It all started innocently enough. I had a dream about Kenny Rogers. Without going into too much abstract dream detail, I was riding my bike through Kenny Rogers’ house. Of course.

Kenny had a very nice house—peaceful, lots of windows, an intricate floor at the back door.

He was teaching me how he created his beautiful house. He would think about how he wanted a certain area to look and enjoy that thinking process. Then he would hire someone to do it or do it himself.

Not too dangerous for someone known as The Gambler.

I rode my bike out the back door and eventually my bike got taller and taller until I was looking down at the ground and wobbling back and forth.

I was thinking about how much it would hurt to fall from that height.

Then I awoke.

So I had The Gambler teaching me about calculated risk and enjoying that process, riding a bike which denotes needing balance and finally being afraid to fall.

A few days later I bought the new Incubus CD. I am a rocker, and Incubus is top of the line—amazing music and an equally powerful message.

Esoterica is weaved throughout. The new album is called “Light Grenades” and the title track sings to throwing enlightenment instead of bombs.

Sounds like a LightBlast!

The entire CD is phenomenal. In a song called ‘Earth to Bella Part I,’ there is a line that says, “Before you swim you’ve got to be ok to sink.”

I was thinking about this and lamenting, “Why?! Why can’t we just be ok to float! That can be a challenge, too!”

A few days later I was doing a channeling that was very different from any energy I was accustomed to experiencing.

When I sit to channel on a topic, I expect that God will bring me the energy that best suits the topic. What I thought would be a scientific topic ended up being this odd yet lovely dance of passion and humor.

Midway through I asked who I was channeling and I heard Dionysus. I have heard the word before, but I knew nothing of it. So I Googled it, of course! God of Passion, wine, drama. Indubitably!

Dionysus spoke about the importance of passion in our lives.

And what is passion but play? And what is play but sheer enjoyment and exuberance?

When you are playing and enjoying for the mere enticement of fun, you are free. Free from worry, free from fear, free from segmenting yourself to fit into a box, free from the confines of collective reality.

Free to express yourself to the fullness of your desire and pleasure.

How much YOU can you be?

This is a subject that could fill volumes on authenticity, ego, balance, other’s truth, people pleasing, fear, expression, etc.

So how do these events all roll into one?

I was connecting with Dionysus. I was learning not just of joy, but of the power of passion.

At that moment the Incubus lyrics popped in my head, “You’ve got to be ok to sink,” and I saw the vision from the dream of looking down from my bike and being wobbly and afraid.

Dionysus said,


Why bother to limit yourself to a self-imposed box? Afraid of what others will think? Afraid of rejection or failure? What are they really? Are they tangible, or just energies that can be transmuted into beautiful learning and growth?

How bad can the sinking be when you know you will rise again?

Even in the pain we know we are alive. There it is poking at us to LIVE LIVE LIVE.

What did I glean from all this? I’m not out fearlessly playing in traffic. I am accepting who I am and coming to terms with singing that loud and proud.

It hasn’t been easy, I’m not going to lie to you. My own friends that are familiar with healing work have laughed at me. Some have realized they don’t want to go places with me that I may go into channel as it may cause people to look. And I don’t love those friends any less for their honesty, it’s a beautiful gift in my life.

Then there are those that will sit right next to me and love me as I speak and sign Light Language—albeit quietly from the back of the room, without a care of what others think because it’s just me.

Should I hold back who I am to make others comfortable?

Should I stay in the gray and not unearth the depths and bring the sky to meet it?

Should I do what is expected of me and teach those around me that the only way to live is to adhere to others parameters?

Fly. Love. Sing. FEEL.

Don’t be afraid to taste it all—the tears and the joy. Eat your fear for breakfast and let it sustain your courage all day long.

Thank you, Kenny Rogers, I now see what it means to be The Gambler. Thank you, Incubus, I’m not afraid to sink anymore and you make learning rock! Thank you, Dionysus. I’m bringing back your message. The beauty of life should be supped upon and I am so hungry.

Be alive. Be well. Be YOU.

Life is a Dionysian delicatessen

So many flavors to choose

Each a palatable passion

Conquering craving for an hour or two

Then the desire comes

to fulfill another fashion

Of sort and sunder

I provide the platform

to the swirling hunger

Gratitude pleases the price of payment sworn

For what does the meat desire

but a willing mouth in which to be reborn


Update: A few weeks after posting this, I was in my car about 45 miles from home and I was listening to my Incubus cd. ‘Earth to Bella Part II’ was playing and I looked up and there was a Kenny Rogers billboard! How cute is that!

Life gambled a hello.

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