It takes a broad view and a courageous heart to Know All is Well in these times.

The current machine of Earthly life is set to disrupt conscious creation with its noise.

There is a mechanism that you have within you that is receptive, for your nature is connective.

Knowing the System

Your nature is to receive the pulse of the universe into your own heart, perceive it as part of you, and honor the out-breath of Life in All.  Its unique impact upon the dimensional interaction is received, recorded, and released to continue Life. That is the nature of Life and you are that.

You are on a path of transition and you are responsible for what you emit into the world because you create your world.

Vibration begins its new creation within your own vessel.

It is brought into your consciousness, for you are biologically receptive.

Your Divine gift of free will is choice. 

You choose within and the vibrational dominance is created, then emitted. You signal Life for creation and Creation Responds.

The relay system continues.

It is the breath of life.

The system is vast and your senses are designed to assist the life continuation process.

Receiving Well

As you sense fully, you are the conscious creator you were meant to be.

Life has its own value, it does not earn it.

The system continues and has its fail-safe of interaction, limitation, construction, destruction.

These are not just opposites or duality, they are actual functionalities of the system of life and these affect your dimensional interaction.

When you become aware of your full functionality within the system, you begin conscious creation and you move beyond the dimensional restrictions into the next level of dimensional interactive ability.

Know Creation

The key codes that you seek are within your own construction, providing the instruction you need.

It is mere full consciousness of vibrational resonance (what is received, created within, and then emitted) that changes your world, thus your dimensional interaction.

The current machine of Earthly life seeks to disrupt that internal instruction with fear, distraction, and separation from empowered vibrational deciphering.

It requires careful discernment that is the mark of one who is empowered within, for there is no outside influence greater than the internal connection with the universe of Life. Your worthiness is exemplified in your mere breathing.

Your alignment with Knowing All is Well is but your empowered discernment.

The truth is revealed to the sensitives that fear no evil and suffer no fools.

Know Your Power

When your power within is paramount to any authority outside of yourself, your internal world has the power to manifest into the outer rapidly, for the vibrational emission is strong and clear.

It is stronger than the disruption that plagues the current earthly dimension, for you naturally become dominant with your vibrational emission of clarity and empowerment.

Life on Earth changes.

Life is connected and receptive, so exclusion has a natural repulsion due to lack of available sustainment.

It is not mere emotion, it is recognition of Truth. Either life is vital and integrative or it decays and is eventually consumed in order to continue life.

There is deep love within that for the fearless sensitives to experience. Deep Love.

As we sit to Blast Knowing All is Well, we are fearlessly opening our hearts to sow the Love that forgiveness reaps.

We are breathing life in as it is, sustaining the sense of improvement and exhaling the invisible empowerment that feeds the next breath.

We are foregoing the option to allow another to control our inner world, for we understand the mechanism of life, fail-safed through the connective power of Love that binds a universe into form.

We are the ones that prepare the moment for Love’s manifestation, mirroring the beauty of each disconnected being that seeks the embrace of Life.

Blast on!

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