Blessed Beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. For your awareness is the engine of connection that shapes Life.

As you observe, Life responds to create with you, through you, because of you.

You have been granted this power to shape Life because you are Life.

You are born deserving by mere existence. You are shaped by the earth plane, by the Call of Life. And you shape Life because you are connected to Life, you are part of it.

Separation Connects

Though you are separate in form, you are connected in the formless. You are in a time of powerful change as humanity moves into greater consciousness with their connection to Life.

For this connection to build, some previous connection must be broken so that new connections can form.

This is the spring of humanity’s connection.

Just as the seed breaks the shell of connection that kept it safe, so too is humanity moving past a shell of separation that kept it safe in certain ways.

For the seed to grow, it finds a direct connection with the Light of the sun—even as it roots deeper into Earth to reach higher toward the Light.

What you are seeing around you are shells breaking, new life springing forth.

In some ways, it seems very confused. Much of humanity needs support and does not quite understand that what is happening. This is an evolution to conscious connection that cannot be stopped.

It can be resisted, it can be difficult, but it cannot be stopped.

This is a potent time where you will begin to see quite an increasing polarization of people within themselves and with the people around them.

It is always happening because it is how the generations improve, but you are seeing it happening more.

People that were perhaps on the edge or contained, continue becoming uncontained.

Some of what you observe on Earth is painful, as much pain becomes uncontained from many people.

Yet what is also occurring on a larger scale are those finding their desire for connection to occur in ways that are more helpful for humanity—ways that are more supportive of life blooming forth.

Within you is where this begins.

Within you is where these choices are made. As you look around, it can seem futile, as if those internal choices don’t make a big difference, but indeed, they are the only thing that begins real change.

Inner Connection

Your internal choices begin the real change. Your awareness is a catalyst.

As humanity is going through this birthing into more connection—the joys and the pain of the birthing process are becoming known, experienced, and no longer avoidable.

It is important to remember that all that you experience; whether you see it on TV, on paper, or you hear it from another—information is flowing into you.

You are not just seeing something or hearing something, you are receiving something.

You are taking it in, but you need not take it on.

It is coming into your awareness, and your awareness is unique within the universe. Your awareness is the powerful catalyst that begins change.

You are taking life in, but do not take it on.

Let it change within you because your vibration is stronger than the moment.

You are connected within. 

Let it have its moment of compassion. Let it have its moment of possibility that is growing because of the challenges that have occurred.

That is why it’s coming into your awareness—for your awareness to flavor it, for your awareness to weave with it, for your awareness to become part of the catalyst that supports real change.

Even if you have to step back from it, you can find a way to appreciate that a new seed is growing within you.

These are merely growing pains that humanity is going through.

Your awareness is where a new root of possibility begins so that new change can grow into the earth through you.

Do not take it on, allow it through, plant it. [on this planet! :o)]

Emanate new possibility.

You will emanate out a resonance that shifts the physical Earth, the biosphere around it, and the solar system around it. This begins with your awareness, for the catalyst is within you.

Your awareness is the powerful catalyst that begins change
It is that simple and that challenging. In one moment, it may feel like joy. In another moment it may have tears.

In another moment it may feel like neutrality. In another moment it may feel like anger. In another moment it may feel like understanding.

If you look closely, you will begin to see your seedling growing, blossoming.

Life’s Connection

You will get some feedback from this experience that will support you into knowing that your awareness is a valuable part of this collective.

Your uniqueness is cherished by life.

It will not always feel gratifying, you must find that within—because you don’t do it for the outcome. You do it because it’s natural to you. You do it because you know in your core that life is meant to be magnificent.

That is what life is meant to be, and you hold that potential within you. It feels different at times—sometimes good and other times not—as well it should.

Embrace them all, stretch yourself a little, exercise your empathy, exercise your thoughts of possibility, but do that with a recognition of what is appropriate for you and what is healthy for you.

Life is a continual journey and you will continue to change and grow.

You will find yourself becoming more sensitive and then strong enough to handle it. You will find yourself becoming more neutral, more peaceful, when the circumstance would not necessarily lend to that.

In those moments, you are holding that open resonance of potential.

In the moments when you feel pushed or pulled off balance by a circumstance, you are experiencing a potential of change.

Embrace that potential.

What seems good or bad, strong or weak, right or wrong, is just an experience that offers a potential of change, a potential of new growth.

You water that seed, it’s within you.

These are powerful times in which you are discovering what you are capable of. Do not judge challenges as something you have done wrong or something you have not yet overcome.

Experience them, allow your emotional reaction, and continue moving through them.

You are fully equipped. All that you need is within you, and you will also draw support from outside of you as well, because you are connected to all.

You will continue for a time to see humanity experience the struggle of the polarization that is going on within them.

As you observe that, observe yourself and find that neutrality within you because that is what helps two opposites bond into new matter—new potential.

Your neutrality, your empowered compassion has a powerful, though often invisible, effect.

This process that you are going through now is the catalyst that shifts the overall vibration higher. That is the potential of negativity, it creates desire.

Desire is a catalyst of connection, creation and change.

Neutral Connection

Even as you are more in tune with the subtle realm, as you are more connected consciously, you may perceive others as polarizing farther into their negativity.

This will continue for awhile. Do not fear it, maintain your neutrality.

It is a natural reaction for many that they must change through necessity rather than choice. It is a natural reaction for many to resist change because fear has a stronger role in their life than courage with the unknown.

You are a powerful being, unique in all of the universe, and you are maintaining an important possibility on Earth. To find some ease with challenge, utilize your natural support systems like nature, it will naturally support your balance.

Laugh more, that is a fire energy that transforms. Dance more. Find ways to connect more.

This will begin amplifying your natural support. It will begin amplifying your neutrality into a more connected state.

These are profound times; you’re at an exciting point that will show you the positive potentials even as it shows you the negative ones.

Do not let the loudest ones control what you are hearing, what you are seeing, and what you are thinking; but allow yourself to engage with the world, even if just a little. Find what feels appropriate for you in a moment.

Let this collective experience be a catalyst for you to find more of the Love that is already within you.

Love’s most potent and beautiful potentials are natural to you. You value connection, equality, and people thriving. You value an interconnection between humanity and nature.

You will find that these values are going to be coming more to the forefront because you are calling it forth.

Your intent, your resonance is calling forth more support with what you are wanting to experience in life. You are supported with this and it will continue to amplify.

But, as with all support, you must receive it.

Become comfortable with receiving life. Become comfortable connecting with Life. Become comfortable, even when someone feels as if they don’t connect with you.

It is not personal—keep connecting. What great exercise.

These are powerful times that you are helping to elevate into a higher state of Love and empowerment. These times are calling forth an information and experience flow that is necessary.

You get to shape your life into what you are wanting to create. That, in turn, shapes the human experience.

The human experience is undergoing a change that is moving from fear shaping life, into Love shaping life.

As you become stronger within, fear no longer has power over you.

This is the core of connection. Love is stronger than fear. Courage is stronger than fear.

The future potentials of Love are stronger than the catalyst that is calling it forth in the present.

As these times have ups and downs, challenges and supports—observe it all.

Let it flow through you, do not take it on. You will be amazed at the support that comes in.

You are well prepared and continuing to strengthen your empowered Love. It is within you.

The possibilities and the potentials that humanity is seeding, grows with the nurturance of your Love.

Love Connection.

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