Gratitude Isn’t Just a Platitude

Gratitude is not just a Platitude by Jamye Price

I had a funny experience with gratitude. One day I decided that I wanted to flow gratitude to my (non-physical) Guides—just a moment of deep appreciation for them. As I did that, I started feeling so much Love flowing to me that it was beginning to overwhelm me. I actually said to them, “Hey! I’m sending you gratitude!”

I received a loving response, “You cannot send gratitude without receiving it. You are in such a space of Love flow, acknowledging receipt, that you cannot stop that flow of receiving.”

Gratitude is Love Continued

Gratitude is a powerful frequency, it is an aspect of Love. It is important for humanity at this time because we are opening to more of a sacred frequency of Love—a more conscious connection with the power of our Love.

Gratitude activates a sacred flow of Love because it creates a full circuit of connection—give and receive. This full circuit of connection is what helps you transcend duality. As you give and receive with Love, you are connecting directly with your divine nature, creating a conscious trinity. Your merkaba responds.

A current challenge for humanity is getting into a full flow of energy that creates a replenished, empowered sovereign interacting with Life. This exciting point of Ascension is opening us to fuller flow with the subtle realms, in addition to the physical focus that has been so obvious and concrete.

In order to interact effectively with the subtle realms, we must be able to let go of control and domination, and do the inner work to change our personal resonance. Gratitude is a powerful doorway for this.

The Amplitude of Gratitude

When you emit gratitude, you are opening to receiving. You are vibrating, “Thank you, I acknowledge receiving with Love and appreciation,” into the field of Life.

Receiving, like inhaling, is necessary for physical survival. Receiving with Love enhances thriving. When you appreciate with Love, you are flowing healing and empowering energy into this world.

Love is Like Oxygen by Jamye Price

When you receive gratitude, it opens you to honoring and loving yourself more. Self-love is a powerful flow that shifts your inner realm so that you are interacting with the world from Love. Self-love is very different than an imbalanced ego that just seeks domination and external fulfillment.

Self-love creates a wellspring of Love flow within you that filters all that you experience with Love. It changes how you interact, because you are no longer needing fulfillment from the outside, yet you are receiving it fully when it comes. This changes your relationships, your creativity, your obligations—everything flows with more Love.

Gratitude can be Misconstrued

Gratitude isn’t always appropriate. When you need to transform your inner resonance, gratitude can either help you or harm you.

Gratitude may not feel like blissful joy in every moment. Sometimes it feels like disappointment along with understanding, the courage to say no, or appreciating challenges for the growth, even if you’re annoyed in the moment. Sometimes the best gratitude I can access in a moment is, “This, too, shall pass!” “Thank you for making me stronger!” or something similar.

One of the challenges I see for some is trying to get to gratitude before the inner healing has happened.

They intellectualize the gratitude by imposing the attitude of gratitude upon themselves.

They “understand” that a harmful situation was caused by a hurt person and impose the attitude of, “I understand, therefore I already am.”

They create a mental experience without healing, or even honoring, their emotional pain. It is a pattern of avoidance.

The tricky part? When it is truly healed, that is the experience—there is no emotional charge on a situation, the one who was harmed does “understand.” To determine this, a clear connection with your inner authenticity and courage is beneficial. Otherwise you can skip the healing process in the moment and other areas in your life will eventually start to show the effects of repression.

Your Aptitude with Gratitude

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, repeats constantly: observe your initial, authentic reaction to something, because that is generally where you aren’t censoring yourself yet. Then remind yourself—this is just information! It doesn’t define who you are, it defines how you feel about something in a moment. This is how you discover what to shift.

Hating something does not make you a hateful person, it is a moment of clarity that you can use to refine your inner vibrational experience. Loving something doesn’t make you a loving person, it is a reaction to something external that may not be sustainable if your inner integrity is dependent on pleasant circumstances.

Hear your heart clearly with Jamye Price

Being authentic offers opportunities for internal growth that creates a more flexible and strong being. Areon says when you find something you don’t like (such as hating something) celebrate it! You’ve just begun a healing process

The process of healing often comes in steps and layers. Sometimes it reaches plateaus that feel like completion. I have a personal example of this. I bit my fingernails since I had teeth. I tried everything to stop through the years. About a year after I left home, I suddenly stopped. No deep healing focus, no trauma, just stopped.

When I was out of the stressful environment of my family, my body responded differently. Now I had other issues that came up, but the nail biting stopped and I began to grow gorgeous fingernails. Nail polish became my newbestfriend.

23 years later…yes, 23 YEARS LATER—I suddenly started biting them again. Painful, deep, compulsive nail biting. I could not stop. Nothing in my life had changed so drastically or suddenly to warrant the nail biting.

I knew a layer of something was up, but I didn’t know what it was. So I created a Light Language healing audio to stop biting my nails. I sat in the same room with it for over a month, but I couldn’t make myself listen to it. I knew I was in a pattern of avoidance.

Finally, I committed to listening. Within days I stopped biting and could see nail growth. Within a week, my issues started coming up. It wasn’t completely easy, but overall it was incredibly easy. It was way easier than the physical pain of my fingers. I’m still benefiting today from emotional and mental changes; not only in myself, but in how others interact with me.

The Latitude of Gratitude

When you reach a plateau and the issue isn’t there, relax and enjoy the progress. Because you’re aware of the situation, don’t worry. If it comes up, you’ll be able to deal with it and you’ll be supported to deal with it.

I see in sessions (and my own life) that it varies. Sometimes it’s obvious that it’s complete, or it’s obvious that it is not complete. Other times it seems complete because it is complete for now.

Language of the Heart by Jamye Price

How do you really know when it’s complete? Drumroll please…it never comes up again. I know you wanted better news than that! But sometimes Life is growing you into trusting the process and progress of Life.

