Blessed Being, you are a powerful, infinite being in human form. You are at an exciting time in your evolution as you are remembering more of your beingness. Your DNA is shifting as your interdimensional aspects activate a broad (not specific) remembering or a knowingness that opens you to more discovery.

As you begin to change how you perceive your self and life around you, you modify many natural processes of your physical, mental, and emotional interactions. Because of this you adjust your hormonal flow and your neural patterns. Your sleeping, eating, exercise, and relationship patterns change, to name a few.

At times, the changes seem unconnected, unexplained, and perhaps even unbeneficial. To perceive an experience as disadvantageous is natural when you are accustomed to focusing in the physical realm—all experience is physical; all resolution is physical and action-oriented. Because physical focus deals with survival, there is good or bad, life or death. That is true in many ways, beneficial to note, and applies to the physical realm.

As you evolve into more focus in the subtle realm, you learn to look beyond the physical, beyond the obvious, into the invisible and the unknown.

You learn that good or bad, life or death, is not the complete story. You learn that the focus of your thoughts and emotions is important, and this is correct. Your thoughts and emotions are your subtle nature that speaks directly to the subtle realms of creation.

At first, as you encounter the invisible and unknown, you assume that there is always an answer, it is just not known yet. This is physical application into the non-physical—right or wrong. You may then assume that there are right or wrong thoughts. You may assume that your action of thinking will create the physical results that you desire. You are then seeking to control your physical environment with focus into the subtle realms.

Dear Ones, this is partially correct, but what is a bigger part of creating at your stage of evolution is to discover the self and all that you emit, because there is much that you convey to the subtle realms of which you are not aware.

As you clarify your internal information, you “speak” more clearly to the subtle realms that form your physical world. You create more clearly. Thus it is not a matter of the perfect linear thoughts and words that create your perfectly controlled environment, it is a matter of knowing the depths of what you are emitting. It is understanding Cause and Effect on a deeper level.

First, the mind—which is accustomed to the pressure of responsibility for your survival, resists.

Surrendering to the unknown of the subtle realms is a big risk. Your mind is accustomed to a progression of steps to follow to guarantee your successful survival. That is why your first instinct is to attempt to find a formula of positive thinking, an understanding of how to work with the subtle realms, that eases the mind into feeling control.

Ease the Mind into Heart Connection Weekly lightBlast by Jamye Price

Bless the brilliant mind. It is a valuable aspect of your beingness; and yet in the subtle realms, the heart presides.

The heart desires the new. The mind prefers the known.

The heart desires connection. The mind prefers safety.

The heart understands the infinite within a finite experience. The mind resists truth in the hope that controlling circumstances will prevail.

It is the heart that is your seed of courage. The desires of your heart Cause change, the Effect of your mind determines experiences. It is as if the heart pushes forward, and the mind pulls you back, but it need not work only this way.

When you ease the mind into allowing your heart more freedom, you open it to a new safety. When you temper your heart into honoring the reality of the physical experience, you shape it into empowered and effective creatorship. Do you see how these two magnificent opposites support your expansion and wisdom?

It is the totality of your vibration that Causes Effect—what your heart is desiring, and what your mind feels safe creating in accordance with your conscious and subconscious beliefs. It feels like a huge undertaking to uncover all of your unconscious beliefs. But there are simple steps you can take to ease the mind into more openness.

As you remind the mind that you are safe, you ease it into more compatibility with the heart. As you find perspectives of Loving Life on Earth, you align the mind more with the heart.

As you begin this, begin simply, take a step. What you are actually doing is allowing the heart more Loving flow, and teaching the mind to allow your heart to prevail. This is a state of empowerment, of knowing that all is well, of recognizing your infinite nature. It changes your vibrational information from the core of your connection with all of Life—Love.

You begin Causing Love to create Effect in your life, and your world. This is a power that is natural to you, but only opens with a true resonance of Love.

Pity, control, avoidance, separation, and many more ways the mind seeks to dominate your experience with fear—these do not open you to heart connection, it is just the mind continuing the path of creating with a physical focus. Begin simply.

The heart will lead you to more and more empowerment if you ease into its flow with a deep resonance of safety, connection, and honoring your self, which leads to truly honoring All Life.  

As we sit to Blast Causing Effect, we are choosing Love over fear, recognizing that fear is just an unknown that causes the mind to seek to control the effect of life. We are looking deep within the self and Loving aspects that don’t feel safe, for Life is calling us to true empowered Love. We are listening to the heart’s desires more, instead of letting the mind talk us out of change. We are letting Love be the Cause and the Effect, as we open to the grace of Life on Earth. We are infinite beings within finite conditions, causing a powerful flow of Love to effect the future. Blast on!

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