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Knowing When

Knowing When Weekly LightBlast by Jamye Price

Blessed Beings, you are at an exciting time in your evolution of beginning to work more directly with the subtle realms of creation. It is exhilarating and sometimes frustrating as you learn new rules of the physical and the mysterious non-physical.

First your mind dominates the process as you seek to define. That is a valuable and necessary functionality of the mind, but not as effective in the same way when dealing with the physical and non-physical realms.

To create more with the subtle realms, you learn different information and processes—such as thinking positively, Loving Life, and that you create your reality with your thoughts and feelings. There is truth within these and many ways to learn and implement these changes.

However, what must ultimately occur is an understanding of the non-physical in relation to the physical realm in which you live. That is to say that what you learn must apply to your physical realm to have value in your day-to-day life, otherwise it can become confusing and even harmful.

As you implement subtle changes in your perceptions, perspectives, choices, and actions, you integrate a new level of being human.

What often occurs is an intellectual understanding of some non-physical principles, while still continuing to live the rules of the physical realm. Thus the first instinct is to use positive thinking, Love, and creating your reality to control your feeling of safety in life.

To control your feeling of safety, there is often a mental patterning of right or wrong that gets applied instinctively. Your instincts work well for the physical realm. They are immediate, survival based, and effective. However, they do not apply in the same way as you work with your inherent non-physical creative abilities.

As you work with the non-physical realm, your safety shifts from your physical survival needs, into a balance with the deep understanding of your infinite safety within the flow of Life. This begins a true integration of the duality of Life on Earth—which can not help but reflect your internal information to you.

This balance of physical and non-physical can be taught informationally, supported with healing, but it can not be given to you from an outside source. The Law of Resonance ensures that you either become that which you desire, or you only have effect in the physical world. In essence, you must change your internal world, your mental and emotional, your non-physical subtle self. This is “being the change you want to see in the world.”

This brings us to Knowing When. To learn the rules of creation requires internal observation. You learn the principles of shaping your thoughts and emotions, but understand that it goes beyond controlling them. In essence, you are learning to control your inner world better. But rather than control that just restricts, it is a control that understands, focuses, and transforms. You must transform your inner world for effective participation with the non-physical realms of creation.

Transform your inner world to connect better with the subtle realms by Jamye Price

When your inner world becomes naturally connective, courageous in the face of humanity’s worst; that is when you are resonant with the Love that transforms. That is different than a love that enables, avoids, or disregards the value of lesson learned for the future.

Knowing When to take action is one of the biggest challenges as you shift from physical focus into the true integration of the power of creating through (non-physical) Love. Action is how you ensure your physical survival in the physical realm. If you do not take it, you do not survive. The action of taking a step creates your path. 

As you begin to implement using the power of Love to create, you are still in the physical realm that requires action. Yet creating from Love requires an internal action of observing beyond the obvious, trusting yourself, and trusting the flow of Life.

To be this, you must remain loving and open to Life, and patient with the flow of Time. This is “the peace that passes all understanding.” Rather than reacting out of survival fears, you transform the moment with a deep knowing beyond form.

How do you Know When to take action? Trust yourself more, for your biomechanism is perfect for this environment, both physical and non-physical. Learn to listen to the heart more, for it is your instrument of courageous, Loving connection. Calm the mind fears more, soothe them. Do not shove them aside, they speak to you of your survival fears that you must resolve in order to resonate at a different vibration. Trust Life more. It wants your thriving.

As you implement these internal changes, you will notice less fear and more trust. You will notice less need to control and more knowing all is well and improving. You will notice less confusion and more patience, even with the unknown future.

You will notice the clues of Life speaking to you of When by doors opening from your action and participation with Life.

You will appreciate doors closing, knowing your action and participation with Life has been valuable. You will worry less about the past and the future, and focus more into the now, where your creative power forms the future potentials.

As we sit to Blast Knowing When, we are observing our inner world and allowing fear and insecurity to be loved into wholeness by honoring the unknown. We are observing our personal experiences as the information of Life calling us to choose to Love the self into a new empowerment, affecting All Life. We are noticing the subtle changes in our feelings of peace in the face of adversity, as we recognize that fear is louder than Love because it knows it is not as strong. We are taking action first in the internal world, because we know it changes the reflection from the external world. We recognize the time to live Love is now. Blast on!

