Blessed Being, you are being in Time. Time is an aspect of your earthly construct. In this time of moving past the obvious of the physical into the broader truth of the non-physical, your definitions of Time expand.

The physical truth of Time is that it moves from past to present to future. It is fixed, it is linear, it is predictable and follows unwavering laws of physicality. It is measurable and repeatable. It fits well with your accepted scientific method. As your instruments become more refined, you enhance your ability to go deeper into the linearity of Time. Yet there is more to it.

Beyond the physical rules of Time are the non-physical interactions of Time. Rather than following specific rules—for the specific is the domain of the physical—Time follows broader, less definable, more interactive rules. Therefore, as you interact with Time more, you shape Time more.

Non Physical Interactions of Time by Jamye Price

Your subtle nature is your thoughts and feelings. As you connect your thoughts and feelings with the unknown, the undefined, the non-physical; you connect with the subtle realms. To do this, you open your thoughts and feelings to new possibilities, new perspectives, unknown potentials, unknown cause and effect.

As you open to Allowing the Moment, you open to the potentials of Time that are beyond the known of the past, the form of the present, and the destiny of the future. You bend Time to your will as you surrender to the unknown. You open to new form yet unformed, an informing that is forming in you.

Disconnect your thoughts from a known of the past, from the destination of the future—and you open to greater potentials than you imagined.

When you feel and think based on the past, you have formed your trajectory of the future, it is defined. When you release the binds of the past from your heart and mind (the power of letting go, forgiving), you open to potentials yet undefined and open to the expansive potentials of Love.

As you Allow the Moment, you inform the future of your vastness, your infinite capability, your Knowing beyond what has been into new potentials. This is how Time moves faster. You shift your pace of Living by opening to new potentials, by holding your power, your peace.

As we sit to Blast Allowing the Moment, we are opening our brilliance into the Light of the future forming, illuminating Love’s potential, giving others a glimmer of hope. We are releasing pain and expectation, transforming it into new strength to open to our expanded selves. We are proclaiming our power of Love to be a vital force in this world; shifting the trajectory of humanity into choice rather than domination. We are the true power, electrifying the past pain into a shocking resolution of Love’s grace magnetized on Earth. Blast on!

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