This Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck reading is a wonderful Pleiadian support as the Solstice turns the solar clock to a new cycle.

We are in a gauntlet of change that is calling us to get our loving Light and loving intentions into this world.

We create real change through being, not forcing or controlling.

Actions come from the wisdom of healthy boundaries and the love of serving the evolution of life through thriving.

Pleiadian Love

The Pleiadian suit is all about expansion.

This truly is a time of expanding your lightwork – creating the life you want to live, so more love and support can flow through you into this world.

Life cherishes you, you are a unique facet of Life.

Life supports you, you are a creative vehicle of Life.

Life compels you, you are Life in physical time and space.

Your Uniqueness has value to life that contributes to the whole like our cells and organs do.

Embracing your Uniqueness softens your energy field for change, which is constant in life.

It helps you be a Connected being that isn’t resisting the flow of Love to you and through you.

It amplifies your creative flow as Love nurtures your desires instead of lack depleting their growth.

Future Love

Love is key to your Future Creating.

Life wants YOU to create the future.

There is no rule in Life that says governments or other people are more divinely decreed to create the future.

You were born of Life.

You innately have powerful, Unique potentials to create Life.

Create a Future of more Love because you are Love.

Release the Past

I wanted to share the card that was on the bottom of the deck. I often like to look at that as an adjunct to the card reading.

The Orion suit supports releasing. Release the Scarcity mindset.

It has been taught by well-meaning parents that don’t want you disappointed.

It has been taught by manipulators that want you disempowered.

This is a universe of Life. You are a creator of Life in human form.

You don’t control Life.

You co-create with an infinite universe that has no fear of the Earth experience.

Release the Scarcity mindset that keeps you contracted when it’s time to expand.

Release the Scarcity mindset that keeps you pushing when it’s time to relax.

Release the Scarcity mindset that has confused the real truth of your divinity.

You are Unique in all of time and space.

Create the Future of the Earth experience through the lens of Love.

Love compels, Love allows, Love creates Love.

Love Boldly.

It’s infinite.

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