Forming Time

Forming Time Weekly LightBlast Jamye Price

Blessed Being, your biomechanism is completely interactive with the physical and non-physical structure around you. Your evolution, your Ascension, is at a point of interaction with the subtle realms that is opening you to more creative empowerment within your self first, then your life, then your connected collective of humanity and Life on Earth. It is a natural process.

Your inner world; your thoughts, feelings, perspectives, beliefs, desires, and choices—are the first and broadest interaction with life. This interaction is invisible. It is often unknown or unclear because it is shrouded in disbelief, focusing on lack, or devaluing its power to create.

Your inner world is the passive force in action. It Compels Form into creation through your physical experience. It offers resonance into the electromagnetic information saturating Life, and Life responds. As you strengthen the clarity of your inner world, you are clarifying and amplifying the vibrational information you emanate into Life.

Amplify and Clarify your Vibration Weekly LightBlast by Jamye Price

Time is one such invisible aspect of Life that responds to your inner world. As you stagnate, Time reflects stagnation. As you enjoy, Time reflects the excitation of Love. When you manipulate with fear or aggression, you are using the active force. Time responds with resonant active force, the visible flow of time being your only access.

There is no judgment in this—good is not rewarded while bad is punished, it is mere resonance. As you learn to create with the open inner flow of your Compelling (passive) Force of Love, you learn to build new form through time.

Time Forms in direct response to your passive force of Love, the invisible resonance with which you create.

Invisible speaks to invisible. You create from vast invisible information, not just words. You create from a totality of electromagnetic vibration that speaks to the invisible aspects of Life. Time responds to your invisible intent.

Time Forms a flow of speed based on your invisible intent.

As you attempt to control it, you are met with the active force of Time flowing around you. As you open to working with it, you see the reflection of your peace, your Love of Life. Your presence in a moment is a gift to Time. Time responds according to your resonance.

As we sit to Blast Forming Time, we are opening to the beauty of Life, finding Love and potential in every experience. We are peaceful within, knowing all is well, even when circumstances are not ideal. We are holding a powerful resonance of Love for change to form, remaining balanced for humanity to learn a new way of being. We are strong enough to illuminate Love in a storm, lighting safe shores for those still learning the power of their Light. We are Love in action, creating a new resonance on Earth, fearlessly Loving Life to new heights. Blast on!

Compelling Force

Compelling Force Weekly LightBlast by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, you are well equipped for creative expression on Earth. Your physical nature—and your subtle, non-physical mental and emotional nature—are perfect for your expression in this realm. The structure of Earth, both visible and invisible, are responsive to your physicality and your non-physical interactions. Even the construct of Time is available to your non-physical interaction, for it responds to the totality of the electromagnetic signal that you emit.

You are at an exciting time in your human evolution. This time is a point of change, a transformation point, a choice point. You are learning that as you surrender to the invisible power of your Loving heart, you open to more understanding and connection with the visible power of your brilliant mind.

Love is the Compelling Force of expansion and evolution—Life.

Your ability to Love is boundless, yet your physical experience has bounds. Where these two meet—your conditional physical expression and your unconditional expression of Love, you meet infinity.

We have spoken before of the passive and active forces. These two opposites show you the inner and the outer, the non-physical and the physical, the infinite and the finite. This gives you a fuller picture of the expression of Life on Earth. It opens you to the perfection of the duality that you experience, for duality is your vehicle of evolution that must be fully integrated to be moved beyond.

That which is invisible—Love—is a passive force.

It compels, it offers choice. Surrender is the sweetest experience of give and receive. The passive force receives the beauty of Life so willing to be consumed. The passive force is passion desiring excitement, pleasure, creativity. What a beautiful sustainer of Life.

That which is visible and physical is an active force.

It dominates, choosing first and offering to Life an understanding of give and receive. All that you see around you is a result of the active force. The trees grow by action, the birds sing with the active force. Passion is fulfilled through the active force. Each step you take, each breath of any human or animal is the active force. What a beautiful sustainer of Life.

There is a point where these two opposites meet that each surrenders to the perfection of the other. The fulfillment, form, change—these are all only possible with both forces. Give and receive. It is a master of disguise, hidden within every experience, every invisible thought, every unknown intention.

