Weekly LightBlast


How funny that after last week’s LightBlast lecture ;o) on Fortitude we now are told to rest?!  Actually, it is a beautiful continuation of Universal Law that supports Life.  Rest is essential.  Not only to our physical bodies, but to Creation.  It is another way of saying equilibrium or balance.  When we are at Rest, the direct flow has an opportunity to open and receive new information.  From that point of Rest, new choice is made and creation begins anew.  This is part of creation and you recognize it as the Feminine aspect of Life.  Rest is a point of reception as the interaction with Life, the unity, is honored. 
Life on earth is a reflection of All Life.  As a hologram of being, we contain the whole within and the whole contains all of us.  It is the great mystery of seen and unseen, past and future.  Within Rest is the present of Life shared.  Beyond the need to do, is the ability to allow.  That is Rest, and unity thrives as each becomes One while still in unique physical form.  This experience on earth is visible separation and invisible unity.  Lightworkers shine the Light on unity, the unseen; and new Life begins to form.  Rest well.  Know that your Love makes a difference as new choice is offered to an open heart and mind.  Universal Law does not support Forced Power, but it allows it – for it rests easy in Knowing the unseen nature of Love calling Love.  That is how form builds
As we sit to Blast Rest, we are feeding new life to the peace that passes into understanding as we hold the grace of Love in open arms.  We are following our gentle heart into an exciting dream of Love, bringing fresh perspective to a tired old story.  We are the reminders of joyful win/win solutions when fear wants to focus on problems.  We are the pillars of Loving strength when all seems lost.  The Rest is up to them!  Blast on!


Fortitude and Control
Building on last week’s release of Forced Power, we come to Fortitude and Control.  There are Universal Laws to Life and they support Life.  They determine form, they determine progress and they are based in Love.  Universal Law does not limit freedom within.  It merely shapes Life so that Life continues.  It does not limit Love, it merely gives space for Love to form, inform and reform.  The cycle of Life continues.  Your Fortitude, dear Lightworker, is called forth in this time of transition, as we build new form; first unseen and resisted, then shaped through the focus of time.  Fortitude and Control, when based in Love, have the momentum of the Universal Laws that build worlds.  Don’t give up!
There are times that Love doesn’t look so pretty.  There are times that Love calls for boundaries that support Life.  Sometimes saying no or leaving a situation is Love’s grace in the moment.  Death comes in all forms (a moment, a life, a relationship, etc.) and when it is viewed through Love, it becomes obvious when Life is supported to continue.  Your Fortitude and Control is your ability to maintain your perspective of Love as it informs new Life, though first unseen.  For how long?  Only Time will tell, and since it doesn’t have a mouth, patience (fortitude) is required! Building the new in Love isn’t the easy path, it’s the courageous path.  When you become responsible for the world that you experience, you must have great Fortitude and Control to go deep within the depths of your separation and fear, while many use Forced Power to avoid the inner work, which brings win/win solution. 
As we sit to Blast Fortitude and Control, we are enhancing our Universal Connection of Love within – the only real control we have.  We are strengthening our ability to maintain focus and peace, no matter what the situation around us.  We are the bearers of Light that remind all that the focus on Love is the solution to any pollution and action is then inspired.  We are the strong ones that lift burdens with Light, Loving so forcefully that choice becomes obvious.  May the force be with you!  Blast on!


Forced Power
We are in a phase of release, letting go.  It takes a master’s careful observation, patience and courage to assess with honesty.  You are responsible for the Self only, and yet part of that responsibility entails the collective, as the Self can not be fully extricated from All Life.  We eat it, breathe it, imbibe it and share what we have processed within.  The circle continues.  When you interact with yourself, you are still emitting vibrational information into the Field of Life.  When you interact with another, it seems more impactful because we have something solid in front of us, yet Lightwarriors know better.  Creation begins within, in the malleable and responsive subtle waves seeking particle form.  It is here, within, that control has its benefit; though that control is merely focus, and that focus is Love.
Forced Power, or control, has been the norm for millennia.  If we control the actions of another, we have a sense of power.  If we control the emotions of another, we have a sense of peace.  If we control the environment so that temptation is abated, we have a sense of piety.  With Forced Power, we are actually avoiding the real empowerment, which is a focused perspective of Love within – when all experience is at the very least tolerable, but ideally exciting new balance.  When you control the circumstances outside of yourself, you are not exercising your inner muscles, therefore, you have less capability to withstand the challenges.  A Lightworker’s job is to shine Light where it is most challenging, within the depths of fear, anger or abuse.  You do that in many ways, but the most liberating is within, and from that space of enduring bright Love Light, you shine unto others the reflection of their inner core.  Freedom and unity are the result.
As we sit to Blast Forced Power, we are releasing the need to control the world and easing into Loving the Self so deeply that Love becomes visible in All around you.  We are allowing the world to find its liberating equilibrium from pain by showing the new way of Loving Life so deeply that even a challenge is a mirror of freedom.  We are controlling the mind’s focus into the peace that passes all understanding, as Freedom becomes so powerful within that life becomes an exciting adventure.  Blast on!


