August Ascension Energies – Infinite Time

July Review

These recent months have been an interesting flow, and the third quarter feels just as energizing. July energies of Infinite Mind seemed to bring a bit of peaceful energy to the detailed discovery of June. Did you notice any new layers of detail in what seemed like an old, old issue? June uncovered some treasure, and July began the process of weaving gold into your field.

In July, I noticed some ungrounded mind attention as the neural changes shifted focus. The eclipses felt like a deep inner connection. If you’re noticing more peace (perhaps that passes all understanding :o), you’re tapping into the deeper flow of Life beneath the obvious surface chaos. Sometimes it’s a roller coaster, all part of the ride.

Tapping into the Infinite Mind is a step in the direction of subtle focus within the physical experience, which is what Ascension is all about. From physical, we integrate a new access of consciousness that has always been there.

August Energies

The energy of August feels like the silent spiraling explosion of connection, the ah-ha moment of duality neutralized, only to begin the spin of life again as new direction takes over the flow. I see fireworks that create a point of focus expanding, dazzling, only to disappear through time, becoming a memory.

I was given the energy of Infinite Time in August as this quarter of the year offers us a “New Identity” of the divinity we’ve always been. Time is a construct of physical density, a very real experience in our linear density.

The mind is the linearizer.

So as you access more of the Infinite Mind, you unify your energetic structure to support the blending (neutralizing the duality) of the heart/mind connection. This amplifies your powerful electromagnetic informational flow to code the information structure that humanity and all Earthly life resides within.

Your Time is Now

This is the meek inheriting the Earth. Not the loud overpowering the Earth, the silent empowering Love connection uniting the Earth. The uniqueness within the unity (456) creates the structure of interaction.

As you begin interacting with Life more and more from your divine power, the blending of duality—opposites connecting—you are flooding the information of interaction with empowering Love. Humanity responds, for the connection is always there—invisibly supporting or distorting the divine Love within.

You’ve got all the Time in the world, for it is your moment.

You’ve been given the keys to the kingdom as a sovereign being. The being becomes Time moving.

Go with the flow and flow boldly. Shape the rock formations of life, soothing the resistance that Time creates. It is benevolent and beneficial. You are as infinite as the stars to your eyes, yet you hold them all in your hands and your heart. Only the density of spacetime creates the distance and difference. It is a valuable construct.

The Difference is in the Details

Let the universe breathe through you, and let your Love inspire the details. You are the moment, the movement, the magnetic monument that collects attention and expands intention. How your uniqueness infiltrates is first invisible. What do you wish upon the stars?

Does your moment tell the Time of your right to create? Or does it lament what was left to wither within? The flow of linear Time shows growth or decay. Your Infinite Time shows expansion or contraction—where life or death does not define, it inspires.

The separation is only severe when Infinite Time is not near.

What you hold within you, the invisible all, does not look and feel as real. Confuse the Infinite Mind and you separate from Infinite Time. The sacred heart; scared, scarred, surrendered as marred. No union within, no infinite understanding guiding again.

You are the details, your perspective spectacular to spacious form. Time makes you wait and weight as the density contracts, giving death to life. What do you see (sea)? Potential forming as decay gives way—but you must wait (be-cause of weight) for the details to show you path and gait. Step boldly and slowly, allowing patience to nurture fear into fearless. Your infinite nature expands.

You Are Potential

How potent is your potential, how spacious your space? Does it envelope or repel? Is one right or left behind? As you discover how both connect, the unknown beckons as the known reckons. The being becoming through wreckage of density discovering Infinite Truth creating.

Time was always yours, and you were always Time’s, multiplying and magnifying the exponential potential. Infinity within. How does your form inform the formless? Could you hold the sacred secret of All within? Always so close yet so far, elusive. The illusion, the Elysium, merely a resonance away, the blur of right/left connected rather than rejected.

Are you mortal or portal? Potential observing frequential density slowing the flowing to a baby’s crawl. As you stand and observe higher ground you see (sea) the elements elude the sense of the dense. How to interact, interfere the patterns of distraction, destruction and fear of construction—All within your heart and your hands, as Time will tell. All is well.

Trust Your Potential Areon Lyran Council by Jamye Price

Heaven or help, there is no difference to sea when the finite finds the flow of Time spiraling around again. Pick up where you left off and right your way, as your weight releases the binds the Time from the heavens to your hand.

