Sacred Beingness

Areon starts every channeling by saying Blessed Beings. While it is a term of endearment, it also supports the core of their work.

They help to soothe and support our mental and emotional perceptions of self and life so that we are owning our inherent empowerment.  This greeting reminds us that our consciousness is sacred, we are blessed.

As we become more conscious, we begin (an anagram of being) to perceive the sacredness within everything. Every form of life, every function of life, every experience of Life.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred is within the geometries, the sounds and the movement that forms and reforms Life.

It can be seen, heard and felt by those with clarity to look deeper into Life. That is Beingness.

As the Language of Light teaches us, there is so much more that we are capable of. The prophecy of millennia ago is birthing. Mastery is on the horizon, compelling the event. It is a transformation that is a moment and a millennia. It is messy and magical.

Blessed Being, as you sense more deeply into the eruptions in life, you feel the signs of birth. What happens when a parent has a child? As they settle into their new reality, they must assuage fears, learn new patterns and become someone they have not yet been.

A star is birthing.

They have seen it all around them. Agreed and disagreed with method. Here they must become the most masterful, patient, determined self possible in a moment. The moments won’t all be perfect or easy.

But they will all have sacred value to Life.

Being Sacred

Your Beingness is the deep, sustaining vibration of form. The blur of movement seen in the slowing of a breath.

Your Beingness is the courageous dance of emotion. A partner that supports and spins the experience of your own mastery. Entwined with life. Co-creation moves on.

Your Beingness is your mental dexterity alighting neural sparks of creation. What blessing to life does this moment convey? What mundane miracle are you thinking a-way?

Sweet sacred blessing, Life moves through you to play.

Feel the dance and think the Light as you weave your Love into Life today.

For the Time Being

This moment, it’s gone. And yet always stays. Time’s illusion is deep, the mirror reflects every gaze.

Breathe deep, the sacred oxygen of Life. Hear the layers of songs that celebrate strife.

See the colors that dance triumph’s adoring glance.

Sacred geometry, you bless. You break. You enhance.

Being Life

Being is shapes that know their flow. Crystalline reflections glow through Time.

The none and the all is structure and muss. You feel through fog as the path of light is renewed. For Time crumbles structures and builds Love improved.

Your Beingness is blessed because Love tows lines. It pushes and pulls, redirects and refines. Go deeper, Sweet Love, into the core that you are.

Life and life, the one and all.

Just breathe and relax, then choose and act. Be well, sweet blessing.

You have birthed a star.

Time will tell.

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