Creating the New World

After the releasing of July, in August we moved to a new level of personal responsibility, thus we have increased our potential with manifestation.  These levels of responsibility that we move into correlate with collective ability and collective necessity.  As a Lightworker you are to be the bastion of hope and the oracle of focus, foretelling a future into the now.  That we have moved into a new level of personal responsibility signals we are ready for increased movement.  Quantumly that looks like a critical mass of desire for something new.  War, for example, creates an increased desire for peace, except for the few that profit from it.  We have always outnumbered them, now our power – as more of us realize our internal capability, outweighs their fortune.  Lightworkers carry the quantum information of the ability to foster peace into manifestation; first within the self, then emanating out into inspired word and deed.  Your thoughts, words and deeds now become more powerful, for you had the desire to assist with world peace within your codes of expression on Earth.
In order to Create the New World, you must become an aware and powerful Builder of Form.  To understand your creative ability, you can either become entangled with the complexity of the quantum or the simplicity of it.  It is as simple as Love.  Love is the binding force of creation, the call of atomic bonding, unseen in form until enough mass is reached that density is observable in this dimension of form.  Your aware building in the unseen, the future manifestation without fear, need or manipulation is paramount.  Where many get confused is the vague focus on the opposite of Love.  It is the challenge of a Lightworker – to focus on Love in the face of abuse, greed or deception is a challenge that can only be met with the courage of forgiveness and the complete knowing of the power of your Love to create win/win solution.  It means knowing when a boundary is empowered and when it is separative. It means recognizing when endurance is beneficial or not.  It means holding a space for new solution when opposition is louder than even words.  
As we sit to Blast Creating the New World, we are holding space for miraculous solution that shows the grace of Love inherent in All Life.   We are nurturing our own life to emanate a signal of what Love’s predominance creates.  We are singing loudly in our silent spiral of quantum awareness, becoming the force that changes headlines, connects heartlines and creates timelines that serve All Life.  We are the change we want to see in the world, being the Light that shines brightly as the darkness awaits integration into form.  That is within you, as forgiveness becomes the action of Love, darkness has united with Light.  Life begins anew.  Blast on!

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