Excitement and Balance

Life is a constant process of homeostasis (balance).  It’s everywhere.  Each of the trillions of cells in your body is constantly seeking homeostasis.  As humans dealing with change, we seek homeostasis.  It is part of the cycle of life on earth, even as we deal with the cycles of beginning, middle and end.  If you are completing a project for work, you are reaching a new point of homeostasis.  It is the same with your emotional state, you are constantly seeking homeostasis.  Yet Life is constantly changing, so homeostasis is not a point of stopping, it is perhaps a point of rest, but ultimately it is a point of new creation.  Excitement is the engine of creation that propels new life into form! 
Resistance is the friction that defines form.  It is first a mental perception, yet your mental perception shapes your world.  Friction is an act of shaping; sanding away the rough edges, eroding a new river of flow or breaking down a wall.  How you perceive the friction of change is key to balance when the fulcrum is always changing.  Is it exciting or fearful?  It is as you choose to perceive it.  The moment is offering you movement, your choice is offering you a peace of the action. 
Exciting the atomic structure changes form rapidly and consciously.  Apply heat to varying degrees for specific outcomes.  Reduce heat progressively for a different outcome – super cool!  Atomic structure finds its strongest balance of structure in any weather.  Are you weathering your storms or are your storms weathering you?  Change is inevitable, it is built into the engine of Life.  Time is a marker, not a maker.  Your choice shapes the moment and the resistance that is experienced through joy allows form to be embraced in the arms of a loving Creator (you!). 
As we sit to Blast Excitement and Balance, we are finding our joy within change and the irresistible fun of Life renewing at a moments notice.  We are building Life into a new form that is nestled in joy and appreciation as form informs the new.  We are following our heart and leading our mind into the glorious focus of Love, seeing the world through Love-colored glasses – with hindsight, foresight, and 20/20 envisioning!  We are the builders of form that Light up Life, excited to balance the old and the new in equal appreciation as Life gives way to Life.  Blast on!


Accessing Doorways of Grace
Doorways are representative of beginnings and endings, they are opportunity.  Knocking, perhaps? ;o)  As we traverse life, doorways are metaphorically opening and closing on a continual basis, ultimately nanosecond by nanosecond.  It is choice that determines your experience of a doorway; and the material reality before you is formed.  We are bio-mechanical creators that interpret frequency so constantly and instantaneously that many don’t even believe that we do.  Lightworkers understand the power of the quantum world as each subatomic particle generates a powerful effect that creates form.  Our subtle energy of mind and emotion is the electromagnetic force that begins the creation of our experience.  As you interact with Grace, you are beginning form in the energy of compassion, peace, empowerment and wisdom. 
A doorway is a vortex of energy awaiting your observance and choice to settle structure.  When you Access a Doorway of Grace, you are allowing your heart, your Love, to structure the world.  Those of like resonance then are summoned by the electromagnetic pulse that you have emitted and your experiences begin to form.  An adept observes the response of the world and culls the information to map direction.  Opposition is a call to focus and inclusion, embrace that which seems opposite and it becomes part of your core strength (like a proton embraces an electron).  That which fortifies your direction with sameness is the community of Life organizing into a system that supports growth gracefully, just as a community is wont to do.  We move into the timespace where we recognize we are a global community of humanity, interdependent on our surroundings, with the true knowing that we are actually a cosmic Family of Life, bonded by element and unseen grace, separated only by difference in form.
As we sit to Blast Accessing Doorways of Grace, we are opening our heart to the Truth of our glorious capability to create a Golden Age of Love.  We are the holographic connection to a universe that expands with Love at the core of All experience.  We are the prototype of Grace in human form as we constantly refine our Acceptance of what is as a reflection of our immense ability to Love into new form.  We are the courage of Light to seek the darkest areas to Love.  In a holographic universe, that is within you.  All you have to do is open the door.  Blast on!


