Co-creating With Others
As the family of humanity, the stewards of Earth and cosmic citizens of this universe, we are moving into a new level of creative ability.  After the purging of July we moved into a new level of personal creative responsibility in early August.  Every release has its consequence, as does every choice.  We are freeing space within for the grace of creation’s flow.  That is Love.  Survival mechanisms pull the boundaries in, even if the action is outward.  So one that harms another may seem to be pushing outward, but it is a reaction to a disconnective boundary that fear induces.  Anger, resentment and especially the personally focused emotions like remorse, guilt and shame pull the connective energy inward, separating.  Life is meant to interact, for it is a circular system that is self-sustaining.  Death serves new life, new life serves to inspire the sustainment of life and the circle continues.  It cycles through, deeply in Love in each moment of Time.  How deeply are you aware?
When we Co-create With Others, we are appreciating, honoring and expanding in the naturally supportive and connective energy of Love.  Love is an unseen binding force that compels individuality and group consciousness. When you Love humanity you cannot continue to hate based on difference.   First a call within the self to nurture Love becomes poignant, the I.  Then the seeking of those of like-heart to nurture Love outside of self becomes desired, the U.  As the group coagulates, the visible flow of Love circulates and feeds Life’s expansion.  The U-n-I-verse.  The reflection.  Opposites united in Love, expanding.  The vacuum of space is not only dominant, it is the glue that holds separated form together.  Within that vacuum is the unseen connection that binds creation.  As you Co-create With Others, you are responding to the call of Love and supporting the expansion of Life.  Since it is unseen, it requires the astute focus of One that hears the whisper of Love, sees the fleeting glimpse of Love and Knows the powerful force of Love.  That rock would give way to wind and water shows you what Love can do.  Being In Time offers you as a human, containing the creative force within your subtle thoughts, emotions, words and actions; the opportunity to direct the flow of Love, shaping the rock over time.  The grace of Choice is your sculpting tool.
As we sit to Blast Co-creating With Others, we are freeing the self from the limitations of insecurity, survival fears and egoic needs.  We are celebrating the uniqueness of all beings and uniting in ways that support the circle of Life.  We are Allowing our thoughts, feelings, tastes, words and deeds to be the force of creation that is aligned with deep Love.  We are the vacuum of space, open to the information of others in the full Knowing of our individual ability to create worlds.  Blast on!

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