There was an interesting timeline shift on 05-05-2015. When I sat to meditate in the morning, I was shown that a collective past pain experience has healed to a new level, for humanity has grown strong enough to create a new choice, a new timeline track.

This is a direct result of the changes that we went through in April (2015) related to the shifting of dominant brain waves (easier access to Alpha and Theta), as well as the releasing of shame and other experiences that we each healed. Because of our healing, we have opened a door into a new level of empowerment.

It was shown to me through the allegory of the Arthurian/Camelot storyline. The aspects of humanity that the Arthurian story represent are now beginning to complete for many. The Arthurian story has many layers of information; relationship, leadership, Avalon (dimensional overlap into sacred space), magic, dragons, and much more.

The weakness that has shifted is mind manipulation.

This effects relationship, leadership, your creativity, your ability to access your sacred space and higher dimensional frequencies. Because of the effort of many to heal within, to heal their kingdom, the manipulation of humanity no longer has the impact it had. Are there still those manipulating? Yes. Are there still those susceptible to it? Yes. Yet a critical mass has been reached that is affecting the viability of manipulating humanity out of their personal empowerment.

This short channeling came through on March 12, 2007 from the energy of the collective consciousness archetype of Lady Guinevere. It pops into my consciousness occasionally as we move into a new level of progress, such as with what I was shown on May 5, 2015.

It is the same battle for freedom waged centuries ago. There is always the One that resists. And when the hour seems darkest, the new Light emerges. Courage is the key, for there are those that need to be led to their freedom. And they wait for you to have their courage for them. It is the way of it, some hear the calling from within, and some do not.

It is a new battlefield, the battlefield of the inner worldThere are those that want the labor of many, the new serfs. It is not your destiny this serfdom. You know not why you toil for another. This freedom march has begun. It is a battle that is to be taught within. Speak the words. Live the courage. It is at hand. Prepare.

03-12-2007 Lady Guinevere

There has to be a keyhole of entry in, and a key that matches it. If you have an imbalance of need (more like desperation, not like we all ‘need’ air to breathe), you will be susceptible to the ‘key’ into your kingdom. Others are then able to manipulate or dominate you, though much of that will be unconscious at first.

Your kingdom is your heart and your mind. Your kingdom; your inner world, is your freedom.

When you are balanced, you are able to think clearly, wisely, and connectively—with your heart. Your mind is open and quick and you are able to find new solution. This is what the state of peace does for you.

This channeling came through on May 5, 2015.

The Mists of Avalon still sit heavy in the air, yet as you clear your brain fog you begin to see in a new way. You cannot brazenly force your way forward, you must feel with your sight and proceed with care. Are you being called forward, desiring to move, allowed and welcomed? Proceed. Your magic is within. It will Light your way and burn back the fog of forgotten magic so commonplace.

Honor the Life around you and recognize that it will give way to receive you, it will give readily to be taken if it is received with Love. As you honor the Life within you, All Life desires to share that sacred space. As you hold care for what you allow within, Life seeks its own resolution to earn access to the treasure you share with those that don’t squander your value. Choose more. For you choose what enters your heart and mind. You hold the keys to your inner kingdom. Wield them well.

These are the main ‘keys to the kingdom’ that are shifting because of this new level we have reached:

  • Getting embittered by loss—into maintaining empowerment and Love through challenge.
  • Seeking retribution instead of (internal) resolution—into finding a new win/win from challenge, always beginning from within.
  • Duty and obligation being external control mechanisms rather than internal choice—into compassionate, healthy boundaries of give/take.

What do you do with these?

You observe yourself, you focus your internal world, your kingdom, on healing, opportunity, new possibility, more connection, new choices, reaching out to receive and give in new ways, etc. You continue your work of healing yourself and interacting with Life from empowerment.

You start letting your heart lead you more, and let your mind follow your heart, your passion, your Love of Life and the human condition. You shine your light brightly because you do not need to hide yourself any longer. You let go of the past, you forgive easily and move into new creation, because you are limitless in your ability to create.

You become the spiritual warrior that knows life isn’t about fighting your way to the top, it’s about rising into being the best you that you can be.

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