Sharing Your Love
Building on last week’s Acceptance, we are coming into fuller expression of Mastery – Love in action!  It is the act of Sharing Your Love that is the action of creating in the full flow of creation.  Love is not the only force that creates, we can create through greed, hatred and all sorts of other choices.  However, when you create through greed or hatred, etc., the natural flow of life will continue to pull any creation toward Love, for Love is the connective force that pulls atomic structure.  It is focus that determines the speed, but All Life will continue to balance toward Love.  As we integrate the polarizing forces of Love and the opposition to Love, we internally unite into All, becoming the Oneness that is inclusive without judgment, for All is of the same cosmic creative fire.  Sharing Your Love is allowing the fire of passion to transform your life into living each moment to its full potential – the potential of Love. 
I had a lesson early on from my Guides about withholding Love.  I didn’t want to hug someone that I worked with because I knew they were manipulative and back-stabbing.  My guides showed me that as I hold back from that person, I was actually reinforcing their power over me and not allowing my own Self to flow my True Power (Love). It’s like saying, “I agree that your power to manipulate and back-stab is more powerful than me, so I’m afraid to touch you or even allow my heart to be open when I am near you.”  Instead I moved into understanding how a toxic work environment that fostered disempowerment from the leader could trigger some people to behave antagonistically to survive the environment.  I decided not to allow that within myself and saw the difference between fake power and True Power (Love).  It’s not a loud difference, no one gave me a parade, but it became obvious to me and I found myself less afraid of the circumstances or outcome of anyone’s actions.
Honestly, that lesson continues today as I find remnants of areas of my life where I withhold Love and instead continue to hold judgment.  Some are more obvious (like someone who ‘wronged’ me), other areas more vague (like withholding Love from a government or an abuser that harmed someone in the news, etc.).  It is a constant process of refinement.  In addition it is a practice of wise boundaries and an open heart.  An open heart doesn’t mean a bleeding heart.  Compassion is a space of seeing all others as empowered, no matter what their actions in the moment belie.  
As we sit to Blast Sharing Your Love, we are mastering the open heart that Knows Love in all situations and sees the circumstance and outcome as fostering Love’s expansion.  We are creating a perception of Love’s empowerment in All experience on Earth.  We are shifting awareness from separation and powerlessness into connection and creativity.  We are Lighting the path to Ascension with Love’s embrace.  We are choosing each moment and perceiving the improvement that is the natural Flow of Life.  Blast on!


There is a flow to life that is well represented by the infinity symbol, the lemniscate.  This geometry of movement is built into the Flow of Life and is most often invisible, but flowing nonetheless.  Its heritage can be found in the beginnings of life on earth as two become one and one becomes two and the cycle continues, building and continuing, ever simple and if preferred, complex.  In your moment, this flow is Acceptance; in your Power, this flow is Choice.  To choose is to Know Love so completely that Acceptance becomes an easy flow and the breath of Life creates anew. 
Acceptance is a powerful point of creation.  It is not a weak position, it is not lack of creating, it is a release of resistance, which blocks flow.  The creative one then chooses, which directs flow.  The wise one then allows, which enhances flow, because choice is trusted and The Field will always answer back with what is building into form.  Do you know clearly how to read the response of Life?  It will show you through emotions and through synchronicities (with others, television, dreams, numbers, Facebook, advertisements, etc.) where your focus is needed to refine or enhance your creation.  As a worker of Light, you are to utilize the subtle that others would disregard and weave the golden age into being (Be the golden age into being!).  Acceptance is a gateway to rapid manifestation and is indicative of One that understands the Flow of Love and the power of choice.  From your powerful point of Acceptance you have infinite choice as to what you will create. 
As we sit to Blast Acceptance, we are opening the flow of creation into our hearts and using our brilliant minds to choose.  We are allowing Life to be as it is, offering the refreshing current of forgiveness, appreciation and Namaste to flow to all those around us.  We are transforming the ‘negative’ into the spectrum of contrast that expands life into greater flow of Love, the all-encompassing uniter of Life.  We are coming into greater alignment with the natural flow of life, infinite in its ability to expand and powerful in its ability to Love.  We are the infinite in finite appearance, creating a moment of Love in form.  Blast on!


Freedom Is Within
It can get rather frustrating feeling Free in this experience of life on Earth.  As you observe the world around you, restrictions are found everywhere.  Some are physical, some are emotional/mental.  Most societies aren’t set up for Freedom, they are developed to constrain people into certain behaviors that seem to promote unity and progress, though often that unity has its separation and that progress has its winners and losers.  The one that is Free Within is Free in any circumstance.  Freedom among the limitations of the experiences around you is what life on Earth is constantly bringing to your awareness.  Form is a limitation of sorts, and what a glorious limitation it is!
Freedom is a state of Being, therefore, it has the potential to move or change form.  If you are feeling Free in a moment, that Freedom can be elusive in the next.  It is your awareness, your perception and your focus that determines your state of Being.  Freedom Within is allowing the world to Be around you while still actively directing your focus.  Your awareness of your internal reaction to circumstances begins your path to Freedom.  As you recognize your feelings of Freedom or lack thereof, you have a key to accessing Freedom.  All life is built upon your feelings.  Emotions are the subtle energy of your soul expression beginning the magnetization of form.  As you shift your emotional state (always moving) you are changing the magnetization of form that will build your life experiences.  The ‘negative’ emotions can be great motivators, so as you appreciate the Divinity in opposition, you are allowing your perception to shift from negative to expansive.  It’s often easy to feel Free in a positive moment.  The ability to feel Free in a negative moment moves you beyond the pull of good or bad into acceptance of what is while still participating in the creation of Life.  Divinity in Form.
As we sit to Blast Freedom Is Within, we are opening our mind to the Divine mind and becoming actively creative.  We are releasing fear of present circumstances or the future, the burden of an undesired past and allowing it to inform the new into creation.  We are aligning our heart and our mind with the truth of our Divine nature, accepting ‘what is’ as the perfection that it is and Loving it into new life.  We are remembering our ability to create from within, sovereign in our perception and united in our Love.  We are shining Love and appreciation to each experience, for it is the fire that warms the heart.  Blast on!


