In April, as the energies of ascension turned a corner of divine angle, the sacred triad of Freedom beckons your Neutrality into the pyramid of time spinning.

To hold your Creative Harmonic in the moment requires a Neutrality to what is occurring so that the feeling and focus of the new can sustain within your subtle bridge.

It is often referred to as the peace that passes all understanding, or patience. Yet Neutrality is not just the dutiful waiting for a reward; it is a deep knowing that the flow of the moments move, and divinity weaves diamonds of Light into life through you.

It is for the neutral eye to see the fleeting potentials and give awareness to the magic facets singing silent songs. Just as the Eye of Ra lights plants to flower, so too does your Awareness give the formless power.

To flow with neutrality has feelings and fears, but the excitement underneath mixes joy in the tears.

As the wheel of time spins, things disappear and come round again. Trust not the eyes, but the self—what you know deep within.

Your perception is the key that opens Neutrality’s doors. The hallway splits and choice becomes yours.

To positive or negative, your mind opens one.

As you peer inside, you don’t notice the other behind. But the backdraft is pulled through and the opposite door opens, too.

It is the flow of your life that one splits to two. They rejoin in new form through your perception’s glue.

Is it expectation that only same occurs in the mirror’s reflection? Or do you know that what you see roots deep, hidden by the tree?

Neutral Time

When time flows fast, your emotions are vast. When time is too slow, help the mind relax into the glow of the diamond potentials your life wants to know.

When time is flowing softly, your neutrality creates boldly.

All is well in the moment and neutrality floats thoughts into gold. The disc of the sun is the circle of Life shown.

As your circle is powerful, your thoughts are your own. Thoth taught thought bridges what is and is not.

Even the moon promises light from the hidden sun.

The pinwheel blows freely when the wind allows. Patiently it waits, not knowing when it bows, just living fully in the present as rest turns to spin.

The pause of stillness gives way to the joy of movement. A death of sorts, it spins and contorts. Yet it gives new path to wind to whisper creation’s excitement again.

What do you hear within? Is it neutral or sin? What disappears, comes round again. In the glow of your eyes, forgiveness will neutralize.

Can you see with neutral eyes?

Each moment is potential in disguise.

Look deep within, for it comes again; awaiting new life and new form to begin.

Just as Egypt rises and falls again, the frequency of power shakes up salvation or sin. You are one and One, yet only with both do you transcend. It is the balance, the zep tepi, that opens the doors to begin.

As the pyramid reflects, the two become more; from earth to star and back before. For it all rises and falls again and again. It is within.

Never was there salvation or sin, just the power of heart to forgive and transcend.

You are not weighed down with judgment unless you hold it tight. The heart urges and surges as it circulates the library of life. Wisdom is not learned it is experienced insight.

As the past becomes now and the future is hidden, the deeper layers reveal wisdom from what was, secrets forbidden.

The movement is always and the zep tepi is never. Each is the all and bound infinite together. When you rise above or fall below, the middle is darkness with a loving glow.

In the dark is the self, what human forgot to know. For you are the darkness, you are the glow.

You are the pyramid of Life.

As above, so below.

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