The Love of Life is the Compelling Force of Life by Jamye Price

The Love of Life is the Compelling Force of Life. The active and passive forces, give and receive, are how it transpires. What is visible in one moment also has an invisible component. Can you see it?

As you open your awareness to your own give and receive, your intentions; you interact more fully with the creative Compelling Force of Life—choice.

That which offers choice (passive) and that which makes choice (active) are one and the same, two in one, duality in one form—All in separation.

Allow desire (the passive force) to flow within, observe the invisible and visible motivations and you will distill your own beingness into a clarity that shines brightly and strongly.

Your strength to create (the active force) will be a blending of Love creating that is the transformer of humanity. The transformation begins within you as you distill fear into a compeller of expansion and choice, which strengthens the individual into uniqueness. That uniqueness is then offered to the unity of the collective. It is a bold action to Love so strongly.

As we sit to Blast Compelling Force, we are seeking strength within to understand that which the ego would shroud to maintain the status quo. We are vitalizing the brilliant mind to shine a Light on the heart’s desires and illuminate a path through the unknown of Life. We are finding our unique signature of Love in this world and offering hope to resolution of the pain and fear that separates humanity from itself. We are reaching out to touch that point of creation, spiraling in and out to touch so deeply and broadly, the beauty of Life. Blast on!

Freeing the Mind

Freeing Your Mind LightBlast by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, your mind is a powerful tool of creation. It categorizes, analyzes, defines, and refines based on information that is known. The mind itself does not access new information; that is the realm of passion, love, the heart, the vastness, the unknown. It is the heart that will reach out to potential.

It is the mind that compares what the heart dares to create.

Do not fault the mind for its perceived limitation, for it serves great function. Instead of perceiving a limitation, look to the mind’s connection with the whole. As you perceive the beauty in the functionality of the mind, you free it from its limitations and open it to enhanced capability. 

The mind offers a path to the heart to create its desire on Earth.

If you were to walk in a circle repeatedly, you would eventually wear a well-defined path into the ground. You would observe the seasons changing, the plants growing—life occurring around you. If you walked long enough, the path would be so deep that it would be hard to get off of the path, for its depth would present a difficult climb. It is the same with your mind. As you think similar thoughts, perceive the past as one way, define another being, define Time, compare based on known information—you are only allowing the mind to walk on the same path. The heart’s creation is then limited.

An open mind creates a path for the Heart by Jamye Price

As you Free the Mind to open to new possibility, you expand its potential to traverse a new path. To do this, begin simply, for your biomechanism is in-built with vast capability. Your thoughts and your feelings are your subtle nature. They inevitably intermingle, yet in general you have developed a propensity based on your environment.

Were you supported in your formative years to express your thoughts and feelings in healthy ways? If not, support yourself now. Do you know how to honor your anger and allow it to serve the expansion of life? Do you resist feeling badly, or do you know that any experience can be transformed into a benefit for life? This is how you become an empowered Loving individual. Avoidance creates an illusion that breaks easily. That is walking the same path until you are so deep that you no longer see the seasons.

To Free the Mind, open it the heart’s desires. Open it to the joy that you want to create. Open your imagination into the realm of what has yet to be created in your experience and touch it with your heart (feel it), touch it with your mind (imagine it). Feel it. Imagine it. Feel it.

What often closes the mind to new information is “how.” Beautiful mind, that is its function. But when the “how” is unknown, and the being is not heart-strong, the unknown is painful—the mind knows only lack. The shut down begins. Why want only to be disappointed? Why imagine only to come back to a reality of lack?

Dear One, that path can be so well-worn and deep that even the seasons no longer touch your reality. There is no colorful spring or fall. There is no growth or rest. Only walls of dirt, ever deeper, ever more real, becoming the only known reality. Who could convince that being there is more?

Avoidance Creates an Illusion that Breaks Easily by Jamye Price

Time’s gift is that it offers you potential in every moment.

Take the rope of hope that the heart offers, climb it, don’t let it go. That rope of desire is Time’s gift, Life’s gift. It never goes away, for Life itself is bound by Love—never afraid to keep offering potential to you.

The heart wants. Let your mind touch those emotions of joy, desire, fulfillment, sharing, connection, and new potential. As you Free the Mind from the fear of “how,” you open your path to a new direction. As your thoughts and feelings intertwine, you entangle your self with new potential. You become whole in your subtle form.

