In this post, Areon speaks of our Wholeness – which are the overall energies of 2024, and the January energies of your State of Being.

Blessed Being, your Wholeness is part of who you are; it is part of Life. It is of the subtle aspect of Life that you are fully connected, you are Oneness.

As you experience separation, you are aware of the physical rules of time and space.

As you experience your Wholeness, you become more aware of the non-physical rules of time and space.

Holy Separation

Your Wholeness never changes.

It merely becomes more understood and applicable in your life.

Your Wholeness is subject to the rules of physicality. You are experiencing Wholeness from both separation and Connection.

To experience Wholeness within separation is the sacred gift of your uniqueness.

It is a gift you give to Life and that Life gives to you.

Your Wholeness in separation is honoring and loving the self so that your vehicle of creation is flowing with Life.

You are the beautiful lens of Life creating the new.

Wholly Connected

Wholeness is in-built to who you are because you are Life. Your subtle bodies move through gradations of more connection and less separation.

Through your Ascension journey, you are merely becoming more aware of the Connection. Even as the separation experience presides.

You, as a Lightworker, are more consciously aware and active with your powerful connected self.

You, as a Lighworker, are nurturing your State of Being so that your coherent flow of Love in all its forms is permeating this realm.

You are Connecting your separate self with the subtle flow of Wholeness.

Whole Brain

You are within a season turning. There are long cycles of this, and also shorter cycles within it.

The shell is softening and though the conditions don’t seem ripe, change is occurring beneath the surface.

You are creating that change with your choice.

Yet, the cycles of Life also create that change with you.

Well over a decade ago your heart chakra flow began changing. This has affected your throat chakra and is now greatly affecting your brain flow.

It is creating more connection between the frontal lobe and subconscious, allowing a blend of your choice to integrate with the realm of Connection.

It is creating more connection with your heart and mind. More coherence within the self.

Being Whole

Your State of Being is a powerful creative flow of Trust, with yourself and Life.

It is an open State of Being the peace that passes all understanding.

It imprints and embraces each moment. It Connects you more entirely with Life.

Your State of Being is a profound courage to Love and live within this realm.

You may see more deeply, and some of you may feel more deeply.

Yet what you are experiencing has greater impact into the field of information because of your Wholeness.

What you are choosing has greater impact, though it does not have control, for that is not the energy of Love.

What you are nurturing with your State of Being is embracing Life more Wholly.

You are a powerful Light.

Love boldly.

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