Being One
The strength of your heart is renewing with each blessed awareness.  You call them Aha! moments as you breath in the ahh and exhale the haa.  What grace of connection that moment brings!  This is your work, to connect All Things; be it a physical experience, a mental concept, an emotional chasm or a spiritual Truth. Connection is what opens the door to the next connection, or what offers the next dimensional awareness.  It is by examining, understanding and giving Life to the unseen that you become a conscious participant in dimensional living beyond 3D.  It was always there, yet your awareness brings it into your experience in a way that you connect and interact.  This new dimensional interaction is available to you through the lens of connection.  As you realize that you are One with All Life, you open to Fifth Dimensional expression. 
Being One often begins as a mental concept.  When you hear it, you begin your mental review, finding explanations that reinforce your natural emotional reaction to it.  For those whose mental reaction is oppositional, as in ‘Being One is constrictive, suppressive and the antithesis of the freedom I seek,’ they are in a state of mentally seeing Earth experience as such – constrictive and suppressive.  There is no mental connection to the possibility of another definition for Being One.  To move beyond the mental concept, one finds the emotional chasm and begins to build the bridge.  If you can feel freedom (or peace or compassion, etc.) within a current circumstance, even if it is limited freedom at first, you can find a connection that unites you with Life around you.  As you become aware of your connective emotions, you then begin to understand a great spiritual Truth, that All Life is unique and united.  As you apply that spiritual Truth to all of your experiences, you begin to see every person as unique from you in their perceptions, choices and experiences; yet united with you in the human experience through compassion and understanding.  This is the inter-dependence you see in all life around you. Your physical experience then becomes interaction and connection through your inner world (emotional, mental and spiritual connection) even as you are conversing with someone outside of yourself. 
For the spiritual seeker, Being One is a practice of opposites delineated within a continuum of connection.  All is outside of the Self and inside the Self.  All that is negative has the potential of positive within it and vice versa.  Being One brings the power of the vast universe into the minute atom.  It is the holographic understanding of every sorrow leading to the desire for greater joy, thereby expanding the universe of the heart as you inhale the ah and exhale its reflection – ha.  You are All Life in a unique and united form, delineated through space/time and unified through Love’s grace.  When the power of the full capability of the electromagnetic force that spirals through you is utilized, you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically creating through choice.  Ahhh choice.  Haa! It’s that easy!  (and sometimes hard!) ;o)

As we sit to Blast Being One, we are opening our hearts with the courageous vulnerability that allows us to see past the pain of another and embrace them into sorrow becoming sovereignty.  We are looking past what is visible into the expanse of choice and finding our voice to call Life into form.  In this u-n-i-verse, we are becoming One separate only by the polarity of free will, as we each take part in expanding all directions.  We are the dichotomy giving birth through a unity that brings connection to life outside of Self.  We are boldly unique, benevolently oppositional and the charge that bonds new form.  Blast On!

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