To open the mind, begin with “I don’t know – yet.”

This simple statement opens you to the journey of life. Discovery. Experience. You are discovering the greater Truth of you, the broader Truth of Life. The unknown is becoming known within you. Only to give way to another unknown. The journey continues.

As we sit to Blast Freeing the Mind, we are crossing bridges into new possibilities that have always been in Time’s potential. We are recognizing our infinite ability to Love Life as its creation becomes known to our open hearts and minds. We are no longer afraid to feel, for any positives or negatives transform into new form within our subatomic nature informing Life. We are powerful, and we are coming online. For stepping onto a new path of Love begins with the choice within. That line has just been crossed. Blast on!

Allowing the Moment

Allowing the Moment Weekly LightBlast Areon Channeling

Blessed Being, you are being in Time. Time is an aspect of your earthly construct. In this time of moving past the obvious of the physical into the broader truth of the non-physical, your definitions of Time expand.

The physical truth of Time is that it moves from past to present to future. It is fixed, it is linear, it is predictable and follows unwavering laws of physicality. It is measurable and repeatable. It fits well with your accepted scientific method. As your instruments become more refined, you enhance your ability to go deeper into the linearity of Time. Yet there is more to it.

Beyond the physical rules of Time are the non-physical interactions of Time. Rather than following specific rules—for the specific is the domain of the physical—Time follows broader, less definable, more interactive rules. Therefore, as you interact with Time more, you shape Time more.

Non Physical Interactions of Time by Jamye Price

Your subtle nature is your thoughts and feelings. As you connect your thoughts and feelings with the unknown, the undefined, the non-physical; you connect with the subtle realms. To do this, you open your thoughts and feelings to new possibilities, new perspectives, unknown potentials, unknown cause and effect.

As you open to Allowing the Moment, you open to the potentials of Time that are beyond the known of the past, the form of the present, and the destiny of the future. You bend Time to your will as you surrender to the unknown. You open to new form yet unformed, an informing that is forming in you.

Disconnect your thoughts from a known of the past, from the destination of the future—and you open to greater potentials than you imagined.

When you feel and think based on the past, you have formed your trajectory of the future, it is defined. When you release the binds of the past from your heart and mind (the power of letting go, forgiving), you open to potentials yet undefined and open to the expansive potentials of Love.

As you Allow the Moment, you inform the future of your vastness, your infinite capability, your Knowing beyond what has been into new potentials. This is how Time moves faster. You shift your pace of Living by opening to new potentials, by holding your power, your peace.

As we sit to Blast Allowing the Moment, we are opening our brilliance into the Light of the future forming, illuminating Love’s potential, giving others a glimmer of hope. We are releasing pain and expectation, transforming it into new strength to open to our expanded selves. We are proclaiming our power of Love to be a vital force in this world; shifting the trajectory of humanity into choice rather than domination. We are the true power, electrifying the past pain into a shocking resolution of Love’s grace magnetized on Earth. Blast on!

Preparing for Change

Preparing for Change Weekly LightBlast by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, change is a constant in Life. Change is what Time illuminates, Lighting your path to the future. The Earth experience is one of duality expanding into connection. How are you connecting to your future? Through fear, concession, or domination? Through excitement, progress, or sharing? It is a choice, an internal choice—one that you make so often that at times its simplicity and functionality is elusive.

Beyond duality is connection. Two opposites are joined. These opposites joining are your clue to moving beyond the confines of duality and into the expansion of duality. Note that duality is still present. It is part of your earthly construct at this time. Embrace it, work with it and it becomes a foundation of expansion.

As you resist it, you resist moving beyond the effort of the active force, you resist change that is supported by the quantum building of form. To Prepare for Change, the unification of the dual nature of life is your strongest asset.

Embrace your internal Oneness and you will find the natural systems of life supporting you more.

What does that mean to embrace the dual nature of life? It means to accept what is, even as you desire something different. It means to forgive, even as you say no to another. It means to love the unknown, even as you seek definition of your path. It means to appreciate the past and the future, even as they both seem challenging. It means to open your energy field, the subtle aspect of you, to All is Well. As you relax in a moment, you flow easily. Can you relax and move? Can you relax and wait? How peaceful are you with the moment?

