Change is Afoot

We have had quite an election season in the United States. Much has been revealed that may seem to get pushed under the rug, but it will not go away. The external drama reflects the internal drama, so this is actually shedding Light on some inner pain within people that is seeking resolution. Don’t let the distraction of the drama deter you from your focus of Love.

In an unprecedented election devisiveness—Clinton won the popular vote by over 1.3 million, Trump won the electoral vote by quite a margin. The outcome didn’t really matter from a larger perspective, because either of these candidates was just there to expose the change that needs to occur. That change must ultimately occur from within the people first. Right after the election, protests started. For the most part, it was peaceful. Even those in high school wanted their voices heard.

Bernie Sanders represented the authenticity and balance that the governing system lacks if it is to work “for the people.” Clinton represented smooth suppression still remaining. Trump represents drastic change and people beginning to deal with the suppressed fears that erupt as racism and misogyny. None of these people is the savior or the satan that determines our future. They are just a figurehead. You are the change. Trump is a signal of change.

The governing system (worldwide) must change to align with humanity. Control is not a sustainable system, and continuing Life ultimately requires sustainable systems. You’re on an Ascension path, so you know there is a better way. This is a clarion call for more focus on improvement through balance and Love. It’s in you.

Evolving Past Polarization

As a species, we are moving into connection. This is the core of Ascension. We are beginning to work consciously with the subtle realms. We are at the beginning stages of embodying this. It is about balance, integrating duality/polarity.

With rare exception, US politics has presented an either/or choice. We are offered two ideologies (Republican/conservative versus Democrat/liberal) that seem like they are opposite, creating an “us versus them” division that separates the self from connecting and feeling safe.

It creates a consistent enemy that is trying to obliterate you, your family, your country, and your freedom…Divide and Conquer. The core of the division isn’t even between citizens, it’s within the citizens. Effective. It distracts from the real issue of control that is going on behind the US political system.

Both sides have some well-meaning people within them, but neither side is what they say they are. This video explains them well. :o)

Polarization in this sense is an extreme, or polarizing away from the balance of the middle road. The middle road is the connection between two opposites, and it continues to expand to connect more and more, creating greater wholeness.

I saw clues of this toward the end of the election. First, someone asked the two candidates to say something nice about each other at the final debate. Then there were multiple news pieces on everyday citizens of opposing viewpoints talking calmly with each other. There is hope. Don’t forget that!

Rome Is Burning

This is the message I got repeatedly the day of the election and the day after. It is a figurative reference (not literal at all) to the destruction of a corrupt system. I feel deeply that the system is beginning a drastic change. Change is always good, though it is not always easy.

Fire represents rapid and deep change. The phoenix rises from the ashes, reborn. In the “Rome is Burning” message, this is the destruction of the control system that is separating humanity. It is a reckoning of the separation from your royalty within. Your Divinity, your creative power, is what is rising from the flames of the destruction of a corrupt system.

It takes a catalyst to start a fire. The catalyst in numerology is the 3. The trinity. It is the 2 becoming 1, it is the 1 + 1 = 3. The triangle, the dimension of form (3rd dimensional expression). The birthing of the new from the old (moving beyond 3rd dimensional expression). Some catalysts are delightful, some aren’t, but the change is needed. Fuel the catalyst of your Light into the world!

Message of Hope

A message of hope and courage has been building. This is typically the way of it, it doesn’t always happen overnight, though fast change can occur. There is so much good happening in the world, but it is quieter than the loud fear. For example, a few years ago, Marianne Williamson ran for congress. Lightworkers will start getting into the system to change it. It wasn’t time for her, but she is an indicator of change brewing.

About a year ago I mentioned a shift in the animal kingdom—that we were actually moving into more responsibility and they were moving into a higher teaching role. We’ve seen some amazing examples of their messages lately. 

The first amazing harbinger was the wild bird on Bernie Sander’s podium. His response was, “this bird (symbolizes) a dove asking us for world peace. No more war!” No political staging here (notice the people spanning generations crying tears of joy in the background), just a wild bird behaving uncharacteristically to show us something special. Though it wasn’t time for Bernie to be president, the structures will not be able to continue to abuse power. It is just the way of it. 

In Standing Rock, as the Native Americans stand against a potentially dangerous oil pipeline that can harm the water of 5 states, buffalo and a golden eagle showed up. This protest has much deeper meaning behind it than just the water, of course, the water is extremely important, too. This huge gathering of multiple tribes coming together for the greater good (not just their own, 5 states) represents the ways of balance coming into the view of many people. They represent remaining balanced with the environment, considering the future generations in your actions of today.

The day after the US election, two interlocked bald eagles fell to the ground and got caught in a sewer grate. That just speaks volumes for itself. The national bird, in a battle over territory, falls into the sewer. Good news, recovery is expected for the injured bird.

Time for ACTION

All year (2016, the Year of Clarity according to Areon), the information has been about getting YOUR loving energy into your world. Pray often. Prayer, meditation, and imagining is your first action step. Pray for the healing of the anger and fear of humanity. Pray for your own healing. Pray for the healing of governments/leadership that at its core is to connect us, not separate us.

Areon is calling 2017 The Year of the Empowered Sovereign. Love yourself, love others, love the human experience. Do your inner healing, build your peace, your courage, your strength, and emanate Love. Make a concerted effort to connect and participate with life in ways that feel appropriate to you. Get involved and take external action in things that make your heart stir and sing. Take actions that support your creative flow. Follow your inspiration toward a focus on your path of feeling freedom within and thriving within the human condition. That helps it change.

There is such hope for the future. Let this be fuel for you in positive ways. Don’t lose hope because of the drama that is being skillfully crafted for distraction. Stay focused on YOUR LOVE. This change has just begun. Keep your momentum flowing in a positive direction. You are the future. Own it. :o)

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