Never Give Up
As Lightworkers we have been practicing using our manifestation/creative power.  At first it is overwhelming as you try to control every negative thought you have.  Eventually it becomes exhilarating as you find that every situation is an opportunity for improvement and you have the tools to perceive benefit in every challenge.  You become adept at seeing the silver lining to every cloud and you appreciate the whole cloud.  You have moments of less-than-Love, yet you bounce back to the balance of Love more quickly as you practice.  You find yourself able to handle situations that would have spun you out harder or at least longer.  You begin to appreciate just where you are, how your Life is and who is in it as you work toward the change you want to experience.  You find a new fortitude and a focus on Love that unites rather than separates. 
We have passed an important marker in time and space after 12/21/2012, yet most seems the same in the physical world.  Your work is still to Light the path of Love in physical reality and build the connection that Love provides.  When you are connected with Love, you have the strength of community, the support of Universal Law and the physical flow that is progressing you forward with greater ease.  Whether you are in a time of rooting deeper for support or in a time of reaching higher into the visible world, you are powerfully creating.  Keep your focus and Know that you are so deeply Loved that your free will is not only respected, but revered by a loving Universal Force.  You are a unique blessing that continues Life through your perceptions, your choices and your actions.  Allow that Universal Force of Love to support you and provide you the sustenance you need to maintain the path of creating your Golden Age.  You are honored, Lightworker, for embodying the time of change from the rule of darkness to the reign of Love.  Open your heart and find within you the courageous vulnerability that allows the transformation.
As we sit to Blast Never Give Up, we are Loving fiercely in the battle within.  We are forgiving and forgiving until there is no stone heart unturned.  We are holding unwavering Love with the fortitude of a warrior of Light.  We are the strong that have the courage to wield the Sword of Truth in any situation, even a silent one.  We are the silver lining, raining Love’s powerful grace on a thirsty world.  We are what the dark fears, empowered compassion that will not give up until Love is the currency that permeates the Earth.  Blast On!

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