Power of the present moment

The power of creation is in your present moment. The past has offered you the strength of the moment. The future offers you the potential of the moment. Your choice is how you will unite the two. Do you connect or resist? Do you direct with your strength and allow new potential? How strong are you to allow? It requires a strength of knowing the capability of the Self and the unconditional Love of Life supporting you .

To Prepare for Change, open to Life. See the support that calls you Lovingly to your empowerment. You are a blessing to Life. Your ability to change toward Love is Known by Life. Embrace your moment, open to Life, direct your choice for improvement and allow Life to form.

As we sit to Blast Preparing for Change, we are peaceful in the moment because change is inevitable and Life has a wisdom of creation that supports our progress. We are perceiving positive potentials in any experience and holding our power of Love within. We are creating change that is based in Love, even as the old paradigms fall. We are merging the past and the future into the present that is the platform of the new Earth creating through us. Blast on!

Being Oneness

Being Oneness LightBlast by Jamye Price

Following your heart is a big step for many people, because the information is unknown. The heart deals in potentials, possibilities, connection with others and Life. This is an uncomfortable experience for many that don’t have an inner strength, or that are dependent upon an outside circumstance for feeling good.

It is an earthly duality paradox—that you are wired to seek connection with Life, but that you must not need that connection to truly obtain a profound, deep, and meaningful connection. In essence, that connection must come from your internal strength rather than weakness or lack. Do not confuse weakness with a wrong state of being. Your vulnerabilities are your doorways to new strength.

The realm of the heart—the expansion of connection—is what your current time is facilitating.

As you open your heart, it can be overwhelming as you feel the pain of others. As your inner strength grows, you recognize this pain as others’ opportunities to find their own internal fortitude, sometimes with help from another, sometimes without.

Your connection is part of your beingness, it is just not the whole story.

In this earthly experience, your connection elevates your separation into a mutually beneficial evolution of greater connection. It is a process of becoming. It is an evolution of understanding, applying it into your life and being.

Connection and Oneness does not mean sameness. It does not merely mean compliance or sacrifice of the self for the whole. While those may be unique experiences within connection, they do not define the totality of your experience here on Earth.

As you observe your physical body, you see uniqueness among your organs and a vital separation. The separate organs create one whole being. You could structure the organs into a hierarchy of importance based on many different factors. What is more important, the heart that pumps, the lungs that feed, or the veins that merely transport? It does not seem that just being a vein is as important as a heart or a lung, but without veins, how important is a heart or a lung?

Of the many arguments that separate and dominate, look to the connection of all. Honor the uniqueness and appreciate the connection—the wholeness. There is a necessary connection of all organs working in concert while honoring their unique functionality that supports the whole. As you fully embrace your own uniqueness, your beauty, your perfection of beingness, you are connecting with the whole of Life more. You are more open. In this state you receive more, and you give more. Life thrives.

Observe the beauty of separation and connection in life

Observe through the beauty of separation and connection—the dual aspects of Life creating a larger whole. That duality is within you. You are connected and separate. This is the Earth experience. You, as you are, are a vital part of Life. As you embrace your connection and your separation, your Self, you are uniting two opposites into Oneness within your own being. This unification creates a wholeness that is open and strong, supporting others to thrive in their own way.

This is the changing of these times, that domination to create oneness cedes to honoring uniqueness to create oneness.

Honor your Self fully, blessed being, for you bring great sustenance to Life. Life experiencing through your eyes is a blessing. Life speaking through your mouth is a sacred song. Life touched by you has had the embrace of an Angel on Earth. Give that to your Self fully and truly, and the paradox is that you receive it in such invisible magnitude that your heart expands into more strength, more Love, and more connection with All of Life. Life thrives through you.

As we sit to Blast Being Oneness, we are honoring our uniqueness as we gift Earthly life with the song of our souls creating a symphony of Life is Beautiful. We are enhancing our strength to experience the challenges of Life as appropriate and transform them into opportunity of creative connection. We are the powerful Light in the storm, that knows the peace of safe shores has always been, but the adventure of Life called one to (k)new strength. We are perceiving Life through a connection with its greatest potential, the potential that lies dormant until a new Truth sets it free. We are the paradox resolved into the peace that encompasses a new understanding. Blast on!

