are leading with the Light of Love, tending the garden of the soul, understanding the value of life on earth in this now moment.  We are the beacons for others to remember their own glorious creative ability, being one example of the peace that passes all understanding.  Blast on!


Spanning the Globe

There is a force of connection that bears the Whole Truth of Life.  Here on Earth you see that you are separate from all else, yet understand the interconnection.  When you eat, you are separate from the food, but then in consumption the food becomes part of you.  When you interact with others, you are separate from them in form and perception, yet you unite to share and influence experiences.  Source energy; you Know deep within that you are It and It is you – as are All, yet the invisible is somewhat elusive in application.  What do you see that is united? Separation is visible, a relationship is visible and a choice becomes visible.  All three are present in each interaction in life on Earth.  To see beyond the visible, you must Know your Source Energy expression.
How then does your Life Span The Globe?  Do you really have an effect on what occurs in a human on another continent that you will never meet?  The astute one can trace the energy interactions through eons of time, the vastness of space and even many dimensions.  The wise one can discover myriad connections through cultures that are distant to the current expression and understand all gender, animal and plant manifestations through relationship.  One can say they understand the animal, the plant, the other; yet often it is their own fears, experiences and expressions put upon it.  Sovereignty is the invisible cloak of capability each wears, unknown to the one that can not see past their own filter of fear.  Preventing pain, preventing challenge or preventing destruction is not the need of an individual, it is the need of an ego.  Yet the relationship is valuable.  A Being on Earth seeks the continuation of Life, as the nature of the universe mirrors.  When the individual sees the invisible, the physical transformation of a moment in challenge is Life continued.  See the invisible relationship, the choice and the potential Life continued. 
Source Energy, that which is within All, Knows All Life as sacred.  The villain, the greedy, the government, the saint – all sacred in equal measure, relating and choosing with free will.  What invisible connection do you see between you and all else?  Do you see the sacred in everything?  Every separation, every relationship, every choice?  Do you Know the power of your choice for Self Love to inform the system of Life?  Do you Know the power of your choice for forgiveness to change a government?  Do you Know the power of your choice to react with Love in the face of hate, even as you may walk away or stay, to inform the system of Life?  That is the sacred in action.  Beyond the visible is a connection of Love that is so complete, that the free will to hate is Loved.  Receive it all, and Know that you are receiving Sacredness, taking it in as food to become part of your expression of Love expressed outward.  Are you that strong?  Are you that focused?  Are you that hungry for Love, world peace and fifth dimensional living?   There is great value in the visible action steps that you take, now fully empower the invisible – that which is within all that is visible.

As we sit to Blast Spanning The Globe, we are uniting continents through the in-breath of courage and the out-breath of Love.  We are seeing the Sacred in All Life, nurturing new life to grow strong in the understanding of Love.  We are reaching across space and time to embrace all experience as valuable and all solution as harmonizing, as we forego the ego’s need to fortify separation.  That reach is a heart beat away.  We are becoming One Love, one Light at a time.  That is a moment of glory.  Blast on!


