Conscious Choice is a powerful aspect of our Creative Harmonic. I began this meditation with a specific focus that arose during my meditation in mid-July, as I was working with the energy of Beingness.

As I was meditating, I heard, “I open my mind and heart to divine will.” Note: you can say “my divine will” if you feel those words are disempowering. It means the same thing.

This was a powerful bridge of moving from the deepened state of Being and open Awareness, and into more Conscious Choice.

This helps us to choose from alignment with our divine will, our connected self. That is the benefit of focusing the self into Beingness, then opening the mind and heart to consciously choose your direction of flow.

From that state of connection, the natural resonance of Love is more available. Love and connection are synonymous.

As Areon often says,

“When the loving ones are living their lives boldly, that’s when the world really changes.”

That boldness is your power to own your sovereign space, your sacred inner realm. Your realm of connection with the vast engine that builds worlds, the subtle, invisible, malleable, connective space.

As you move from Beingness to Conscious Choice, what resonance of Love are you the powerful conduit for Life to flow through?

Love boldly.

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