Here we arrive at the catalyst’s creative node.  Your Creative Focus is a tool of the bold.  What has catalyzed this moment of movement for you? Joy, anger, fear or determination?

It matters not, for no matter what, the moment has brought a clarity of focus from line to dot.

You are the singular focus of Love that the universe needs to manifest in linear time. The one within Oneness, the dot, the mover of the line.


Bold Lines

Your Creative Focus congeals potentials into possibilities that just need a vessel to birth. Wise Trust in your Inner Power gives your Creative Focus worth.

It’s not because you earned it, it’s because you learned it. 

Life Knows the being of you, Infinite One, sometimes in two.

Your being has always been, Life is always you.

You remembered You.


Being Aligned

The beingness is the beginning that aligns the new.

Life is calling you to focus with a knowing of your value as a universe in human form.

You co-create with all so simply, it often gets overlooked.

Who can see inside the invisible circle?

Is there something within? is it illusion or delusion?

Who can convince you that you are the crazy one, the lazy one, the deluded for believing in yourself and Life?

Where just action has value, especially through strife. Where your focus is commodity, your value a price.

What is inside the invisible? A dot of Life.


Dotted Lines

Your Creative Focus is a bold choice. It is the infinite into finite that is silent of voice.

Where it flows only the inner knows.

It is the dirt beneath that allows your form to hold. It is your Creative Focus that bends the line to fold.

Muddy up or bog down? This universe creates lotuses when conditions are sound. Your Creative Focus is Gabriel’s silent horn, not yet blown with potentials unknown. But there comes a time when the horn sounds loud, even as the unknown abounds.

For what is within is soon to crown.


Glory blooms now.

Not just then, it blooms now. For in the invisible the lotus just is. It’s not time or space, it’s the potential again.

It’s your linear focus that creates the when. It’s your divine creativity that creates within.

Focus anywhere, dear power. Angels do not fear to tread. Water or mud is just a lotus’ bed. The blooming is done and the blossom ahead.

It’s your Creative Focus that gives life to what’s said.

It’s not the words, it’s the symphony of Life in your head. Silent or aloud, the lines catalyze glow. One thought is all thought, you knew all along.

The invisible is within you. You are Life’s song.

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