June Ascension Energies – Rebirth

June Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

May Review

May had some intensity to it. Change felt deep and consistent. Towards the end of the month it began feeling like the light at the end of the tunnel was starting to be seen with a dim glow, but not quite yet clear. Yet the slow, consistent movement forward was readily available.

Ascension symptoms abounded, especially with the nervous system, as we readjust to a new influx of high frequency information. For example, you may have felt like electricity was buzzing through your body, muscle soreness around the head/neck, dizziness or a sense of heaviness as density releases.

The throat chakra has been having an intense clearing as we open to better communication with the subtle realm and manifesting into the physical. May’s energy of Becoming Change helped release some resistance to change, an imperative for easy growth. The fearful ones don’t easily change, for lack guides control issues. As you begin living the change more easily, you are finding the power of neutrality to connect to new experiences and manifestations.

June Energies

June brings the flow of Rebirth into our field. It’s an interesting one because we have often relied on big, visible changes to validate progress, yet we are being called to work more deeply with the Light, the information of form/formed/forming.

The neutrality that is a focus of this second quarter creates a relaxing through the “labor pains” of change. It’s not always an easy one because it may not seem or feel neutral. It’s an invisible dynamic of openness that isn’t always quantifiable through the physical or emotional evidence.

Trusting yourself to determine the information of your flow and Life’s clues, helps you choose direction and action. When you are open to change and releasing expectations that limit your flow, you more easily discern the subtle communication within you and from life. This is the path to overcoming the ego’s resistance to change, or shifting from fear to Love.

As you perceive the Rebirth energies of June, observe yourself for the small but profound changes that create a quantum leap of progress. Like less resistance to a situation, a choice to Love and nurture yourself or another, the willingness to take a creative risk, or looking deeper into the Love or fear that is leading a moment.

Multidimensional Awareness

June asks you to perceive the layers of potential that are available to birth through you. What possibility is your preference and how can you align yourself on a deep, vibrational level with that information?

Become that change. Be it before you see it.

As you are astute at perceiving the clues of manifestation, you are aligning your energy with the higher potentials of humanity. All Life supports this progress, yet it doesn’t look that way if you let the chaos of manipulation dominate the path of manifestation.

Your Rebirth is your renewal of your divine nature manifesting into form. The you that knows your power of Love, the passive force, to create a strong structure for continued expansion. Own your energy.

Your Chakra of Manifestation

I was shown a vision of a light blue bubble that is moving within and preparing to birth into the world. What soft communication are you dawning into your day? What information do you emanate into the 99% invisible engine that builds this world, which is connecting with you based on the silent totality of your resonance?

To birth anew, it requires an inner shift—being able to see the world through the eyes of wonderment, the eyes of a child. It takes some effort to see past the obvious, to hear below the volume of fear, or feel the potentials that may seem so far away.


The April focus of Future Forecasting began to build a new energetic structure within you. You do this easily with the exercise of that month, the What If questioning that helps you frame new potentials. Then May offered the continual change, letting go of anything that was inhibiting that new energetic structure from forming a crystalline path of creation. May supported the steps on the journey to keep journeying!

In June, we are elevating our Love to the next level of sharing with the world. Love sometimes means saying no, saying yes or saying nothing. But it always means healing. June will support the refining of your empowered Love to greater heights of frequency. Become the change of Love leading life.

Happy June!

Using Your Power
May Ascension Energies - Becoming Change
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  • Ken Olsen
    Posted at 06:43h, 30 May Reply

    The June exercise utilizing “I Am” statements is indeed a powerful and effective tool for personal inner transformation. To expand that in a profound way, turn it around so rather than simply “I Am Love”, feel the shift of perspective that “Love Is Me” offers as well. Thank you, Jamye, for being here now.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 11:17h, 02 June Reply

      Beatuiful, Ken! Thank you for sharing!

  • izumi
    Posted at 20:13h, 28 May Reply

    Wow, I have so much of resonance with June energies! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and divinity. I feel all that not so easy energy adjustments in the past 3 months in the physical energy field and the mental field was kind of labour pain, the last force of birthing of new me.
    I am so excited!!

    Much love to you and all lightworkers

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 06:11h, 29 May Reply

      It has been a time of preparation for sure! Thank you for sharing, Izumi! I’m so glad you’re feeling your progress! Much Love to you!

  • Randy E Gilmore
    Posted at 05:14h, 28 May Reply

    Thank you

  • Julie Raines
    Posted at 19:50h, 27 May Reply

    What a treasure. That was simply beautiful Jamye and a delight to listen too, watch and feel. We’ve had similar experiences in May and I definitely feel my rebirth approaching. Thank you for sharing your unique love ♥️ Much joyful love for all xx

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 06:27h, 28 May Reply

      Excellent, Julie! Thank you so much for sharing that with me!

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 06:10h, 29 May Reply

      Thank you, Julie! Much Love to you!

  • James Dunn
    Posted at 14:36h, 27 May Reply

    Brilliant observations and spot on, well done!

    Mahalo Jamye!

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