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Areon, the Lyran Council of Time asked Jamye to channel them directly in November of 2012 because humanity had moved into alignment with an Ascension timeline that would be benefited by their teachings. Areon channels the LightBlasts as well as monthly channelings that bring forth new topics for humanity’s assistance and expansion.



The beautiful Love of Shiva’s Heart and Will is the great power that assists release so new form can build. This power is also within you. When you feel Shiva’s Love, your heart opens and so begins the destruction of outdated hurts, fear and pain. As Shiva envelops you in Ancestral Love, you are expanded into your own Love and Empowerment.



As a universal, full-body channel, I bring through many energies. It is actually easier to channel the same energies continuously, as your body gets used to them. When I began channeling it was stilted, the volumes would change, it was slower and it was more physically demanding, though always uplifting. Here are some channelings that I enjoyed over the years and want to share.

Opening to Light Language is an in-depth study of the Language of Light. Learn how Light Language indicates and enhances your multidimensional communication. Discover how science is beginning to confirm the power of your subtle nature, and how you can begin to open your own ability to channel the Language of Light.

Jamye’s connection and courage that grew from Light Language has changed her life in magical ways. Will it change your life, too?

“Finally – a demystification of channeling! Jamye Price has pegged it!” —Lee Carroll Ph.D, original Channel for KRYON

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Jamye Price channeling Light Language

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