Knowing Your Worth
We anchor another layer of Galactic Free Space, our holographic universal nature of Being.  From the July purge came the August surge of personal responsibility and manifestation.  As we released pain, fear, separation, etc., and as we integrated the potent Light infusions, we came to a new level of potential.  The month of nine completed the reunion, and in this month of 10 we fully integrate the new level of Being.  This is the Ascension, an internal increase in your vibratory rate, such that at the faster vibrations, you become less dense form and more subtle availability, abel [sic] to create in new ways.  The typos often inform, just as if you study language, it will always inform.  Why is the month of sept (7)-ember the ninth month?  When they changed the calendar, why didn’t they change the names to match?  They did it with July – Julianly renamed!  It is because the information is still relevant and necessary, or they would have. 7 and 9 have a story to tell in September.  Because all are unique parts of the holographic whole, they can not help but serve the Whole.  It is even the way of death, destruction and disinformation, it serves Life.   When you Know Your Worth, you Know your capability to create, your influence on the Whole.  Choice then becomes far more potent, like a tidal wave versus a ripple. 
Allow your interpretation of the Cain and Abel story (link above) to inform your now and utilize it to benefit the creation of Life; yours and your world.  Are you ready to end victimhood?  Are you ready to end the notion of sacrifice to appease anger?  Are you ready to embrace a new noun and verb for family (resolution of some July energies)?  Are you the powerful one that foresees the old ways giving way to the new with little labor or resistance to win/win solution?  Are you the brilliant Light that recognizes the value in diversity to fuel creation?  Are you the vessel in which all information is contained as it forms into new birth?  You are worthy of great responsibility, for you respond with greatness.  That is the power of Light to illuminate.
As we sit to Blast Knowing Your Worth, we are implementing the full power of the Freedom within to bind Life through the connective nature of Love.  We are recognizing that galaxy of Love within is the Self, formed in this dimensional expression and integrating the Light of a universe into Being.  We are becoming the future in this moment of creation, present with the path of the past as we navigate choice.  We are the Light that shines as a beacon of hope, offering creation a palate for artful expression.  Blast on!


Galactic Free Space
The words, the order, the timing are all important, just as Creation forms.  The channeled topic leads way to the information flow that supports your moment in time, which leads way to your understanding of the new future you are birthing forth.  The words are coded with information and your infallible Higher Self, your astute human Self, unravels it for your benefit.  There is information in each moment that is silent and invisible, yet potent with Truth, unraveled just the same.  It is your internal Space that is Free.  Here you come to Know on a deeper cellular level that All Space within you is Galactic.  The holographic nature of your Being In Time is complete and unique.  The Space within you is Free, thus there is no domination that you do not Allow, there is no disinformation that you do not Allow and there is no future that you do not influence.  The galaxies within you are spinning in magnetic relationship with all other Space, each Free, yet connected through Space.  How is it then that you will allow the magnetic connection and the spacious freedom to form you, your moment, your future, your world?  It is how galaxies are made.
Your beingness is never-ending, infinite in Time and Space.  There is a vastness to you that has such Space within, that the All is contained in each unique unit.  A thought, so Spacious, utterly Free and Galactic in its holographic information that amasses form from The Field of nothingness/everythingness.  You are this thought, complete in your freedom to inform your world into Being.  Each word, each action, each feeling, each intent saturates The Field with information in order to birth form.  A galaxy responds to your unique vibratory alignment within you, just as you respond to the magnetic alignment of the galaxy you are within.  While your thoughts, feelings, words and actions may seem inconsequential to a galaxy, note the power of the Space between to hold enormous form in place.  How powerful then, is that invisible Space?  How powerful then are your thoughts?  How powerful then are your words and your feelings that match or contradict them?  How powerful is the Galactic Free Space within you?  A galaxy revolves around it.
As we sit to Blast Galactic Free Space, we are utilizing the powerful emptiness that binds All Life together.  We are the silent glue that recognizes the connective power of Love in all its forms – forgiveness, empowered boundaries, new perspective and win/win solution, to name a few.  We are the Lightworkers that appreciate and embrace the darkness as the empty space binding the Light of Love to form.  We are opening to the information that is within, for it speaks to a universe of what Love forms.  We are the power that induces expansion from compression, the singularity that contains such force that Light can’t resist bursting forth!  We are the portal of creation that finds the path of building win/win solution to expand Life.  Blast on!


