Blessed Being, you are well equipped for creative expression on Earth. Your physical nature—and your subtle, non-physical mental and emotional nature—are perfect for your expression in this realm.

The structure of Earth, both visible and invisible, are responsive to your physicality and your non-physical interactions.

Even the construct of Time is available to your non-physical interaction, for it responds to the totality of the electromagnetic signal that you emit.

You are at an exciting time in your human evolution.

This time is a point of change, a transformation point, a choice point.

You are learning that as you surrender to the invisible power of your Loving heart, you open to more understanding and connection with the visible power of your brilliant mind.

Compelling Love

Love is the Compelling Force of expansion and evolution—Life.

Your ability to Love is boundless, yet your physical experience has bounds.

Where these two meet—your conditional physical expression and your unconditional expression of Love, you meet infinity.

We have spoken before of the passive and active forces.

These two opposites show you the inner and the outer, the non-physical and the physical, the infinite and the finite.

This gives you a fuller picture of the expression of Life on Earth. It opens you to the perfection of the duality that you experience, for duality is your vehicle of evolution that must be fully integrated to be moved beyond.

Receive Love

That which is invisible—Love—is a passive force. It compels, it offers choice.

Surrender is the sweetest experience of give and receive. The passive force receives the beauty of Life so willing to be consumed.

The passive force is passion desiring excitement, pleasure, creativity.

What a beautiful sustainer of Life.

Give Love

That which is visible and physical is an active force. It dominates, choosing first and offering to Life an understanding of give and receive.

All that you see around you is a result of the active force.

The trees grow by action, the birds sing with the active force.

Passion is fulfilled through the active force. Each step you take, each breath of any human or animal is the active force.

What a beautiful sustainer of Life.

There is a point where these two opposites meet that each surrenders to the perfection of the other.

The fulfillment, form, change—these are all only possible with both forces.

Give and receive.

It is a master of disguise, hidden within every experience, every invisible thought, every unknown intention.

The Love of Life is the Compelling Force of Life. The active and passive forces, give and receive, are how it transpires.

What is visible in one moment also has an invisible component. Can you see it?

Compelling Creation

As you open your awareness to your own give and receive, your intentions; you interact more fully with the creative Compelling Force of Life—choice.

That which offers choice (passive) and that which makes choice (active) are one and the same, two in one, duality in one form—All in separation.

Allow desire (the passive force) to flow within. Your invisible sacred container.

Observe the invisible and visible motivations and you will distill your own beingness into a clarity that shines brightly and strongly.

Your strength to create (the active force) will be a blending of Love creating that is the transformer of humanity.

The transformation begins within you as you distill fear into a compeller of expansion and choice.

This strengthens the individual into uniqueness. That uniqueness is then offered to the unity of the collective.

It is a bold action to Love so strongly.

As we sit to Blast Compelling Force, we are seeking strength within to understand that which the ego would shroud to maintain the status quo.

We are vitalizing the brilliant mind to shine a Light on the heart’s desires and illuminate a path through the unknown of Life.

We are finding our unique signature of Love in this world and offering hope to resolution of the pain and fear that separates humanity from itself.

We are reaching out to touch that point of creation, spiraling in and out to touch so deeply and broadly, the beauty of Life.

Blast on!

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