Blessed Beings, your relationship with Time changes through your relationship with self. To move beyond linear Time, one integrates more awareness of the potentials of Time.

When you are open to the flow of possibility within Time, you are resonant with your higher-frequency self, the Connected Self. This entrains you to the laws of the subtle realm and opens Time’s gifts of flow within you.

Inner Time

The subtle aspect of you is your sovereignty, the aspect of you that can not be controlled, but gives control. First unconsciously, then consciously through choice of focus and action.

As the Connected Self attunes the human experience to the higher-self experience, the blending of Self and Life shifts into a Creative Harmonic relationship that inspires and energizes the moment.

Here, in the moment, you truly reside. 

It is in your present where you hold your full power to create. Indeed you do this unconsciously and consciously continuously.

You are continuous, the continuity of Life blending.

Time is your marker of moments that blend past into future.

You are the conductor that creates harmony or dissonance, yet what you orchestrate from each is the peace of work. Attune the self to the fuller flow of instruments connected.

Voicing Time

Your voice has the power of coherence amplifying the peaks and valleys that echo your call. Your Subtle Bridge speaks not just to the future, but to the subtle past as well.

Life understands your sacred value. Separation is the perfect companion to Connection, for it teaches the invisible power of Love.

Weak bonds of fear break way with loud voice and hollow bones. Strong bonds of Love may tarrow in struggle until the clarity of Time’s power shows the invisible thread of courage plucked in the lyre’s song.

Simple, yet sound. Waves of change abound.

Even through your silent ground.

Shaping Time

The Time has come for hearts to resound their deep desires into mountains and mires. There is not Time yet that hearts have been heard as echoes of freedom break through strongholds absurd.

Protect and fear has been the cause and effect.

But you’ve spun a field of finite to gold. The future is yours to hold.

Dear blessing, fear not, hollow bones don’t sustain to futures strong. Invisible always swallows the known and digests marrow to be fuel for future bones.

Patience, powerful Love, you always preside. Whether through consumption or creation is for the collective to decide.

Don’t give your voice to fear, though it may reside within. Nurture it with Love and let creation begin.

You are the collective, don’t let loud ones din that truth.

Use Time’s gift of power now and let futures reveal proof. You Love when it seems lost, hidden treasures break through.

The invisible echoes, it touches all, yet moves few.

Does it move you?

Life always does. That is Time’s promise true.

Time’s gift is infinite in you.

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