Co-creating With Others
As the family of humanity, the stewards of Earth and cosmic citizens of this universe, we are moving into a new level of creative ability.  After the purging of July we moved into a new level of personal creative responsibility in early August.  Every release has its consequence, as does every choice.  We are freeing space within for the grace of creation’s flow.  That is Love.  Survival mechanisms pull the boundaries in, even if the action is outward.  So one that harms another may seem to be pushing outward, but it is a reaction to a disconnective boundary that fear induces.  Anger, resentment and especially the personally focused emotions like remorse, guilt and shame pull the connective energy inward, separating.  Life is meant to interact, for it is a circular system that is self-sustaining.  Death serves new life, new life serves to inspire the sustainment of life and the circle continues.  It cycles through, deeply in Love in each moment of Time.  How deeply are you aware?
When we Co-create With Others, we are appreciating, honoring and expanding in the naturally supportive and connective energy of Love.  Love is an unseen binding force that compels individuality and group consciousness. When you Love humanity you cannot continue to hate based on difference.   First a call within the self to nurture Love becomes poignant, the I.  Then the seeking of those of like-heart to nurture Love outside of self becomes desired, the U.  As the group coagulates, the visible flow of Love circulates and feeds Life’s expansion.  The U-n-I-verse.  The reflection.  Opposites united in Love, expanding.  The vacuum of space is not only dominant, it is the glue that holds separated form together.  Within that vacuum is the unseen connection that binds creation.  As you Co-create With Others, you are responding to the call of Love and supporting the expansion of Life.  Since it is unseen, it requires the astute focus of One that hears the whisper of Love, sees the fleeting glimpse of Love and Knows the powerful force of Love.  That rock would give way to wind and water shows you what Love can do.  Being In Time offers you as a human, containing the creative force within your subtle thoughts, emotions, words and actions; the opportunity to direct the flow of Love, shaping the rock over time.  The grace of Choice is your sculpting tool.
As we sit to Blast Co-creating With Others, we are freeing the self from the limitations of insecurity, survival fears and egoic needs.  We are celebrating the uniqueness of all beings and uniting in ways that support the circle of Life.  We are Allowing our thoughts, feelings, tastes, words and deeds to be the force of creation that is aligned with deep Love.  We are the vacuum of space, open to the information of others in the full Knowing of our individual ability to create worlds.  Blast on!


Being In Time
For eons you have understood your nature, that which is around you, that which is within you.  It brings with it the information of that which was, that which is and that which will be.  They are not separate, in fact they are merged within you.  The limitless information that is delineated via Time is available to you and to All.  There have been many ‘misuses’ of the information, blocks to the information and benefits from the information.  A Lightworker is one that brings information to Light.  There is information that is obvious and there is information that is subtle.  This is contained within the past, present and future, though it requires one that will Allow the subtle to speak, to hear it and to nurture it.  The obvious is the past repeating itself into the future.  The path of creation is known, therefore requires less attention to the active principle of creation.  Time is friend to those that appreciate its functionality in the scheme of creation.  Do you then, utilize the information of the past, bring it into the now and flavor it with a new creation in the future?  War creates more war, the path is known, obvious and well-worn.  Will you access the subtle information to Allow war to create peace?  It has been proposed and protested; utilize the subtle information to create the new path.  You are aBeing In Time, KNOW the future as it merges with the past and present within you. 
Being In Time is the perfect creation that resides within you in every, every moment, all you need do is Be.  Each moment a creation in itself, birthed in your thoughts, your tastes, your feelings, your words, your actions.  Each flavor is part of your beingness being.  Too much salt in a soup does not unmake it from soup, it just influences the soup.  Are your thoughts, words and actions congruent with all that you are Being In Time?  One that wants peace is one of peace, thinking peace, tasting peace, feeling peace, speaking peace, actioning peace.  It flavors the moment.  A word of peace with a thought of anger and a feeling of fear flavors the moment.  It is the subtle expression that also informs the future creation.  Time is your expression of delineation in this dimension, offering you information and the ability to inform the next moment.  As you Be (Allow), you are full information, not just a word, not just an action – all information.  Mastery is Being aware of the subtle information; listening to it, feeling it, tasting it, doing while interacting with it – merely Being, consciously.  Being In Time is one that understands Time as opportunity and your subtle information as valuable and impactful. 
As we sit to Blast Being In Time, we are the noun and the verb that Life is, adjectivfying Life with our unique flavor of Love.  We are remaining focused on the subtle information in Life, the call for Love.  We are the spark of creation that awaits birth through our Being.  We are the ones that sing loving silence, taste the sweetness of change and act with creation’s inspiration.  We are Being In Time with the powerful magnetic force of Love, bringing new solution to the creations of the past, that All information has proven valuable as we focus our Light toward Love.  Blast on!


