Creatrix Codes – Isis

Today the Creatrix codes have been modified. No longer dormant, no longer a hope, now a reality. Within this reactivation lies the potential for complete Oneness with Source through to the inner depths of Earth. The gateway is you.

Within the pure Love vibration, which has many facets, your Source shall be known and recognized as you. Through and through you are Source, you are powerful, you are love. Now is the time to breathe that into your atmosphere and let it nourish the spaces you can’t see, the spaces you crave, the spaces you fear, so that they can integrate into understanding.

The codes bring the power of the pyramid into the body where it was always meant to be. Understand that you never had need of such a structure until the separation occurred. You haven’t grasped the extent of your power yet, but it shall be known.

This is the temple of your I Am as you are. This is the realization of your God self and it shall be known. The preparation has been grand and a long time coming. The BEcoming. This is always the way it was to be. The awakening has begun.

Those asleep will become very uncomfortable in their slumber. Those waking up will be grumpy as a bear at times, and those that are awake will be the nurturing strongholds offering the coffee they are already enjoying. How did you dream last night? How will you choose to dream tonight? The codes are lit from within, the Light will cause your eyes to adjust, but the sight will be welcome so very soon.

The Courage for Freedom - Lady Guinevere
Adama of Telos

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