Blessed Beings, we spoke recently of prayer because prayer is a quiet space of communication with the subtle realm. Whether you pray to God, to the universe, to love, or to your higher self; you are in communication with the subtle realm. You are in communication with your higher self and the divinity that is within you and All Life.

Often prayer has been formed as a request. You are experiencing something in the physical realm, desiring change, and prayer is the aspect of requesting to the Divine for change. You are seeking change and improvement in the physical realm.

What you are learning on a deep level is that this power is within you. You are God in human form, you are the universe in human form, you are Love in human form. That is this physical experience. This is a core truth that is easily understood with your heart—divinity is within you and All Life.

Inner Divine Communication

The shift that is occurring is that prayer is now be transformed from just a request to something outside of you into a communication with that which is within you and outside of you. That which is within you and outside of you.

You are connecting what “duality” has perceived as separate. You are moving beyond linearity, the marker points of separation, into connection with All.

You are integrating a fuller understanding of your divine communication with Life.

With conscious divine communication you pray or communicate with that which is within you, and that which is outside of you. In this physical realm, there is both. There is within you and outside of you.

You are the Universe Areon Lyra by Jamye Price

You are bridging communication that is no longer merely a request, but a communication that moves easily both ways. You are learning deeply and experientially that you have the power of Divinity within—the power to communicate with All Life and co-create this human experience with your desires.

Victimhood or Growth

The energy of victimhood—that is merely a being who does not understand that within them is imbued the true power of a creator. There are contradictions, either in understanding, action or words, which keep humans from understanding that they are purely divine. No mistakes have been made—purely divine.

From that energy of victim, prayer will often have a tone of, “Please. I cannot, but you can.” This form of prayer will have a tone of controlling circumstances outside of the self or controlling others, because the victim does not understand that the power to co-create is within.

There is nothing wrong with feeling this. It is not judged as wrong or less-than from Spirit. It is merely a stage of growth. In a time of need, it is natural to ask for help.

The energy of it must be understood from within, because words may not be congruent with intent. As you observe your own energy and intent, you must ultimately be the only determining factor of whether your energy in the moment resonates with victimhood or with growth. There is no right or wrong, only information that you utilize for your choices.

It is important not to judge yourself, because in a moment of need, connection for assistance is a valuable service to you and to the other. When two people assist each other, there is growth that naturally occurs. Within all experience is a potential for growth, so observe yourself from that potential of growth.

As we often say, if you find yourself in a moment of victimhood, celebrate it because you have recognized that you are wanting a change. If you recognize it, you have begun that change. If you recognize it, do not punish yourself. Celebrate yourself because recognition begins the change.

Prayer began with this strong energy of victimhood when humanity no longer believed that they were connected to all life. You understand that you are connected with all life, and you are learning the application of that in the physical realm. You understand that the Earth is alive and responding to you. You understand that the energy fields around the Earth are responding to you and connected to you.

We give you this information for you to recognize your resonance, but this is a generalization throughout time for humanity. And yet, still, there are people who resonate deeply with the energy of victim, and there are places within you that still may resonate with it. Again, celebrate when you recognize it because you have begun the energy of growth. Your awareness is a powerful catalyst.

Communicating Faith

Prayer shifts from the energy of victim when it has the resonance of faith upon it. This starts a bridge, but it does not complete it.

Again, you must be the only determinant of your energy, because faith is a wonderful energy and can have an openness and a connection with the unknown, or faith can have a releasing of responsibility. Observe where you are in that resonance.

Faith is a powerful opening into the unknown. It is a degree of trust, it is a degree of surrender that is a positive experience for your openness and growth. Faith opens you to the unknown magic that can occur because you are allowing things to align and magnetize to you in a way that is not possible if you are controlling all of your actions.

Faith opens you in a very positive way to the unknown. We have given an acronym for faith before: Full Acceptance In The Heart.

Now, realistically, there have been occasions where you have resonated something to you even though you had some doubt. Full Acceptance In The Heart does not have to mean 100% knowing; it just means you are open. It means there is a greater percentage of openness than doubt; small percentage of doubt, large percentage of openness. That is Full Acceptance In The Heart.

Faith helps move you into a connection with the divine where you surrender the limitations of physicality into a connection with the invisible, the unknown, the unseen. This is when things occur that you have not forced into creation, or actioned into creation, and yet things align for you. This step occurs more often than is easy to recognize in linear form. This magnetizing and shaping of experience happens constantly.

What you are doing is leading the understanding of that process, and it is a big understanding.

To understand the workings of how experiences align in your life seems like a big understanding, and yet it is natural to you, you are constantly shaping your experience, you are in a co-creative experience with your human self, your higher self or your subtle self, and life around you.

Inner Trust

You are learning to trust the unknown both within you and outside of you. Let us detail that trusting of the unknown within, because this is where most of your leverage is.

As you trust the unknown within, you are opening yourself to connect more clearly with your subtle bridge.

As you trust the unknown within, you are opening yourself to expansion.

As you trust the unknown within, you are opening yourself to more of an understanding and connection with the subtle realm, the subtle you.

Trusting the unknown within means trusting your impulses, trusting your actions, trusting your perception, and trusting that what is not yet known is coming into resonance with you. What is not yet known is divine, magical, loving and dear to your heart. What is unknown is how life is going to unfold and open you to more awareness of your divinity within. When an unknown is dangerous or not beneficial to you, your physical, emotional and mental bodies alert you.

Trust Your Potential Areon Lyran Council by Jamye Price

Trusting the unknown within you helps you learn to communicate with the subtle language, the language of the subtle realm. It is not as direct and linear as your physical languages. It is not as immediate. It is more about opening into potential.

As you begin to trust the unknown within, you are allowing the vast potential within you to blossom forth. Trusting the unknown within is the difference between expecting that you should already know and knowing that there is a grander divinity within. This keeps you open to expansion.

It is quite common to mostly observe what is wrong, and judge and compare where you are now as wrong in comparison to what you want to be experiencing. Yet as you focus on the unknown with an inner trust you naturally expand yourself into more divinity in human form.

Awareness Creates Growth

It takes some awareness. This is why we start always speaking about your awareness, because it is very easy to look at an objective, compare and judge yourself as to your capability with that objective, and not leave that openness for life to magnetize to you a greater potential, that which is already within you.

Trust in the unknown of yourself.

Practically, to do this, observe whenever you feel any sort of discomfort within, not knowing if you can accomplish something, not knowing if you can heal something, not knowing if you can change something.

If you notice any sort of discomfort within, breathe in that moment the awareness of, “I trust the unknown potential within me. I trust the unknown potential within me.”

It sometimes gets frustrating from your linear standpoint because the resonance of the information that is within you is not always clear to you. Sometimes you find that you want something, but you do not know how to shape that future. You do not have guarantees of timing or of outcome.

You are learning, at this point, the power that is within you. It takes some effort to understand that difference of the present moment and the potentials that are available in the future. It requires learning new rules of interaction with life as you learn to communicate with the subtle nature of life rather than just the physical nature of life.

This communication has always been there, but you are becoming more conscious in your subtle communication. This communication is where you begin to communicate more directly with the fuller nature of Time, rather than the linear nature of Time.

This begins to open you to more of what you already are. This is moving that energy of creation or prayer from victim into an openness with faith, bridging then to the knowing. It begins with your Knowing of your magnificence, and extends into the wonderment of co-creating with Life.

As always, it is a gift to meet in your awareness. All Life is gifted by your awareness. We receive you, We Love You, We are forever changed from the interaction with you. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

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