God Reflection
The mirror.  It’s easy to focus on what is in front of your eyes, it’s even easy to resonate to a lovely spiritual teaching you hear, read or feel.  What takes effort is to see beyond the obvious and to apply spiritual practice without judgment, expectation or obedience.  To see Divinity in each moment, each experience, each person, each challenge, each grain of dirt – that is God Reflection.  Different forms, different focus; yet God in form.
In Truth, all that is around you is reflecting grace.  The energy that binds life into creation is Love.  It is the force that creates a flower, it is the force that creates a human, it is the force that creates forgiveness within the same Loving force that created strife.  How is it that we can apply the unconditionality of God into a life of human emotion and choice?  Some emotions and choices feel good, others don’t.  Some seem as if they are assisting life and others seem as if they are harming life.  It is God Reflection in all things that always assists life, for the system is fail-safed toward continuation and fail-safed toward Love.  Love isn’t always a pleasant feeling.  It is everything in the full spectrum of Life.  That’s a hard one to accept when you feel negative emotion, disappointment or the battle of the ‘dark’ side exemplified. 
In every every every experience, hope is available.  That is God Reflected.  Hope is the possibility of improvement in every situation.  Improvement is a duality-based word.  You could say hope is the possibility of Creation in every situation and the semantic separation is assuaged.  In every creation, faith is available.  Faith is not a powerless stance of ‘I believe God does…’, it is a powerful understanding of the laws of creation on Earth.  Creation begins in the subtle and unseen realm and binds into form through space/time.  God Reflection is the knowing of your creative ability, thus faith in yourself and the laws of the creation are synonymous for utilizing the momentum that builds galaxies! 
As we sit to Blast God Reflection, we are the observers that bring faith into form through focus.  We are remembering that each situation is a gift of creativity that beckons our mastery.  We are aligning with the powerful force of Love that creates form through the experience of enjoying Life on Earth.  We are reflecting Self Love out into the field of response (space) and creating a moment (time) of opportunity for Life to form.  We are namaste as a verb, wisdom in action recognizing the thread of hope and Love in every situation of life.  We are the builders of form, faithfully allowing and directing through the gift of choice that God is.  Blast on!


Asking for What You Want
Creating is fun!  Its easy to observe that an artist can paint a picture after years of study and have a technique that is so polished that creating seems natural.  Its easy to observe how someone takes actions in a succession that have been proven to manifest something in the physical (like building a house or even something like a relationship).  What is not as easy to observe is how we begin to create subtle, unseen manifestation within our mental and emotional world.  We are not taught this is valuable in our world.  Even though artists do it, and perhaps inventors (and we’re reminded how slim the ‘success rate’ is with those two professions), we’re taught that people are only successful when they follow outward action steps that have been proven by others (i.e. work your way up the corporate ladder, etc.).  Action steps are definitely important, even the artist and inventor need them!  But just as important is the mental and emotional alignment and here you Ask for What You Want with the clarity of one that works with the Light of Love to create the Golden Age.
We’ve been focusing on balance as we equalize directing and allowing, mental and emotional ease and reliance on self and others. It’s imperative to be balanced in the midst of change.  This balance provides a strong foundation upon which to create anew.  Asking for What You Want is an easy flow of information from the field, merging that with the desire within the self and flowing out the energy of possibility to magnetize the opportunity to create.  Others respond.  This is why we worked on Reliance onAnother last week (I love it when puzzle pieces come together!) – so that we are independent and dependent in an equilibrium that serves All Life.  How perfect is the Flow of Life!  When we don’t resist, we easily direct and allow, we are peaceful mentally and emotionally no matter the situation, we are dependent (in the empowered sense of the word – open to others) and independent as creation is best served. 
As we sit to Blast Asking for What You Want, we are balancing creating as you desire and being open to change when things don’t seem to go as planned.  We have a peace within that knows challenge, opposition and change are powerful catalysts for improvement.  We are the perspective of All is Well when the news headlines would disagree.  We are the peaceful warriors, creating the new world to be a win/win solution for All, as we support the self and others with Love.  Blast on!

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