Life is a constant process of homeostasis (balance). It’s everywhere.

Cycles of Balance

Each of the trillions of cells in your body is constantly seeking homeostasis. As humans dealing with change, we seek homeostasis.

It is part of the cycle of life on earth, even as we deal with the cycles of beginning, middle and end.

If you are completing a project, you are reaching a new point of homeostasis. It is the same with your emotional state, you are constantly seeking homeostasis.

Yet Life is constantly changing, so homeostasis is not a point of stopping. It is perhaps a point of rest, but ultimately it is a point of new creation.

Excitement is the engine of creation that propels new life into form.

Resistance is the friction that defines form.

It is first a mental perception, yet your mental perception shapes your world. Friction is an act of shaping; sanding away the rough edges, eroding a new river of flow or breaking down a wall.

Exciting Balance

How you perceive the friction of change is key to balance when the fulcrum is always changing.

Is it exciting or fearful? It is as you choose to perceive it.

The moment is offering you movement. Your choice is offering you a peace of the action.

Exciting the atomic structure changes form rapidly and consciously. Apply heat to varying degrees for specific outcomes. Reduce heat progressively for a different outcome—super cool!

Atomic structure finds its strongest balance of form in any weather. Are you weathering your storms or are your storms weathering you?

Change is inevitable, it is built into the engine of Life.

Time is a marker, not a maker.

Your choice shapes the moment and the resistance that is experienced through joy allows form to be embraced in the arms of a loving Creator (you!).

As we sit to Blast Excitement and Balance, we are finding our joy within change and the irresistible fun of Life renewing at a moment’s notice. We are building Life into a new form that is nestled in joy and appreciation as focused form informs the new.

We are following our heart and leading our mind into the glorious focus of Love, seeing the world through Love-colored glasses—with hindsight, foresight, and 20/20 envisioning!

We are the builders of form that Light up Life, excited to balance the old and the new in equal appreciation as Life gives way to Life.

Blast on!

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