LightBlast by Jamye PriceLet us talk of the seed. There are many seeds in life and planting is a year round affair. It is done with joy, with fear, with sadness; but done it is – in a continuous cycle of renewal. As the seed comes into being, it has all that it needs within. There is no outside force at the beginning that feeds it, it feeds and nurtures itself. What is it that triggers the seeds movement forth? Some would say chemistry, and they would not be wrong, just incomplete in the assessment. For the seed is as alive as a human. It has all within that you do on all levels, just displayed in differing physical form. It has chemistry, it has emotion, it has instinct, it has Source alignment, it has desire and moods and fears and family. It has relationship – that with sun, soil, water, human, animal. It is intricately connected to All That Is and each seed upon this Earth plays an important role in the experience you call life. You may underestimate its importance for in the din of living it sits ever so quiet. One step and you can eliminate its life force, however, the All That Is has still recorded its energy and received the gift of that seed’s existence, whether sprouted or contained. Why then would we choose to speak so in depth of a seed? It is indicative of all manner of human experience for you are seeding constantly beyond your wildest expectation. For within a moment’s thought you have seeded your future, how will your seed sprout?

It is a seed’s nature to contain itself in a protective shell until such time it is propelled to break free. What is it that instigates that impetus? How is it that the seed knows it is safe?

In the shell, the seed sits in silence. No outside influences, no words of encouragement, not even a spark of love in the light of a mother’s eye. Only darkness, solitude, silence and the safety of a shell. What propels the seed to seek the light? How is it that the shell is broken? It is the seed alone that finds the courage from within to break free of the shell. An inner connection to Source within that feeds the seed to grow beyond the safety of the shell. And what is found beyond but the pressure of soil that must be pushed against in order to reach the Light. But it is that soil that now feeds the sprouted seed. Still only darkness greets the seed. Darkness, pressure, where is the reward for breaking the shell? Darkness is not so scary my friend. Are not the lover’s lips ever so softly sweet with the enhanced sightless senses in the dark? Is sleep not ever so renewing in the dark? Do stars not reveal their glistening brilliance only in the dark? The seed recognizes the beauty of the nourishment of the dark soil and the precious pressure that must be pushed against is yet a softer shell, protecting it yet encouraging it to even greater heights. Wordless, yet the Love is palpable. Still no sign of the sun, yet the seed’s yearning and trust is so great that even the soil must be ripped through with a lover’s hungry abandon. Amidst the pressure and darkness, yearning for the release and the Light, what does the seed do? It digs deeper. It pushes downward without fear as it simultaneously grows closer and closer to the full release and Light. Thus more pressure and darkness fuels the ultimate freedom.

Upward the seed climbs and downward the seed sinks, seeking both forces of nature to feed its life. Never will a day come that both the Light and the Dark do not nourish its existence. Never will the seed come to resent the dark soil for keeping it from full communion with the Light, for it realizes the beauty and support of the dark depths is what sustains its beingness. It is here that the Earth experiences the seed and the seed experiences the Earth. A level of communion that is ever so perfect.

How is it that you experience the dark, the light; the soil, the sun? Does it give you a strong foundation to grow upon or does it smother you and stunt your growth? That which you would consider dark, those negative experiences, the difficult situations and people, the challenges – they are there to support your growth and nurture you into strength by testing your ability to push and grow within them. You can choose to enjoy that process by the mere recognition of such. You can recognize from the beginning what is really occurring, and rise to the occasion knowing that you have created a situation with the Love of God to bring you a growth experience. You can admire the situation and your choice to commingle with it as an opportunity. You can enjoy the challenge and amaze yourself with unexpected solutions. You can revel in your own calm amidst pressure for you know it brings you strength. You can know, with the greatest of certainty, that ahead is the season of the flowering if only you continue to reach for it. For if the seed were to fight against the soil, it would no longer grow upwards, but stay right where it is – fighting, cursing, growing only anger; never arriving at the Truth that the soil is the base that allows it to reach ever higher heights. For Truth will always bring you growth. Those that dwell in victimhood have not seen the sun. Bless them and show them by your example of joy and strength that the challenge can be joyful. For there is no better way to grow. How is it that the flower is so sweet? It is the Love of God imbued in every moment of silence that has nurtured the seed from conception. How does the Love of God, that which you are, flower within you?

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