Thunder claps, clasping and releasing. The sound of silence pierced and seething. The elements of opposites find heat cooling and creating. See the pattern, not just the paternal. See the matter, not just the maternal. For hidden within, the eternal binds—if the light of your eyes finds sense through dense.

Reaction becomes creation, refraction relating. Ride the lion even as liars retract into distraction of hellish destruction. There is always help in hell’s journey of Time repeating. Unwind the whispering wind as it whips past and through, weaving a path of new potential rising to the surface from the depths of the blue.

Speak and seek as you would embolden the meek. Echoes grow softer, penetrating deep; disappearing from sight, the waves wavering for those without eyes to sea.

Who are You to the night, to unite, you knight, and fight the dark? The illusion of hell is that Elysium is available as well. Merely a resonance away, one doorway to All, the keys to the kingdom of all is well. Deep water nourishes and flourishes to flow Life through Time, as the mist lifts the access too blind.

It’s high Time to own your full flow. Beyond the waiting is the weightless well.

“I am Sacred, even when I’m scared. I am Infinite, even when I’m finite. I am All, even when I’m odd.”

You are it all, et al—now and then. Grab infinity and own it within.


September Ascension Energies - Infinite Self
The Law of Resonance
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  • Karen Mullins
    Posted at 09:35h, 15 August

    Wow—beautifully written! I also wrote a time poem a few days ago—
    I am including here since it isn’t long.
    Thank you Jamye!

    Time! What are you doing in my chest?
    Get out! Your ticking has confused me.
    Your ticking has silenced my heart!
    No longer.
    I unwind you.
    I remove your numbers from your face.
    I take the arrows and use them to pierce the lie you have told humanity.
    A mystery I solve.
    I Am a sign of a brand new time.
    It doesn’t tick or tock.

    Hickory Dickery Dock
    The mouse ran up the clock
    The Clock struck One
    And Down he run

    I dismantle all the clock
    I smash the face with a rock
    I bend the hands of time
    I demand and live a new rhyme
    I uncover the forsaken’s crime
    And fashion a new way to be
    Every breath a Now moment
    We’re free

    The numbers evaporate into the ether
    The hypnotic tick tock goes away
    In the silence I hear an old whisper
    Exit and Exist
    night fuses with day.
    Clasp hands and celebrate the Way
    In our dreams, we find what we pray

    Is it the calendar that led us astray?
    Have we captured ourselves?
    Are we our own Stonehenge?
    Have we fabricated our own decay
    By delineating night from the day?

    Time! Time.
    You have served a purpose,
    But I give you notice
    Your lifespan ends right Now
    For you have spun a pretty lie
    That I with authority disavow
    You will not stamp my ticket
    Or dictate a thing called age
    You will not line my face
    Or put to sleep my inner sage.

    I Am the rainbow bridge.
    I unite the day and night.
    I untie the knot of time
    I walk the dreamscape without impunity
    With every step I foster unity
    I may have been born on the shortest day
    But it reminds me that the dreams of sleep
    Are bigger than the lies of time
    Exit and Exist
    Your heart hurts
    I will heal it
    I burn the sands of time
    They become my looking glass
    I am free.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 06:39h, 26 August

      I’m so glad it was an inspiring time, Karen! :o)

  • Meyahen
    Posted at 15:39h, 03 August

    Dear Jamye!
    So very beautiful and true
    The words so wise
    Truth in form
    Through poetic disguise
    Loved your flow in words rhythm and rhime!,!
    Ps: I created a poem around time and flow around the last days of July …can I share it with you ? Via email?

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 17:02h, 03 August

      Beautiful, Meyahen! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The email is on the contact page.

  • izumi amauchi
    Posted at 20:01h, 25 July

    You are directly speaking to my heart, Jamye!
    The number 555 has been stood out in my life quite some time, too.
    We are experiencing a rapid change in our humanity.
    Love your work, it always helps me to connect with the true source when things are not so easy.
    Have an amazing time in Japan!

    Much love,


    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 16:17h, 28 July

      Thank you, Izumi! It is a powerful time of change!

  • Max Painter
    Posted at 17:07h, 25 July

    Utterly. Inspired stuff… I think I may spend the full month of August coming back to and unpacking this, unearthing new intricacies and hidden fractal gems…

    Thank you so, so much for your work. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. And always nudges me toward that subtle shift of resonance within.



    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 16:20h, 28 July

      Thank you so much, Max! It means a lot to me.

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