Blessed Being, change is a constant in Life. Change is what Time illuminates, Lighting your path to the future. The Earth experience is one of duality expanding into connection. How are you connecting to your future? Through fear, concession, or domination? Through excitement, progress, or sharing? It is a choice, an internal choice—one that you make so often that at times its simplicity and functionality is elusive.

Beyond duality is connection. Two opposites are joined. These opposites joining are your clue to moving beyond the confines of duality and into the expansion of duality. Note that duality is still present. It is part of your earthly construct at this time. Embrace it, work with it and it becomes a foundation of expansion.

As you resist it, you resist moving beyond the effort of the active force, you resist change that is supported by the quantum building of form. To Prepare for Change, the unification of the dual nature of life is your strongest asset.

Embrace your internal Oneness and you will find the natural systems of life supporting you more.

What does that mean to embrace the dual nature of life? It means to accept what is, even as you desire something different. It means to forgive, even as you say no to another. It means to love the unknown, even as you seek definition of your path. It means to appreciate the past and the future, even as they both seem challenging. It means to open your energy field, the subtle aspect of you, to All is Well. As you relax in a moment, you flow easily. Can you relax and move? Can you relax and wait? How peaceful are you with the moment?

Power of the present moment

The power of creation is in your present moment. The past has offered you the strength of the moment. The future offers you the potential of the moment. Your choice is how you will unite the two. Do you connect or resist? Do you direct with your strength and allow new potential? How strong are you to allow? It requires a strength of knowing the capability of the Self and the unconditional Love of Life supporting you .

To Prepare for Change, open to Life. See the support that calls you Lovingly to your empowerment. You are a blessing to Life. Your ability to change toward Love is Known by Life. Embrace your moment, open to Life, direct your choice for improvement and allow Life to form.

As we sit to Blast Preparing for Change, we are peaceful in the moment because change is inevitable and Life has a wisdom of creation that supports our progress. We are perceiving positive potentials in any experience and holding our power of Love within. We are creating change that is based in Love, even as the old paradigms fall. We are merging the past and the future into the present that is the platform of the new Earth creating through us. Blast on!

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