Perhaps you have found yourself saying, “I already worked on that/healed that.” I’ve seen that shut down someone’s healing many times because they won’t allow the healing to continue. You’ll know it’s done because that issue, area of your life, or what it effects is running smoothly and has no emotional charge on it. In fact, you may even have a modicum of feeling appreciation that it occurred. 

As you relax into the flow of Life you are assisting your healing, you are opening to change, and you are allowing new information to flow to you.

Your Gratitude Altitude

Sit and activate the frequency of gratitude and see how that feels. Send some gratitude to yourself for being the amazing you that you are. Send some gratitude to Gaia for providing such a beautiful Earth. Send some gratitude to animals, friends and family. If you notice any unpleasant emotional/mental or physical reaction, it’s an area to look at healing.

Can you send gratitude to some tougher things? Can you send gratitude to your government for playing its part in this game of life? Can you send gratitude to your own lessons that throw your ego out of balance? Remember, from a space of gratitude you are in that pyramid of Source Love and the government begins to align with Source energy—Love. 

Can you send gratitude to gratitude itself and augment its scope and effect? I’m sending you some gratitude for spending a few moments to make a HUGE difference in this world. Shine your beautiful Divine Light! You are magnificent.

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  • Michelle Smith
    Posted at 20:22h, 23 November

    Dear Jamye!

    As usual, it is best for me to wait and read when I’m ready. This message is astoundingly beautiful and timely.

    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with 4 generations of my family. It was the best we’ve had in years, in spite of the family we lost.

    Thank you dear Jayme! I love reading your messages and over time have learned it is much better to wait until I’m ready FOR the message, then to force myself to read your wisdom and miss the message altogether!

    Take care and have a wonderful holiday season! Many blessings and much Light and Love!


    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 08:45h, 25 November

      Thank you so much, Michelle! I agree with following your guidance on “when.” It is so powerful to tune into yourself and guide your life by your inner promptings. Much Love to you!

  • vicki mogilner
    Posted at 20:16h, 22 November

    You just opened a whole new world for me. Sending gratitude to my guides I can feel the love coming back . Thank you victoria

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 07:27h, 23 November

      Excellent, Vicki! Big hug!

  • Jay Atkinson
    Posted at 19:36h, 22 November

    ps…. Jamye (not Jayme) apologies! XXX

  • Jay Atkinson
    Posted at 19:35h, 22 November

    I absolutely love this article. Resonates very fully within and without… thank you Jayme. I, too, had the nail biting thing going on for many years but as time progressed and I dealt with the inner ‘demons’ I ceased to eat away at myself! So many times I hear people (and me) say, ‘I thought I’d sorted that issue out and now it’s back to bite me on the bum!’… and now I really do see it as another opportunity to heal.

    Opportunity = a Port of Unity or a chance to go back to ‘O’ (zero point) and make it a better experience by coming into healthier alignment with it! A chance to bring the pain of separation into Unity, in other words.

    Love you… Jay (North Wales, UK)

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 07:28h, 23 November

      Beautifully stated, Jay! I love opportunities! ;o) Thank you for sharing that!

  • Suzanna Jamieson
    Posted at 10:41h, 22 November

    I LOVE this article, Jamye, thank you again for that. And I’m so grateful to have you in my life! (…feels more like family than the birth one… ;o) )
    <3 Shanna

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 07:31h, 23 November

      Thank you, Shanna! Big hug to spiritual family! <3

  • Patricia
    Posted at 21:33h, 23 November

    Beautiful article. Thank you for sharing!

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 17:48h, 24 November

      Thank you, Patricia!

  • Suzanna
    Posted at 10:50h, 23 November

    I am so loving this, Jamye, and yes, that is my experience too. And always grateful for an extra reminder in a different wording.
    Thank you SO much for this!

    Sending Love + Gratitude from my heart

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 13:35h, 23 November

      Blessings, Suzanna! Much Love and gratitude to you! <3

  • Joyce
    Posted at 07:52h, 23 November

    Jamye I am so grateful for this article. Having been raised the “good Catholic girl” I have it ingrained in me that I “forgive them for they know not what they do”. I do understand that people truly are doing the best they can. I am quick to forgive and quick to pass over the feelings I have about the encounter, not wanting to wallow.

    I am grateful and thankful for the experiences life gives me, I know they are here to help me in some way whether I can mentally figure that out or not. What you say about listening to my feelings, honoring them no matter what, being aware of them, being authentic , extends love towards me in the process. This flies in the face of some old New Age teachings about not staying with anything negative for fear of catching it!

    We are human – and using this life to experience love live and in person. It is not always pretty – but beautiful if given it’s full dignity – all of it!

    Thank you again for your clarity, Jamye.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 13:41h, 23 November

      Beautiful, Joyce! Yes, the power of honoring the self in the process is a deep Love for the human experience.

  • Susan Seth
    Posted at 06:06h, 23 November

    Wishing you a thanksgiving filled with warm memories & loving family & friends ✨????✨
    So thankful for our friendship and hoping you realize you are an amazing woman with incredible gifts & talents and I’m truly blessed to know you????

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 13:42h, 23 November

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, Susan! Blessings!

  • Joan Vaneyll
    Posted at 20:04h, 22 November

    Thank you for sharing your brilliant light. I appreciate you. I would love to learn more about the light language. Blessings and grace. Joanie

  • Barbara Lockhart
    Posted at 17:54h, 22 November

    Such a lovely message Jamye! Thanks for the reminder! I am using gratitude every single day and I really appreciate your outlook on this from all sides! hugs and Blessings, Barbara xxxx

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 13:46h, 23 November

      Big hug to you, Barbara! Gratitude is a powerful attitude! <3

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