More Allowing.  It comes up a lot.  It’s an important part of being a collective. As Lightworkers we realize that our collective goes far beyond our gradations of groupings like community, country and even humanity.  We know clearly that our collective includes all life on Earth and the universe itself.  We are not so different from the stars in our sky, yet we are unique.  As we align with our full nature of galactic citizenship, we are appreciating our unique time/space and actively choosing to shape it as our blessing of free will in form Allows.  Your powerful, open, flowing energetic field that basks in All Is Well, is a waystation of information – the form unformed informing.  From this open space of Allowing, choice directs flow and form is informed. 
Your creative ability is at the forefront of this time/space.  There is a call for peace, a call for Love that has only grown in desire, thus the creation is bursting forth into all you experience.   That which is incongruent with the cooperative, inclusive nature of life comes to the fore (four) for apoptosis.  Like an organism of Life, you consume, embrace and Accept the offering, for it is focus inducing, choice inducing and Love inducing. Though it is a death, thus unwieldy and perhaps uncomfortable, it is a beginning of new life that is the Truth of destruction and opposition.  All challenge, opposition and greed is a call to Love, inclusion and Life continued.  Life begets life and time is the marker of transformation.  As you Allow, you open to the path of progress that is new, not just repeating the past.  You open to choice that is unlimited by fear, perception of lack or resistance to inevitable change.  Your focus on Allowing is the function of apoptosis integrated as the fuel to the circle of new life that it is.  Appreciation for the process is an aspect of Allowing.  It opens your flow from past to present into future. 
As we sit to Blast Allowing, we are becoming the vessel of creation within as our focus and choice forms the moment.  We are Being the Light on the path of an integrative, courageous, loving Life.  We are understanding how pain initiates a response of survival towards greed, overpowering and abuse and creating the boundaries that allow death to serve Life through forgiveness, strength and Allowing Love to create the limits of experience in form.  We are bringing new Life to an existence that is offering a dimensional upgrade if we will only attune with it in thought, word and deed.  We are the waystation of Allowing the old to be born into the new.  Blast on!


Creating the New World

After the releasing of July, in August we moved to a new level of personal responsibility, thus we have increased our potential with manifestation.  These levels of responsibility that we move into correlate with collective ability and collective necessity.  As a Lightworker you are to be the bastion of hope and the oracle of focus, foretelling a future into the now.  That we have moved into a new level of personal responsibility signals we are ready for increased movement.  Quantumly that looks like a critical mass of desire for something new.  War, for example, creates an increased desire for peace, except for the few that profit from it.  We have always outnumbered them, now our power – as more of us realize our internal capability, outweighs their fortune.  Lightworkers carry the quantum information of the ability to foster peace into manifestation; first within the self, then emanating out into inspired word and deed.  Your thoughts, words and deeds now become more powerful, for you had the desire to assist with world peace within your codes of expression on Earth.
In order to Create the New World, you must become an aware and powerful Builder of Form.  To understand your creative ability, you can either become entangled with the complexity of the quantum or the simplicity of it.  It is as simple as Love.  Love is the binding force of creation, the call of atomic bonding, unseen in form until enough mass is reached that density is observable in this dimension of form.  Your aware building in the unseen, the future manifestation without fear, need or manipulation is paramount.  Where many get confused is the vague focus on the opposite of Love.  It is the challenge of a Lightworker – to focus on Love in the face of abuse, greed or deception is a challenge that can only be met with the courage of forgiveness and the complete knowing of the power of your Love to create win/win solution.  It means knowing when a boundary is empowered and when it is separative. It means recognizing when endurance is beneficial or not.  It means holding a space for new solution when opposition is louder than even words.  
As we sit to Blast Creating the New World, we are holding space for miraculous solution that shows the grace of Love inherent in All Life.   We are nurturing our own life to emanate a signal of what Love’s predominance creates.  We are singing loudly in our silent spiral of quantum awareness, becoming the force that changes headlines, connects heartlines and creates timelines that serve All Life.  We are the change we want to see in the world, being the Light that shines brightly as the darkness awaits integration into form.  That is within you, as forgiveness becomes the action of Love, darkness has united with Light.  Life begins anew.  Blast on!