Folding Time

Blessed Being, Time is a construct of your physical reality. It responds to the resonance of the collective of Earth, and it responds to each individual. Just as all of your experiences on the earth plane do, Time responds to the duality experience—visibly unique/separate from you as it flows from day to night; and it is invisibly connected to you as it responds to your resonance. You are moving beyond the limits of duality as you observe and interact with the invisible, subtle nature of Life. This is your Ascension process.

Time has a certain consistent flow based on its own existence, for it is not merely a thing, but more an effect. Much like light, it responds to electromagnetic radiation. Light illuminates, while time marks movement. You, as a being of density, have an effect on time just as you do light. In essence, it bends to your density, it bends to your resonance, it shapes with your electromagnetic radiance.

This time of rapid evolution in which you reside brings new understanding to solid concepts.


From your perspective, time flows. It is a result of light flowing as you mark day and night, seasons and cycles. This is true. It is a construct of your reality. Yet just as your physical separation is not the whole truth (merely the obvious truth), there is a greater aspect of time that is not visibly obvious.

Your electromagnetic radiance shapes time. Time seems to slow as you are bored because your density and stagnation stagnates its effect. Time seems to speed as you are having fun because your increased vibration speeds its effect. In essence, in a state of joy, you experience a timeless state. You are touching your infinite, subtle nature—your formless that forms your world.

There is a Law of Resonance that guides the rules of form and formless.


You live in a conditional reality because form has conditions. Time is one such condition you observe as you perceive an aging process, a rusting process—this is visible, obvious and a real part of your conditional reality. As you honor those rules and work within your internal, invisible, unconditional nature; you gradually exceed certain rules as your resonance guides. Therefore, it is helpful that you understand the full scope of your resonance.

Are you stagnating your vibrational flow with resistance? Are you depleting your vibrational flow with constant running from life? This is the polarity of resistance, one looks slow, one looks fast, both are polarized rather than your neutral state that facilitates your loving flow creating new form.

Your Intent Shapes Time by Jamye Price

Because time bends to your electromagnetic radiance, you have the capability to speed and slow its flow with your intent. This Folding of Time is invisible. You cannot shape its flow with conditions, only complete unconditionality. Hence the role of peace, patience, allowance, knowing all is well—Love in its unconditional form. These powerful and open electromagnetic flows shape time more readily. There is no need to overcome conditions with the active force, the invisible passive force begins shaping form from its core. Your peace, your patience become the still point where the passive and active forces meet. Time folds into new form.

As we sit to Blast Folding Time, we are opening our hearts to Loving Life, for this allows the future to form with a strong foundation of Love. We are observing fear compassionately, as we understand what has built form, and choose the path of least resistance to creating the new. We are allowing past, present, and future to meet in our perception of all is well and change is good. We are timeless in our patience, and timely in our choices; for choosing Love isn’t always the easy way, but it’s always worthwhile. It is the path of Loving Life into the new. Blast on!

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Fast and Slow

Compelling Life to Form

Compelling Life to Form by Jamye Price


Powerful Being, you are at a time in your vibrational evolution where you are accessing more of your ability to interact with the creative systems of Life. It has always been available to you, and you have been utilizing it in many different ways; yet now, you are beginning to hold more conscious magnetic mastery.

A magnet has a pull to it that attracts only that which is resonant. Plastic is not compelled by a magnet, just as something that is stronger or larger than the pull of the magnet is not drawn. Only that which is resonant. The magnet does not direct its force, it is merely its flow to attract that which is available to it.

This magnetic force is ultimately a passive force. The passive force has its power in the invisible, unseen force of attraction. It compels to it, that which is available to its force. It consumes that which surrenders to its flow of energy.

Love Transforms the World by Jamye Price

The active force has its power in the visible, physical realm. It directs its path and consumes by choice. You have both passive and active potential. Your electromagnetic nature facilitates choosing and attracting. Therefore, your life is balancing these two seemingly opposite forces. When do you allow, when do you direct? When do you Let the World around you Preside, when you direct your force of flow?

Your first step in creation is directing your choice. This is an internal process. Use your electromagnetic beingness to direct your choice into the field of Life. The biosphere of Earth and the connected nature of the cosmos receives your impulses and responds.


That which is resonant to you, is compelled.


Your second step of creation is allowing. Allow the response that is external and internal to inform you of what you have vibrated into the field of Life. Allow your feelings to show you where you are not Holding Your Power of neutrality, which sustains new form growing.

