Sharing Your Love
Building on last week’s Acceptance, we are coming into fuller expression of Mastery – Love in action!  It is the act of Sharing Your Love that is the action of creating in the full flow of creation.  Love is not the only force that creates, we can create through greed, hatred and all sorts of other choices.  However, when you create through greed or hatred, etc., the natural flow of life will continue to pull any creation toward Love, for Love is the connective force that pulls atomic structure.  It is focus that determines the speed, but All Life will continue to balance toward Love.  As we integrate the polarizing forces of Love and the opposition to Love, we internally unite into All, becoming the Oneness that is inclusive without judgment, for All is of the same cosmic creative fire.  Sharing Your Love is allowing the fire of passion to transform your life into living each moment to its full potential – the potential of Love. 
I had a lesson early on from my Guides about withholding Love.  I didn’t want to hug someone that I worked with because I knew they were manipulative and back-stabbing.  My guides showed me that as I hold back from that person, I was actually reinforcing their power over me and not allowing my own Self to flow my True Power (Love). It’s like saying, “I agree that your power to manipulate and back-stab is more powerful than me, so I’m afraid to touch you or even allow my heart to be open when I am near you.”  Instead I moved into understanding how a toxic work environment that fostered disempowerment from the leader could trigger some people to behave antagonistically to survive the environment.  I decided not to allow that within myself and saw the difference between fake power and True Power (Love).  It’s not a loud difference, no one gave me a parade, but it became obvious to me and I found myself less afraid of the circumstances or outcome of anyone’s actions.
Honestly, that lesson continues today as I find remnants of areas of my life where I withhold Love and instead continue to hold judgment.  Some are more obvious (like someone who ‘wronged’ me), other areas more vague (like withholding Love from a government or an abuser that harmed someone in the news, etc.).  It is a constant process of refinement.  In addition it is a practice of wise boundaries and an open heart.  An open heart doesn’t mean a bleeding heart.  Compassion is a space of seeing all others as empowered, no matter what their actions in the moment belie.  
As we sit to Blast Sharing Your Love, we are mastering the open heart that Knows Love in all situations and sees the circumstance and outcome as fostering Love’s expansion.  We are creating a perception of Love’s empowerment in All experience on Earth.  We are shifting awareness from separation and powerlessness into connection and creativity.  We are Lighting the path to Ascension with Love’s embrace.  We are choosing each moment and perceiving the improvement that is the natural Flow of Life.  Blast on!

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