How funny that after last week’s LightBlast lecture ;o) on Fortitude we now are told to rest?!  Actually, it is a beautiful continuation of Universal Law that supports Life.  Rest is essential.  Not only to our physical bodies, but to Creation.  It is another way of saying equilibrium or balance.  When we are at Rest, the direct flow has an opportunity to open and receive new information.  From that point of Rest, new choice is made and creation begins anew.  This is part of creation and you recognize it as the Feminine aspect of Life.  Rest is a point of reception as the interaction with Life, the unity, is honored. 
Life on earth is a reflection of All Life.  As a hologram of being, we contain the whole within and the whole contains all of us.  It is the great mystery of seen and unseen, past and future.  Within Rest is the present of Life shared.  Beyond the need to do, is the ability to allow.  That is Rest, and unity thrives as each becomes One while still in unique physical form.  This experience on earth is visible separation and invisible unity.  Lightworkers shine the Light on unity, the unseen; and new Life begins to form.  Rest well.  Know that your Love makes a difference as new choice is offered to an open heart and mind.  Universal Law does not support Forced Power, but it allows it – for it rests easy in Knowing the unseen nature of Love calling Love.  That is how form builds
As we sit to Blast Rest, we are feeding new life to the peace that passes into understanding as we hold the grace of Love in open arms.  We are following our gentle heart into an exciting dream of Love, bringing fresh perspective to a tired old story.  We are the reminders of joyful win/win solutions when fear wants to focus on problems.  We are the pillars of Loving strength when all seems lost.  The Rest is up to them!  Blast on!


Fortitude and Control
Building on last week’s release of Forced Power, we come to Fortitude and Control.  There are Universal Laws to Life and they support Life.  They determine form, they determine progress and they are based in Love.  Universal Law does not limit freedom within.  It merely shapes Life so that Life continues.  It does not limit Love, it merely gives space for Love to form, inform and reform.  The cycle of Life continues.  Your Fortitude, dear Lightworker, is called forth in this time of transition, as we build new form; first unseen and resisted, then shaped through the focus of time.  Fortitude and Control, when based in Love, have the momentum of the Universal Laws that build worlds.  Don’t give up!
There are times that Love doesn’t look so pretty.  There are times that Love calls for boundaries that support Life.  Sometimes saying no or leaving a situation is Love’s grace in the moment.  Death comes in all forms (a moment, a life, a relationship, etc.) and when it is viewed through Love, it becomes obvious when Life is supported to continue.  Your Fortitude and Control is your ability to maintain your perspective of Love as it informs new Life, though first unseen.  For how long?  Only Time will tell, and since it doesn’t have a mouth, patience (fortitude) is required! Building the new in Love isn’t the easy path, it’s the courageous path.  When you become responsible for the world that you experience, you must have great Fortitude and Control to go deep within the depths of your separation and fear, while many use Forced Power to avoid the inner work, which brings win/win solution. 
As we sit to Blast Fortitude and Control, we are enhancing our Universal Connection of Love within – the only real control we have.  We are strengthening our ability to maintain focus and peace, no matter what the situation around us.  We are the bearers of Light that remind all that the focus on Love is the solution to any pollution and action is then inspired.  We are the strong ones that lift burdens with Light, Loving so forcefully that choice becomes obvious.  May the force be with you!  Blast on!

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