As you choose and observe, then choose and observe again, you are Compelling Life to Form. It is a great power. Are you choosing to Love yourself? To Love life on Earth? To Love the potentials that are within each human, whether active or not? To Love the challenges for the exercise they bring? To Love the triumphs for the focus they bring? Blessed Being, what you are Loving, you are compelling into a new shape. You are shaping your world into a resonance with more Love.

Your choice is a powerful engine of creation.


As we sit to Blast Compelling Life to Form, we are understanding that this world has compelled us to our individual forms so that we may each create a unique shape of Love in form. We are interacting with positive and negative experiences, as they both just create new choice and new form. We are remembering that the choice to Love begins within, and the new form it creates begins invisibly. We are patient and we are persistent, for the individual experience on Earth calls us to hold our own power, and compel connection through igniting the invisible Love within All Life. Blast on!

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Letting the World Preside

Letting the World Preside by Jamye Price

Preside – verb: to exercise management or control 

Note from Jamye: Areon’s channelings are about helping us to shift our mental and emotional experiences so that we are participating more with Ascension. One way they do this is to help soften resistance to words, concepts, and experiences. This is one such LightBlast, where the point is to soften to the authoritative systems on Earth and begin to shift your vibration that is interacting consciously and unconsciously with these systems. Inspired action that is appropriate to your path comes from your healthier vibration – boundaries that serve your empowerment and sharing. Also in this LightBlast, which is only available in the written form, they are emphasizing the interactive nature of our lives as they point out the word “eat” within “create.” This is to say feast on life and fertilize new growth! That’s how Love prevails!

Blessed Being, you are a powerful creator. You are endowed with the full capacity of Love. It is available to your choice as to what you will create. Love is a passive force. It is invisible, and residing where form is at its most malleable state. Love compels. That which is available for consumption, it consumes. With that joining comes new form. What are you creating?

Letting the World Preside has been the status quo for humanity for quite awhile. Children are taught that the world outside of them has authority—not wisdom to be heard and decided upon as appropriate—but authority. This in and of itself is not a bad thing, for it strengthens a species from within through the course of evolution. The natural urging of Feeling Free compels new form on Earth.

Letting the World Preside is a balance point of creation. As we define this, To Let the World Preside means to find that perfect balance, which is individual to you in a moment, of observing the authority outside of yourself and proclaiming and nurturing the authority within yourself. It is not to merely allow that outside authority, nor is it to merely abhor that authority. Utilize it as a reference point for your own internal authority.

As an example, when you observe the authority of your taxing systems, what is the degree to which it is beneficial to allow and resist? How do you create change and make choices that are appropriate for your life path? First, you observe your authentic reactions—this is merely valuable data of the unconscious (and conscious) information that you are holding and emanating.

When you are Holding Your Power, you can observe a system, even disagree with it, and still Feel Free to excel and create within it.


In this sense, it may seem as if you are just allowing (Letting) the World Preside over you. Yet the invisible Truth beneath that is you are compelling that system to adjust to your vibration as you maintain and create a Loving, expanding Life within it. You are interacting with the world, it is not just going on around you—you are taking it in unconsciously. Become more conscious with this process.

To become a conscious creator, you must embrace the form of the present (allow with neutrality—which may require some healing effort). Consume it boldly with Love and know (direct your focus, even without details) that you are powerful enough to create something new from it. Mostly, you will not be deciding what the world creates, you will be creating a vibrational foundation of you that begins to inform the future.

Food for thought and fuel for Love by Jamye Price

What of taxes? Be honest with yourself about your feelings toward the system. Heal those perspectives until you feel neutral enough to access new information with a vibration of True Love. Then create. Fuel the future system you would like to interact with that is simple and mutually beneficial. No need to define it. Just create it within your internal world. Hold your Power of your internal world and let the external world give you food for thought and fuel for Love.

As we sit to Blast Letting the World Preside, we are observing the world around us with the understanding of its perfection and the point of creation we are within. We are holding our power of Love when Love is not the obvious choice. We are seeing benefit in every experience and potential in every challenge. We are remembering the connection of Life, even as we see it display separation in physical form. We are the silent legions of Light, come forth to Love more boldly in the face of fear. We are reflecting a memory that lies within each human, until the truth of the infinite Love that they are becomes Known. Blast on!

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