As the fulcrum of Time tips, the pyramid shows its power to adjust the direction of life.

You are the geometries of creation. Shape reshaping.

Co-creation is the fine print of creating your reality.

The Limits of Co-creation

Co-creation is Life’s way of reminding you that you can not control everything.

You are part of a connected collective.

Yet you are also sovereign and you have control over certain things.

It is within you that your “control” (focus, choice) resides.

The elements of creation are within you, dragon heart. As you master the self, you master the elements.

You develop your Co-creative skills when your inner realm is nutrient-rich with meaning, love and stability.

The Love of Co-creation

Love is the fresh air that breathes new life into a moment.

Love is how you surrender your finite self to your Infinite Self.

Infinity does not take control, it takes your hand. That is how connection moves.

It creates the closed-circuit of the lemniscate, the spiraling flow.

Do your mind loops touch your heart? Are you loving your thoughts and your thoughts loving you?

It isn’t that every thought must be positive, that is control. It is that every thought must be authentic and embraced.

If you do not want to amplify a thought within, you must connect with it in order to truly transform it. Just as the deep systems of life do with you.

With your willingness to fear aloud in your mind’s moment, you find the questions that concealed answers.

Allow your vulnerability to whisper to the winds of change.

The water dances as blur romances, and the unknown enhances your nervous glands.

As the ripples of change settle to a mirrored pool, the future potentials reveal. Crying and scrying are effects of water’s gift.

As air and water invigorate within, creative tornadoes start to spin. The infinite is pulling you to new creation. The storm of change begins.

The Stability of Co-creation

What alights in gaze is a moment’s maze as the lightening pierces the darkened haze. From storm to steady is Time’s phrase. It speaks to your willingness to honor its flow.

In the rapids of spin, keep your head close to heart. Here the storm takes control of flow. The spiraling mixes elements a new—breaking old, building strong and reshaping you.

The stability is large, though you may feel small. Earth holds you well, even through storms.

Co-creation is constant as life spins in your direction. At the heart of it all is deeper connection.

Connect with your thoughts, your feelings – even your fears. You’ll find over time that steadiness heals.

Connect with the spiraling change and watch the direction it flows.

Life creates life, as your infinite self knows.

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