When you are a Connected Self, the inner and the outer flow are empowered. You reside within a connected collective of Life.

Your Connection is Life’s Connection.

Attuning the self to the subtle flow is an action of Beingness, a deep knowing of your cycles with Life. Your knowing that you are infinite within a finite experience soothes the moments to bridge past and future.

The Strength of Connection

Your strengths become Life’s strengths, just as Life’s strengths become yours.

Your weaknesses become Life’s lessons. Just as Life’s “weaknesses” become your break into a new direction shift.

You begin to foresee through the broader perspective of the benefit of experience, allowing opportunity to knock down barriers to previous limitations.

You release the limitations of the past as the wisdom of lesson learned. You open to the future of possibilities that Life is congealing through Time.

The Time of Connection

You are a mechanism of Life continuing. The Connected Self, you, are its vehicle of conscious creation.

Patience is not a burden, it is a thoroughfare of Life’s unresisted movement.

The path of least resistance is the path of gravitational assistance.

Time flows as your heart does, with an openness to Love’s Connection and desire’s direction. The Connected Self allows Time to heal wounds into a stronger structure, greater understanding and new choice.

The Connected Self allows life to open all possibilities, whether manifest or not, for the experience of the unknown is known within.

The Trust of Connection

The Connected Self allows the trust of Self and Life to compel the butterfly forth when constriction is felt. It’s not a burden, its an opportunity to strengthen and choose.

It is honoring the cocoon phase, honoring the restriction phase and honoring the freedom of flight.

There is Light within all experiences.

The light of the Self inside the cocoon, though it feels so dark as transformation deconstructs. The light of the walls that protect and restrict, the depth of light still moves through. The light of the wings that propagate change on a scale so minute and vast that all of Life celebrates.

It is the Connected Self that knows the deconstruction is a phase of rebuilding and new connection for greater heights. This is the natural flow of Life.

You, the Connected Self, are its greatest evolution.

Simple, singular, vast,

And connected.

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