Foregoing Options

If you knew, really deeply knew that you were thecreator of your reality, life would be a joyful, exciting, creative journey.  There would an ease to patience, for there would be no worry.  There would be an ease to relationships for there would be no fear.  There would be a welcoming of the future, an appreciation of the past and an understanding of what is present in all things. Everyone around you would be a valuable, cherished co-creator. 
You are that creator, Co-Creating With Others with an interaction that is simple in its complexity, fascinating in its possibility and exciting in its timeless now.  When you look past the moment into the future without fear, you have the patience of the master that understands All Is Well – the peace that passes all understanding.  The strife and trauma that you see around you is part of learning, wisdom growing, life forming from subtle to material – glorious in its arrival.  Do you see past the moment of challenge into the future of life improved?  Wisdom manifested?  Seed blossomed?  If you knewyou were the creator of this reality, your reality, you would look carefully at the possibilities of the future and nurture the seed you choose to grow.  That is mastery, the garden of the collective manifest in One interacting with All – all time, all people, all life improved. 
What would it mean to be Foregoing Options with Mastery?  All life is choice – the choice to love, the choice to hate; action is only a result of the internal choice.  If you choose to observe another in their powerful moment of opportunity rather than victimhood – what will you nourish within them?  You are choosing to Forego the Option of assisting your own or another’s stagnation, fear or resentment.  You have options in your life at each moment.  You weigh them in comparison to one another, sometimes feeling as if there is no option or even just bad options.  Choosing to take the high road to find forgiveness, or foster a positive possibility against the clamor of a confused world is not the most popular option.  It most often doesn’t have a guarantee of ease, reward or acceptance.  Yet for the One that Knows, deeply Knows, that their subtle and profound emotional and mental energy makes a difference in future materialization, Foregoing Options is easy.  It’s letting go of expectation while simultaneously Knowing (an empowered form of expectation) that All is Well.  The circumstances of the moment are merely the journey through an exciting peaceful life.  The dichotomy is the beauty of polarity integrating. 
As you speak to the future with your creative e(energy)motion, you are building the new world.  You Forego the Option of remaining resentful, stagnant or not having an active, powerful voice in creating a future of life improved.  Foregoing an Option is a release point, an opening for something new.  Patience is key to allowing form to build.  As you welcome your future into form with an ease of Knowing, you have the option for a peace that passes all understanding in your now moments.  You are permeating your presence into the world around you.  Others will feel your mastery and respond through their own free will choice.  We are an interactive collective.  You decide if you will lead your moment and others will decide to respond. 

As we sit to Blast Foregoing Options, we are letting go of control and choosing empowerment in a moment of fostering Love.  We are calibrating a vibrational setpoint of peace to saturate the timeline for access from All.  We are leading with the Light of Love, tending the garden of the soul, understanding the value of life on earth in this now moment.  We are the beacons for others to remember their own glorious creative ability, being one example of the peace that passes all understanding.  Blast on!

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