March Ascension Energies – Creative Flow

March Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

February Review

As we’ve been moving through this Year of Freedom, we are intensifying our lightbody upgrade with January’s Patient Potential, which creates an open, relaxed energetic structure. That offers greater flow as the Peace that Passes All Understanding, connects new understanding. February’s energy of Power Vision strengthened the lightbody to create more focus, clarity and determination within. As we move into March, we are energizing our lightbody to amplify our impact into our lives.

February had an interesting flow. In many ways it felt quick and smooth, as details often settled in the unconscious to be accessed at the appropriate time. This resulted in quite a few ah-ha moments interspersed in a quick clearings and readjustments. February’s spiraling of time was offering us the strength of focus within constant movement. The balance of stillness (January) and movement (March).

Creative March

The energy I was shown for March is Creative Flow. I was shown that we are energizing our lightbody to sustain our powerful flow of Love as our spiraling energy amplifies our creative expression within/without/within/without. The breath of life is flowing to you, through you and from you. Breathe life in deeply and exhale your infinite Love into your world.

You are the Thread of Love by Jamye Price

I was also shown a braid—three strands becoming one pattern of life woven together. If you look at a braid and knew nothing of how to braid, it is not obvious that there are three strands weaving together. As they become one pattern, the origin becomes blended into new form.

This mimics your polarity integration of the duality experience. You are weaving opposites together, the proton and electron of potential form, weaving through you. You are the third strand, connecting two opposites together through your inner choice and your external actions. You are creation, marching forward through linear time.

You are the future, creating in this present moment, the invisible forming within. The future is offered to you now. What will you weave with it?

Freedom March

As you bless this March with your powerful Love, you may not yet see the creation. This is the continuation of the February energy of the power of your vision and envisioning your power—the reflection.

Own your power to create.

Your freedom is an inside job. Your true freedom is within you, where your stillness has the imperceptible movement to touch All. It’s invisible, it flows through your inner vision, February’s preparation. You choose to let it flow – March (is) on. Own your power to create.

Love is a Passive Force by Jamye Price

Weekly LightBlast: Allowing Love

You don’t have the power to control unless you can suppress another into compliance. That’s so old paradigm, and unsustainable through the movement of Time. Life will consume that. Or you can transform that. Love’s opportunity is the powerful passive force connecting opposites into new form. That connection, like your Love, begins within you.

In Summary

March will be asking you to create, to connect, to change. What will you have to change in order to hold the space of potential within you? What strand of Love will you connect, to weave into the fabric of your life? What future will you create as the present story unfolds? Hold the power of your vision. Relax into a peaceful stillness. Weave your invisible strand of Love into your life, creating the new. Own your power to create.

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  • Mr Robert BN Walker
    Posted at 00:10h, 28 February Reply


    I have been having an amazing, transformational February. I am so grateful to be on the Ascension process/pathway to the much hoped transformation of Mankind and Our Earthly home here with Gaia. It is an Awesome experience to be a part of the Entire Family of Light. I am Normally following spirit alone, since aged 4 years, so it is a grand Opportunity, to be with so many others, who are coming to the same objective of advancement, into the 5th and beyond. BIG LOVE Nicholas ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 09:43h, 28 February Reply

      Hi Nicolas, I’m so glad you’re feeling the community and flow in your Ascension journey! Thank you for sharing it with me!

  • Anna Brus
    Posted at 12:15h, 27 February Reply

    Thank you Jamye, Looking forward to the Light Language in Stockholm in June.
    Wish you the best happy March.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 13:22h, 27 February Reply

      Thank you, Anna. I’m looking forward to June in Sweden as well!

  • Kenneth
    Posted at 06:44h, 27 February Reply

    Thank you as always Jamye.

    I love your Newsletters as I appear to get similar symptoms as you, certainly so the past 6 months or so anyway. .. Yes, the last week in January and the first 3 weeks of February were a bit bumpy for me too……. emotionally…….After Xmas and New Year I thought I was about “perfect” and wouldn’t have to go through this stuff anymore , hahaha .. when will I learn ?? , and I also had a day or so of a Sore Head ( I never get sore heads, unless it is from up above LOL ) just after the last Full Moon…………… Then everything seemed to settle down very quickly.

    It is so re-assuring to know that it not just me that is going through these “changes”, so thanks again Jamye …

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 07:01h, 27 February Reply

      Hi Kenneth, I agree, if I hadn’t found people going through similar (not always the same) things, I would’ve thought I was crazy. I’m glad you’re finding it helpful, too.

      • Kenneth
        Posted at 07:10h, 28 February Reply

        Thank you Jamye, you help a lot of people .

        • Jamye Price
          Posted at 09:42h, 28 February Reply

          Thank you so much, Kenneth! <3

  • Donna Kiernan
    Posted at 22:41h, 25 February Reply

    Wonderful! Thank you.

  • Randy E Gilmore
    Posted at 11:05h, 25 February Reply

    Thank you

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 13:01h, 25 February Reply

      Thank you so much, Randy! Much Love!

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